I had posted the first two parts quite a long time back. Both of them have been reworked and a new third part added. Warning: Its a bit long. This is pure fantasy. No I did not do it. Don’t ask me for photos. You can contact me at Part I: The Taking Ever since I was in my teens, as far as I can remember, I was fascinated with the concept or rape or at least forced sex. I just could not get over the feeling the power and the strength to force my will on a woman and do whatever I wanted to with her. But all I had were my hands and some gel. Thought a lot about how to go about doing it and getting away with it. I had almost come to the conclusion that it was pointless and that my fantasies would go unfulfilled, when opportunity not just knocked but slammed through the door into my life. I was in preparing for the horror called standardized testing, which gave me a lot of opportunity to be at home alone as both my parents worked. We had a female servant (funny how they always seem to bear the brunt of out weird desires!!) Called Sandhya. She was a reasonably good-looking woman with mid to large sized tits, a nice rounded ass and mid length hair. She had just given birth to a boy and her breasts always seemed to be bursting out of her top. Sometimes if I was lucky I could see the wet patches of milk on that. Ever since she had given birth to the kid, I had my eye on her because of those beautiful globes. Sometimes she obliged me with a view of them while sweeping the floor (no bra, luck works in mysterious ways). I was happy with what I got, just didn’t have the guts to do anything in spite of my raging desire to take her in the kitchen or the bathroom or wherever else I saw her. She shared the small house on the rear with her husband and brother-in-law. One fine day after her morning duties she came to me with a letter from her husband’s parents. Since none of them could read, my mother usually read the letters for them, but my mother not being around I was asked to. In the letter her in-laws asked her man to send his brother back home as he seemed to have come to the city only after her. I guess I wasn’t the only one who lusted for her. There were a lot of other things about how they had heard rumors of her being promiscuous and leading men on and the usual tripe. I asked her if this was true and if her brother-in-law had made a move towards her. She replied that he had and she had repelled him. She requested me not to mention the letter to anybody and I knowingly promised her. Once the letter came everything fell into place. The very next day after she was done with her chores, I called her to my playpen, a small room in the back of the house. I asked her if she enjoyed the sex with her husband. She was taken aback by that question and told me to go fuck myself in not so many words. I repeated the question and she threw a disgusted look at me and turned to leave. I leapt out of my chair and forced her back against the wall, pressing my body hard against her. It was nice to feel her engorged tits on my chest. She struggled, squirming and whining. Oh well so much for simple sex! Now I would have to really hurt her to sate my desires. Grabbing her hands I pulled them up above her, causing her tits to jut out and her nipples poked my chest. I could feel her struggling to get away, the quick rise and fall of her breasts driving me nuts. My knee was halfway up her legs. Forcing them a little wider, I drove my hips right into her cunt. My dick was rock hard and bulging and I knew she could feel it through the thin material of her pants. I pushed my hips in harder and started to grind my dick in deeper. She started to cry squirming to get away from it, squealing and whimpering. Her pleas to let her go only served to make me want to throw her on the bed and ravish her. I was getting excited, too excited, any more and I would probably explode in my pants. I told her to shut up or else the letter and its contents would go to her man. Her scream was almost out before I slammed my palm over her lips. I pulled her scarf away with my teeth and tied her hands behind her back with it. I must say she fought back; unfortunately I was just a bit stronger. She was whimpering again with her pleas to let her go. I held her by her hips and bent down and bit her nipple lightly causing her to jump and arch her back, a shocked grunt escaping her mouth. Once she arched her back one of my hands was between her legs pressing and rubbing her pussy really hard. Looking for her nub I parted her cunt lips roughly and massaged the tip with my finger. I nearly exploded on her reaction. She started to struggle even more wildly trying to get away from the hand, and my mouth on her tit, and fell on the floor. I caught my balance and jumped her, got her by her legs and dragged her to the bed. She was writhing on the floor as I pulled her, her hair all over the face, her thick full lips quivering with fear and pleas. I lifted her bodily and threw her on the bed. The floor rubbing on her tits had made the nipples stand up, and I couldn’t resist a quick nip at the nipples. That was a bit careless. She nearly succeeded in undoing the scarf. That called for desperate measure, so I tied her hands with the sheet to the bedposts and stood back to watch my work. I could see the fear in her eyes and her squirming and writhing to get away. The legs thrashing trying to get a hold so as to pull away from the bedpost where I had tied her hands. After some time the struggles subsided and she started her stupid whining again, She offered up ‘anything at all’ if I let her go. Since I was going to get my ‘anything’ anyway I simply enjoyed the tied up woman. And then she decided to scream, when the bitch