This is a true story. 2001was the year when I was working in a MNC as consultant. I was divorced and did not have sex since last five years. So obviously I desperately wanted to laid down but some times circumstances are such that despite your willingness you dont get it. Then lady luck shown. Actually I was looking for a maid servant and I had spread a word among my friends about it. And soon my phone rang…it was a sweet vulnerable female voice at the other end. Her name was Mala (Name changed) and wanted to work as my maid servant. I did not waste anytime and asked her to meet me in the evening. In the evening she came and I was just transfixed on her beauty a Marathi sultry beauty soft and curvy at right places and very sexy. I immediately made her comfortable by offering water to her. While taking water from my hands she looked at me with admiration as I ‘m a good looking person with a very caring nature. Females get attracted to me when they come in close contact with me. And soon she was telling me about her sad story. She was married to a debauched Marathi man in Nasik at a very tender age of 15…soon she gave birth to a girl child but her husband abandoned her for other woman. She came to Mumbai with her girl of 7 years…and later I came to know that she had been exploited by different men at different time and places. Any way I tell my story first day it self she asked me what I would like to eat. I told her to look into the refrigerator and cook what ever she wishes to she started cooking after a while she told me that she has pain on her back. I understood that she wants me to touch her it was the opportunity I did not want to miss I got up and while she was making chapattis I massaged her back she giggled and immensely liked it as I was not touching her at wrong places when I stopped she sweetly asked me continue doing it perhaps it was my gentle touch or she might have been craving for sex I continued massaging her back dropping her Pallu her blouse was low cut from the back too her body and skin tone was glowing and there was sensual sweatiness too. I couldnt stop and kissed on her back just below the neck on the shoulder. And that was it we ate together and she told me that she is going to stay with me. And Since I was sleeping on floor she slept along with me. I switched off the light and there was silence. She fell asleep after a while but I couldnt sleep. I looked at her the moon light was falling on her face her open hair and sexy face and body was making me intoxicated I gently placed my hand on her bare stomach and gradually started tickling her she woke up saying mat karo na but it was too late I started pressing her boobs and she understood that I am going to be another person. She did not resist I very gently and sexily started opening her blouse and saree she helped me in doing so then I kissed her from toe to lips she was aroused she herself opened her bra and panty. And then she became a tigress a sex goddess she opened my shirt and Bermuda and started showering kisses and licked my balls and took my penis into her mouth and she gave me an expert blow job her favorite style was to rub my cock head on her lips she enjoyed doing it. And when I shot my cum she did a facial with it and remaining she massaged on her boobs then she asked me lick her I performed cunnilingus on her and she was in seven heaven. And she said I love you. Then I had a nice love making session with her and for next four years she worked at my place and she really fell in love with me…she use to bring her daughter to my house too her daughter was extremely beautiful and 12 years then. Any girl or lady between 18 to 35 wants to have sexual relationship in and around Mumbai can contact me on The confidentiality of the relationship is assured as I respect woman and just want to fulfill their and mine carnal human desire to taste a different cherry!