Hello ISS Fans. You would have already read my stories about my sexy and horny sister in law Suni in Seduction by Sister in law Part I & II. Also the sexy encounter with our maid – Rupa in” My Sexy Maid – Rupa “Part – 1 & 2. Well the next morning Rupa came. She was wearing a transparent sort of red chiffon sari & red blouse which was really low cut (both gifted by me for obvious reasons). The moment she came she bolted the door and ran into my arms. We engaged in a passionate kiss. Sucking each others lips, thrusting our tongues, her hand on my dick and my hands on her boobs. I pinched one nipple from top of the blouse and she hissed ussssssssssssssssssss dheere saab. After disengaging I held her from behind and while licking her neck I put one hand inside her blouse from top and with other started massaging her cunt over the sari. Ahhhhhhhhh ummmm Saab haaan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aur karo aur dabao Saabji, please make me mad again. By this time I had lifted her Sari and put my hand inside her panties and started finger fucking her. Ahhhhh saying this she started thrusting her ass on my dick. Well I was also burning now. I just made her sleep on the floor and without any more foreplay put my dick inside her cunt and started jamming her. She now put her hands under my T shirt and her nails were digging in my shoulder. After few seconds when she dug them more strongly I knew she is reaching her orgasm and with a loud ooomaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhh she came. I was not yet done I took out my dick and told her to give me a blow job but first to remove her clothes. Wow in that red bra she was looking gorgeous. She started from the bottom and while moving one hand on my thighs and other stroking my dick she gave me a mind blowing blow job and drank all my cum. We both lied down on the floor. Then I asked her about bani. She said I spoke to her yesterday night and told her to enjoy life and how we all three can enjoy, Saab she was hesitant initially but at the mention of your name, her eyes lit up but still she wants time till noon, till then lets both enjoy. We then held each other and I told her to do the cooking nude and I kept on playing with her while she prepared lunch. We had a bath together and proceeded for lunch around 1.00 PM the bell rang. Rupa went to check and said that bani have come but she is feeling a little shy to face you. So just hide behind the door and enjoy what is going to happen next. With a quizzical thought I hid behind the door of my bedroom. Rupa came with bani to my bedroom and I saw she was dressed nicely in a blue sari and black blouse. Rupa said some thing and they both giggled. She asked where is Saab, to which Rupa said he is upstairs on the terrace. Bani must have felt slightly free and went and lied down on the bed on her back with her legs touching the floor. Well I could see the nice rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts and that scene and thought of a new cunt & threesome was making me mad. I was deciding to step out but remembered Rupas hint and stay hidden. Suddenly Rupa also came on the bed and sat next to Bani and slightly winking in the direction where I was hiding she dropped her pallu and I saw she was only in her bra. Bani also half turned towards her and lifted her face and closed her eyes. In one swift motion Rupa flipped aside Banis pallu and bending gave a kiss on her lips. My that scene was really erotic and I could feel that my dick was virtually banging on the door. Rupa was sucking Banis lips and bani was moaning and squeezing Rupas boobs and then she turned and came on top and started sucking Rupas tits. Oh my believe me that scene was so hot I could not control anymore and just stepped out only in my undies. Bani saw me and with initial shock, then surprise and finally shyness she hid her face in Rupas chest and held her tight. I came and stood near the bed. Rupa gently lifted Banis face and said darling if you really want to feel what is womanhood and the enjoy the wild passionate dance of the sex it is now , let yourself go free and just enjoy what was happening. Now Bani became a bit relaxed and stood in front of me with Rupa lifting her hair from behind and kissing her neck and squeezing her breasts. Bani looked at me with that look where no words can describe the feeling but all it says is yes I am burning “SATISFY ME”. I just pulled bani in my arms and thrust my tongue in her mouth. She responded in the same manner but held me close and started squeezing my buttocks. I was really shocked at her intensity. I slowly removed her Sari, blouse and her undies. When I touched her cunt it was dripping and smell of her juices was more intoxicating than any liquor. Then I took her on one side and Rupa on the other and sat on the bed. I put one hand in Banis bra and other in Rupas bra and started pinching their nipples. In turn bani started kissing me passionately while Rupa started playing with my dick. Both were out of their bras now, and all three of us were stark nude. I told bani to get up and sit on my lap facing me. I started sucking her nipples which had