would ever learn. I slapped her hard and stuffed my sock down her throat. Her eyes widened in surprise and fear glittered through making me smile. Pushing up her shirt I took a hold of the string holding up her pants and caressed her belly with my open palm. She reacted as if a snake had crawled there, arching her back and throwing her body about trying to get away. That pissed me off and I sat on her stomach facing her legs and slowly untied the knot, pushing her pants down her legs. Surprise! Surprise; no underwear, I turned around and grinned at her. This was getting to be fun. She flailed her legs, crossing them and spreading them wide to try and stop me from pulling them down. I slapped her on her pussy and she quieted down for a bit. The smell from her pussy was – just – sweet; the sharp musky smells of a clean cunt. Her grunts and groans mixed in with the occasional sob were driving me nuts, but I wanted to savor the moment and enjoy my first rape at my own pace. I finally pulled her pants off. I didn’t really waste any time in pushing her shirt over her head, I wanted those milk laden tits worse than the pussy. The way she was trying to hide her pussy by crossing her legs and turning this way and that as far as she could was sort of funny and hot at the same time. I knelt down beside the bed and took hold of one the tits; she tried to turn away so I couldn’t get to it. But there’s only so far you can get when you hands are tied wide apart. I started to squeeze it slowly and then harder. She screamed as loud as she could with the gag. I just couldn’t wait any longer and started sucking at it hungrily. I sucked for quite a while, nearly emptying the tit. My dick had started to ache, all that pressure and nowhere to go. It was time. I undressed and pulled my dick out, it was hard, the veins throbbing on it. I however wanted some head first. So I sat on her chest feeling the nice softness of her tits on my ass, and pulled out her gag. She immediately started to scream. I had to slap her quite a few times to get her to stop. I held her head and slapped her face with my dick, but she refused to open her mouth, so I clamped my finger around her nose. She held her breath, but not for long, as soon as she opened her mouth I shoved my dick in deep. Ah, the hot wet feeling of a mouth with a tongue snaking around your dick, the greatest pleasure on earth. I held her head by her hair and started fucking her mouth rapidly. She grunted and every so often gagged as my dick hit her throat. I just held her head and rammed it in, my dick glistening with her saliva and my precum. In and out it went for quite some time till I was close and come I did, shooting load after load down her throat keeping my dick in forcing her to gulp in my seed. I just needed a short rest to get ready for the finale. I sat next to her and circled her areola with a wet fingertip. Her tits jiggled every time I hit a sensitive spot making her jerk. Cupping her breasts from the bottom I slowly moved my finger around the sides and suddenly pinched her nipples, making her squeal through her gag. Finally, I got on the bed straddling her hips. She saw what I was planning and crossed her legs and shut them tight. I tried to pry them apart but her thighs were stronger than I thought. So I took another sheet, pulled her leg to one side and tied it to one end and did the same to the other. I love women tied spread-eagled waiting to be fucked. Pushing a pillow under her ass to push up her pussy, I sat between her legs, wet my dick and started to push it in. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. As I started pushing her writhing and squirming became more and more insistent, her muted screams from the gagged mouth only driving me crazier. I had to hold down her hips and plunge my penis in one shot. The tight, wet, hot insides almost made me explode. It made her arch her back high and a long painful groan followed. I started pumping and pinching her tits, pulling at them, cupping her breasts and kneading them. She still tried to get away from my hands. I increased my pace, each thrust matching her grunts and groans, pushing in deeper and faster. I could hear my balls slapping on her ass. I held her tits and pulled them trying to push in harder each time. With each thrust I got a shorter louder grunt out of her. I was slamming as fast and as hard as I could, holding on to her tits for dear life. She was almost bouncing on the bed with every thrust slamming her back, her tits jiggling wildly, her legs jerking as if to unseat me as I rammed into her. I was fast approaching a climax, the creaking, shaking bed with her being thrown around shaking her head and knees wildly, and me pushing harder and deeper. I couldn’t hold it off any longer and exploded in her, spurting glob after glob of semen into her belly. After waiting a few minutes to catch my breath, I got up, got the camera and took a couple of snaps of her tied up all naked and disheveled after a good hard fuck, not only for my future pleasure, but also to ensure that she stayed in line. Part II: The Sharing After the first taste of raped pussy, I quietened down for a while, my desires sated and my dick secure in the thought that as long as I had the photos I could get some without a fuss. But the feeling of power, the rush of adrenalin that is the outcome of total domination of a female, is something that my mind wanted again and again. However I knew that as long as I had the snaps she would come to me like a subdued bitch and would give in to my demands without a squeak. I craved that feeling of absolute power, the feeling of literally “owning” something, the freedom to do as I pleased, when I pleased, where I pleased. But