Hi to all ISS readers. I am Raj from Bangalore about myself I am 20yrs doing medical. And now about my story heroine her name is Geeta she is my servant who stays in my outhouse and is 19yrs old she did not have parents so stayed in our outhouse… I did not have any bad feelings about her until one day when I saw her naked in the bathroom having bath… The reason I went there was my mom asked me to call her to go to the market. she saw me seeing her big boobs and did not tell anything…and I too just left the matter there and went back home and from then on I use to think about her every day about her body and how to fuck her …I have the habit of getting up late so I use to sleep till around 11 in my holidays since I did not have much work to do. One day I got up a bit early then the normal timing and when I went to have my coffee my mom and dad were not at home accept for the servant and when I asked her she told me that they had gone out to a friends funeral in Mangalore and had left house at 5.30 in the morning. And so we both were all alone in the whole house. Now my evil mind started thinking of a plan to get her… I went back to my room and asked Geeta to get my breakfast and coffee. And after some time she bought it and by that time I got myself fresh and was ready for the move… I asked her whether she had education to which she told that she had studied till 9th and would love to study but could not afford it… I asked her whether she would study if I would teach her… To which she said yes and we started it then there. I took one of my biology texts and started teaching her…. I asked her to just look through the book and I went to toilet… When I came back I was surprised to see that she was staring at a picture of a penis and when I came to her she suddenly closed the book. I asked her what she was looking at and she said nothing… So I turned to the page of the picture and asked her why she was staring at it to which she did not reply…… I asked her whether she liked it and if wants I can show her a better one. She asked me how and I told her not to tell anyone about that as I would show her mine. She said ok and I opened my pant and showed her. It was already in full high by now and I asked her to touch it I could feel her soft hands touch it. I asked her whether she liked it to which she said yes and that gave me courage to move forward. I went close to her while she was still caressing my penis and I gave her a kiss right on lips she did not tell anything but was closing her eyes and I started smooching her and she also started sucking my tongue and I slowly opened her chudi buttons from behind and I removed it she was not wearing any bra so I could see her full boobs hanging out and I lifted her and took her to the bed and I laid her and jumped on her and started kissing and licking her face, she to was enjoying as she was moaning.. I then slowly went to her neck and then to her big boobs and started sucking and licking both taking turns on it and now she was asking for more like” haaaa come on saab do more aaaaaaa come on plzzzz” and I went a bit more down and removed her pants and started licking her pussy. She started giving sounds as” aaaaaaaa come on dont stop aaaaaaaaaa” and after sometime she had an orgasm and I ate all of them. I went back to her and asked her whether she liked to which she said yes and we had another smooch…. Now she held my penis in her and started sucking it like a professional sucking bitch I was really enjoying it and soon released my cum into her mouth but she spat everything out as she dint like it as it was her first time…. Now I had another smooch and I was ready to enter her from behind to which she accepted and the first time I made a jerk I could not but the 4th time I entered my 6″ inches penis into her now she was crying in pain but I asked her to control for some time and it will be alright and continued my in and out movements and now she was enjoying it she was like giving moans” yes come on saab aaaaaaa come on aaaaa ” and at last she had at least 4 to 5 orgasm and I at the end of 15 minutes exploded inside her. And after that we had few more sessions for the rest of the day in all corners of the house and she said she really enjoyed it… And from then we have sex when ever we get time All those who read this story can comment on it or e- mail me on Any female who wants sex can contact me on the above e-mail address.