become taut, an ample indication that this tigress had not tasted blood from a long time. She pushed my head in her ample cleavage and started kissing me on my hair, neck, sucking my ears and what not. I broke the embrace and pushed her on the bed and made her lie on her stomach. I put my Dick on her ass and without inserting started sliding on her ass. I know this heightens any womans lust and bani were no stranger to this. She started moaning loudly ahhhhhh oooooo Saab Rupa was right, you are the perfect lover, I am wet in my cunt but I am burning and this wetness is further igniting the fire in me. Come my lord extinguish this fire. I told her to turn and coming to 69 position I started to lick her thighs. She was squeezing her thighs around my face. Then I started licking her pussy lips, wow that smell was making me mad. It was like smell of juices of a virgin. I inserted my tongue inside and she started thrusting her ass as if wanting to take my entire face inside her cunt. She had now started whimpering and crying in ecstasy. Ohhhhhhh come on you B fuck me, kill me, bite me, maul me do anything you lover but satisfy me. I am burning. I took out my tongue and started finger fucking her. Rupa in the meantime had climbed up and was engaged in a passionate kiss with bani. They were mauling each others boobs and Bani was fingering Rupas pussy. bani suddenly cried oh maaaaaaaaaaaa, holding my head by my hair. Her whole body was tensed, she virtually sucked Rupas mouth in and with a ass jump of almost two feet, and she actually squirted her juices on my hands, and then started eating Rupas nipples and man she came and came and just lied down exhausted. It was scene out of an XXX movie. Now enough was enough. I stood up and saw my dick. Friends I myself was surprised to see the size it had grown to, I lifted Banis legs and she held my cock, she moved her hand lovingly on it as if oiling it and put it on the top of her pussy. I rammed into her and started humping her like mad. Ohhhhhhhhh Saab is this is dick or is it a pillar, oooooo aaaaaaahhhh I am dying, harder more harder, please Saab the woman in me is still thirsty, go, go, go, go ahhhhhhh and she came again, maybe her third or fourth orgasm in a row, But I still kept on going, and she was crying with pleasure, yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeess, ufffffff, maaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan kill me with that fantastic pillar of yours, love me Saab, hurt me, Tear my pussy walls, pleeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeee, yes yeeeeees. At this moment Rupa who was really hot by now, came and put her pussy on Banis mouth. Bani started sucking and maybe she found Rupas love spot (read G Spot). Rupa had that lustful look in her eyes She bent and we engaged in a passionate kiss. This was better than before. Now it was Rupas turn to moan, ahahahahahahahaahhaha iss mai uffffffff mmmmmmmm Oh saab I am coming kiss me harder, suck my lips. I was in the seventh heaven, what with two gorgeous, lusty hot women under me. I started humping bani like mad. She maybe came couple of times more. Then I started mauling Rupas breasts and nipples. She was shivering like a fish out of water. Then with aloud shout me, Rupa & bani came together. And I suddenly realized that maybe its a world recode that all three of us came together albeit connected in a circular way (Ha Ha). We lay exhausted on the bed. My head was on Banis breasts and Rupa was on my thighs still licking my cum and cleaning my dick with her tongue. I kissed Bani on her lips and said well, how do you feel now. Saab I was wondering when Rupa asked me that whether I should come to your place or not. But my lust got better of me. You see we were earning OK but since our respective hubbys wayward ways we have to do this maids job. Rupa has studied till 8th class & I am 10th pass. Everywhere we went for job people wanted our bodies. So we took up jobs as maids to sustain ourselves. Since we never wanted our neighbors, who carry lot of diseases to even touch us, I and Rupa used to indulge in lesbian love. When Rupa talked about your proposal I was angry and jealous but when I thought that Rupa is looking so satisfied and cheerful for last few days then at least once I should try and as it I was infatuated by you. So I came and thank God for that for I now know the true beauty of passion and sex and I will come whenever wherever you want me to come. Meanwhile Rupas antics had made my dick erect again and then the two ladies together gave me the best blow job any strong sex crazed man can ever imagine. Later I had many sessions with Bani alone and what a fantastic lover she turned out to be and with her help I was able to score with Jaya who till date is my lover and mother of my child and through her I had a great time with her friends. Many more experiences to come in many more episodes, only if my friends at ISS give me support by frankly telling me about my writing skills and other feedback. I am in Noida (UP) now, and any girllady looking for satisfying and passionate sex in Delhi and NCR can mail me at , till then happy lovemaking!