soon I realized that more than the power, the high, I wanted to have to work to get it, to feel the woman struggling beneath me, pleading with me, her body writhing, wriggling, screaming to get away, and I, getting my way by sheer strength and will. I had to do something different to get that kind of a response from Sandhya the second time around, something bizarre and totally unexpected where fear and surprise would make her forget that I still had the photos and she had to do what I wanted. So I started priming myself for the next taking (depending on when I came up with a plan, it would be quite some time). I stopped touching her, fondling her breasts, dry fucking her ass. I stopped looking at her. I stopped going near her. The way I saw it, the greater the hunger, the sweeter the food would taste. At the same time I started thinking as to how to go about it and as usual try to get away with it. I was surprised at how hard it was to make a person react in an extreme manner to a situation. Finally after about a month or so of deep contemplation, I had the inklings of an idea. I sure as hell hated sharing ‘my’ piece of flesh but there didn’t seem to be any other way to do it in the comfort and security of my home. I had to bring in somebody else. How I mulled over the thought that she would no longer be mine alone and worse yet the next time it would be even harder to ‘rape’ her. If I was going to have to do it, I might as well bring in my closest friends rather than just some acquaintances. It had to K and S, guys I had grown up with, ogled at girls with, rushed at women and put my hand down their breasts with, and yes, thought about raping somebody with, cool guys. So one fine day, after a week of total abstinence, not masturbating even once, I called the guys over and went over the plan, even bought quite a bit of rope and other things to prepare for it. And there we sat, smiling with our knowledge of how the near future would look like. It was a nice feeling, anticipation, excitement, arousal all mixed together. I bought out the sheaf of photos from my last encounter and spread them on the coffee table. The ropes and other items were hidden away under the couch and we sat in the living room. I had cleared out the area behind us that formed the dining area, of the table and other stuff. There were windows on both sides. Then I went and knocked on her door and told her to prepare some tea for me and my friends. She came dressed as usual in her top and pants, without the damn bra of course. Some people just never learn. In a few minutes she came with a tray and three cups of tea. She came up to the coffee table and bent to put the tray on it, when she noticed the photos. She froze for a second there, and then looked at me and K and S, her eyes wide with fear, her mouth open in surprise. She frantically looked towards the doors. She put the tray down on the table slowly, turned around, and ran. Big mistake!! K was too quick for her and grabbed her by her shoulders, physically lifting and turning her around so that part of her body was across the couch right in front of me while K stood behind it holding her hands behind her. Just hearing her scream made me come. K immediately twisted one of her arms and clapped his hand over her mouth and all you could hear was the muffled sounds of her efforts. Her waist and legs were flopping around in front of me, her body twisting this way and that trying to get away from K. I saw the opportunity and grabbed her below the waist and stood up, lifting her in the air, her head on K’s shoulder with his one hand on her mouth and the other holding her arm, her legs flapping around in front of me. She was trying to take his hand off her mouth, making her body swing between me and K, her free tits wobbling and moving all over the place, her muffled screams of making me harder by the second. As soon as I stood up S pushed the couch and the coffee table out of the way. We put her down, K still holding one arm and stopping her screams. As soon as she touched the floor, she started twisting her body even harder, arching her back, kicking out with her legs, trying to push us away with her free arm, but with three strong guys on her, there was no chance. I tied her wrists together with some zip ties while S used them on her ankles. S then took out a towel tied a knot in the middle, pushed the knot into her mouth tying it behind her head, gagging her. You wont believe the amount of noise even a gagged person can make. She was grunting and breathing hard from exertion. I grabbed a hold of her top at the neck and started ripping them apart. This galvanized her into action and she started wriggling and twisting even harder, screaming into the gag as hard as she could. Slowly everything came off; I marveled at the body I hadn’t touched and seen in quite a while. We tied the ropes to her wrists and ankles and tied them to the windows lifting her feet off the ground. It was quite a sight, a naked women suspended above the ground in the middle of your living room, her knees jerking (as much as they could), trying to close a view to her pussy, her tits falling this way and that, her back arching as she tried to loosen the knots, sounds of would-be screams dying in her throat. While we were watching, S knelt down in front of her cunt and (damn! Didn’t know he was a pussy man) and smelled it. Maybe he didn’t like it or something, but he went to the bathroom and came out with a shaving blade and cream. Sandhya watched him horrified at what he was going to do. As soon as she came near her, her twisting and writhing began. She moaned shaking her head tears welling up in her eyes. When he sprayed on the cream she went wild, bucking and