Hi I am Ravi from Kolkata. My age is 28 years. After reading so many stories from ISS I am sending my own experience with a married maid. It was my first experience and in the year 2000. Actually I had come to Kolkata for higher studies. I had lived in a rented house with my friends. At that time I was 21 years was desperately need for a fuck. We (me and my friend) both went to our class at 10 am and came back around 7 to 8 pm. So we appoint a maid for our cooking purpose. She was around 32 years old and married. Her name was Rina. We used to call her Rina Baudi. She had one child of 10 years old. She had nice boobs (36 sizes). She came around 8 am and made lunch. After taking lunch we went for class. She used to take her lunch in our room and stayed up to 4 pm. After making dinner she returned her home. She had on set of our room key with her. I usually masturbate thinking of her boobs. I had not done sex earlier so I was desperate to fuck her. But how? One day my friend had gone to his home because his mother was ill. In that night I had to sleep alone. During sleeping I made a plan to seduce her because there was no one in the house except me. In the very next day I wake up in the morning and waited for her. She came around 8 am and started washing last night utensil. I went to the kitchen her back was before me. I saw her ass it was so beautiful my cock started erect. Suddenly she moved back and saw me and asked me was anything I needed. I said no I am coming here to talk with you, as my friend was not here so I am feeling bore thats why I am coming here to talk to you. After hearing this she smiled and started talking with me while washing the utensil. I asked her about her family then she said she had a ten years boy. When I asked about her husband she said with a very sad voice that her husband left her and now living with another lady. Then we talked about various topics and after taking lunch I left for my class. That night while sleeping I made a plan to fuck her. As per my plan next morning I woke up late. She came at 8 am and saw me sleeping. After some time she asked “Ravi kya baat hain aj abhitak soyehoo, aj class nahin jana hein”. I said I had a severe headache so I am sleeping and I was not going to attend class today. Then she went to kitchen and started her work. After seeing no response from her I feel sad. Then at around 10 am she came to my room and enquired about my headache. She then said Ravi can I massage your head. I said ok. She then took the balm and started massaging on my head. At that time I am wearing my shorts and t shirts. My cock started erect. Suddenly I said Rina Baudi if your husband left you why cant u marry another man. She said I am now 32 years old at this age who will marry me. Then I have a 10 years boy who will take care of him. She said I am happy at this stage and I dont want to marry. Then I said thats right but at night you must miss someone. Hearing this she kept silence and continuing messaging my head. Then he said Ravi lay on stomach so that I massage your back. She started applying balm to my back, slowly rubbing it all over my body. Then she said, dont tell Gautam (my friend) about this. Of course I was not telling anybody. It was only between us. She sighed and continued massaging my back, then I feel her hand was in my bottom slowly massaging there. I felt that she was breathing deeply. So was I, and had a solid erection. I loosened my shorts a bit so that I could pull it lower, and exposed my bottom, all the while with my face down. She squeezed my bottom. At this point I could no longer control myself, and I turned around and lay on my back and she started massaging my chest slowly touching my nipple. I knew that my that my plan would succeed today. Slowly she started massaging my legs going upwards. This gave me a huge erection and as I was not wearing anything under my shorts, it created a tent in front of my shorts. I knew she would notice the erection as she was massaging my thighs. I could not control anymore and my hand slowly shifted to her right breast and started opening her blouse. Under her blouse she wore a black bra I slowly unhook her bra taking her nipple in my mouth I started sucking it gently, teasing it between my teeth, while playing with the other breast, and gently pinching her nipple.

“Bahut pyari hai teri doodh.” I said slowly. She smiled and put her head on my shoulder. I now go back to her mouth and we kissed in the mouth for ten minutes, sucking away and sucking on the lips as well. Slowly my hand went to her sari folds and removed the knots and slipped down the entire sari and petticoat below her ankles. She had nothing underneath and I saw her lovely cunt, completely, full of hairs, which filled me with delight. My hand slowly went down, as did my mouth to her belly button on which I started kissing, driving her wild. She removed my t shirt my shorts and looked at my rigid cock in its full length of 6 12″ and 2″ diameter. And I was at work at, planting a million kisses all over sucking her, and then kissing her all over, went down slowly reaching her feet. I licked each of her toes, went up her feet, her thighs and then place my face in her crotch, smelling the sweetest scents that she exuded, driving me crazy. She too was trembling and heaving, and as my mouth reached her clitoris and took it in, She gasped. “bahut achha lag rahahe” I continued it for five minutes. She was in heaven. She then asked me whether I had been with any female and I said she was the first who had touched me in that way. She smiled in shy and said “I must taste your taste your semen today”. She then returned to my side on the bed and pulled down my shorts exposing my private parts to her feverish gaze. My fully erect penis was standing up like a flag pole and giving small jerks showing how excited I was. She took hold of my stone hard penis and pulled back the fore skin exposing the swollen head on top. She then bent forward all the while staring into my eyes. She then proceeded to take the swollen head into her hot mouth using her tongue to lick all around the head, concentrating specially on the underside of the head. Her one hand was pulling the skin of the penis in a firm up and down motion, while her other hand was tenderly caressing my balls. She then caressed my balls with her tongue taking each of them in her mouth and sucking on them while still maintaining the up and down motion of her other hand. She then proceeded to deep throat my penis taking it fully in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. While my penis was fucking her mouth my hands were clutching her breasts. I was getting increased turned on, and started licking her cunt all over, enjoying the divine drops of fluid that was coming out. I then dropped to her vagina and thrust my tongue deep in, at the same time clasping her breast, and kept tongue fucking her, drinking away her juices. She was raving. And all the time she was mouthing endearments. I got up and went back to her mouth and kissed her and she responded with so much vigor and love and left me breathless. I lay on my back, and she came onto me and started first licking my nipples and then teased them between her teeth. I gently removed those hands, kissed her again, and placing myself between her thighs, placed my cock right at the mouth of her vagina. With a smile she moved a bit forward, lifting her buttocks a bit, and my head made its entry inside. “Jara samalke, haste aayiye. Panch saalka baad chudba rahahuin.” she said, And I slowly started going in, very gently indeed, my lubricating fluids, easing the path for me. Suddenly, there were squirts of liquid filling from within her, and with a cry and a hard clasp on my back; she was scratching me with her nails, shouting, and “Jor se. Dabo Ravi. Abhi jor se chodo.

After about five minutes, I burst into her. She wouldn’t let go of me, and I was till in her hard embrace, and instead of keeping still, I kissed her and sucked her breasts. “Kush Ho?” I asked. “Bahut. Aur Hamesha aapko bhi hum kush rakenge. Humko nahin chodenge na?” she asked “Kabhi nahin” I said. “She said I have never felt so satisfied in my life before”. We went and washed ourselves, came out lay in each others arms and made delicious and gentle love thrice till dinner. Any lady married or widow if want sex then mail me my mail id is