moving her hips trying to stop him from doing anything. We watched for a while, looking at her jiggling boobs and her body twisting and turning in the air. It just drove me nuts. Since it had to be done, I knelt and held her hips tightly and S started shaving her pussy slowly. K in the meanwhile took on of her tits in his hand and started chewing on it. Sandhya was shaking her head wildly, trying to move her hips, pulling her knees back and forth screaming as hard as she could. But S (kept his fucking cool) went on shaving as if he were doing his own cheek instead of a bitch’s cunt. When he was done he knelt near it and took a deep breath enjoying the aroma of mint shaving cream, sweat and the tangy smell of a woman. He held her hips in his hand suddenly stuck his face in her pussy sucking loudly. I swear I have never seen a body arch like that in my entire life. Sandhya bucked wildly at his touch and trying to get away from his tongue. I watched the scene, not believing that my dick had been hard for almost 20 minutes. I decided to go for her milky tits, knelt beside her breasts and started sucking and nibbling on of them while kneading the other. She was squirming trying to get away from the teeth on her tit, the hand on her nipple and the mouth eating up her pussy. S was going at it full speed, finger fucking her while sucking her clit. She totally wasn’t prepared for K when he went around and stood at her head which was lolling, tears streaking her face. He unzipped and took out his little-big guy, and slapped her face with it. She turned her head away. I sat back to watch, the moment he untied her gag she tried to scream. K clamped down on her nose and mouth and I rushed to pinch and twist her nipples. She bucked wildly and for a moment S lost his position. She was writhing in the air wildly trying to loosen K’s grip on her face. Her legs were flopping in the air, it was just too much for my tortured balls and I came right there. She eventually tired and let K put his dick in her mouth. K held her head and started fucking it. I went back to finishing up the milk. At that very moment S decided to bite down on her clit. She just went still arched back, her legs tight and straining against the ropes. Wish I had recorded that. That alone was worth sharing her. I decided S had had enough of her pussy and got between her legs and nudged her labia with my dick-head. She started shaking her head; K slapped her to keep it stable, and kept on fucking her mouth. I rammed my penis in savoring the wet warmth, her legs bent straining against my penis and a guttural moan ejected itself from her throat. I started fucking her. The sight of K’s dick wet and shiny, moving in and out of her mouth drove me wild. I could hear his balls slapping her forehead and the slurping noise of her tongue on his penis. Holding her hips I started pumping in feeling the walls of her cunt brush against my dick. S wanted some of the action too, he climbed astride her, held her tits and started tit fucking her. Pretty soon we were up in heaven about to climax. K came seconds later splattering her throat with huge gobs of cum, forcing her to swallow it all. I came a little later spattering her insides with my sperm. S was a little messy being a little “out of the element” and splattered her face with his load of semen. As soon as K pulled out she let out yet another scream. S got pissed off, and lifted her up by her nipples, must have hurt a lot because she screamed again, louder, this time in pain. He let go and K gagged her while we sat back to get our breaths back, watching her wriggle feebly, pulling and testing the ropes. We had a great opportunity and we wanted to do something really nasty, opportunities like this don’t come by that often. So we figured we should fill her all up (hey we didn’t know it was ‘that’ commonplace). Heck she had three holes to offer didn’t her. The very thought of it made our dicks go up, the fact that we had rested for almost ten minutes just slipped by. We tossed two coins and I got the mouth, S the pussy and K her ass. The question was how to do it then. She must have realized something was up because as we walked over to her I could see the fear in her eyes and the slow shaking of her head, the pleading expression on her face. K was the first to try since she had a virgin ass. He got under her with loads of gel and lubricated his fingers and tried to push it in her ass. Sandhya jumped and started to swing her body twisting and turning as she realized what we were doing. S held her hips and K went at it lubricating her asshole. She squirmed, her tits jiggling all over the place. Finally he was ready. We loosened the ropes and let her down on top of K. The moment she got a little bit loose and her feet touched the ground she started struggling again, really hard this time pushing her hips up away from K, so S held her legs up a bit and I grabbed her hands and lifted them up so that she couldn’t raise her hips. As K got a hold oh her ass and started pushing it in she squirmed harder and started wailing. K got pissed off and literally slammed into her, driving his penis in to the hilt. She screamed, big drops of tears rolling down her eyes, her face all scrunched up in pain. As soon as K was in, S shoved his in to, grinning, I guess he could feel K’s dick in her ass. I brought my dick near her face and she turned it way, (what was she thinking – I mean where the fuck could the bitch go) I held her head by the hair, forced open her mouth and pushed my dick in. And off we went the three of us, pumping in all places. Her body was rocking with our every thrust, her legs going up and down the floor, her body squirming and writhing, her tits bobbing. I grabbed her nipples and pulled at her tits with every thrust. Every thrust got a guttural grunt out of her. S and K started slamming in harder and harder, their balls slapping her ass and her thighs. Sandhya was now arching her back with every thrust as she felt their dicks rip her apart. I wanted to enjoy my moment so went at my pace, kneading her tits twisting her nipples as I fucked her throat. I could see that they were close to a climax, K thrust in on last time deep and kept it in spurting his seed in her ass, S came a little bit later. I was still fucking her head going slow. I grabbed her head and started pumping harder, gagging her, choking her sometimes, trying to go in as deep as I could. She had given up so I had to slap her tits a few times to make her work her tongue. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and unloaded down her throat. That was quite a day, hours unmatched in its excitement and adrenalin rush, not to mention the rush of blood to my dick. Part II: The Parting After that afternoon, Sandhya never really had anything to give, nor could I think of anything I could take. I mean the worst I could possibly do was fuck her in public. Unfortunately there was also the matter of my own well being that got in my way of doing that to her or for those matters anybody else in public. Since it took way too much effort to plan and execute something like a rape on somebody else and get away with it, I had almost reconciled with my fates and hoped that my memories of my previous two experiences would carry me through the rest of my normal life. But fatelucknaturecall it what you will has this strange way of screwing with your head. When you are up and high it will whack you flat like fly and just when you are down and out, it presents itself like a virgin bud all ready and waiting to be plucked. I did want to fuck her in public, maybe not with an audience but in the great outdoors at least. But when you live in as crowded a place as I do, nothing ever is without an audience, every fart, every leer, every whisper gets noticed. Did I mention that fate-mind-fucking thing. Well just when I thought I would never get her before my parents left the place, lo and behold a golf course opens up, right next door. Now there I could see the possibilities. Nice, open-air, sweaty hard-sex, almost getting caught possibilities. Add to that the fear of another and my adrenalin pumps went haywire just at the thought of it all. So I waited, for just the right moment. A few weeks later, the course had its first local tournament. Not too many people but a pretty decent crowd nevertheless. It was going to start at 8:00 in the morning and my parents had already gone to enjoy the game. I was going too, for a different game though. I called Sandhya up to the house and told her that I would be going to collect balls, lost golf ones that is and I wanted her with me to carry all of them. She hemmed and hawed about housework (suspicious, but who wouldn’t be after two episodes like the previous ones) and turned away from me. I got to her in a step, grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. I wrapped my arm around her back and pulled a nipple. She squealed, a bit too loudly, which got her another pinch. You are coming, I said and that was it. She followed me like the owned piece of meat that she was. I grabbed my backpack and off we went. By the time I got there the game was underway and players had already reached the 3rd. Sandhya and I messed around on the second where I pretended to look for balls and she pretended to actually be doing something. I think she knew that she was going to be used again, just not how. As I saw the players tee off of the 4th, I called her and took a shortcut to the clump of trees on the fairway on the 6th. She asked why we were looking there as the players weren’t even there yet. I just looked at her and she shut up. I found a nice tree that would serve my purpose and let me get her ready till the spectators got near the clump. It was perfect, right behind a clump of bushes that let us see the fairway and spectators and not let them seem us. I called her near me, grabbed her wrist, pulled her to me and grabbed her waist. Her eyes widened in fear and her mouth opened in an o. I pushed two fingers down her mouth and pushed her back to the tree. Holding her hands behind her to the trunk, I came close and breathed down on her ear and neck moving slowly down to her tits. Her fear filled raggedy breathing made her tits rise to my mouth and I took one nipple in with the cloth, wetting it and nipping at it. She wildly looked around to make sure that nobody saw us and pleaded to at least do it somewhere else. The players were teeing off of the 6th by then and some early spectators were already at the edge of the tree-line. I turned her around so that she faced the tree, pushed her head down so that she was bending from the waist up and tied her hands to a stump of a branch on the other side of the trunk. As soon as she felt the rope on her wrists, her head jerked towards me, shaking in silent nos. She pulled up close to the tree, but I pulled her back by her pant-waist making her bend again. I broke off a branch and tied her legs apart so that she could not pull them back close again. I ran my hands slowly across her back, feeling the slight shiver of fear and anticipation in her body, turned them around and got her melons in my hand. Pushing my hips into her open ass, I dry humped her waiting for more people to come by, so that I could truly enjoy the outdoors. A few minutes later as the spectators gathered, I stripped down her pants and without any warning, shoved my entire length up her cunt. She let out a surprised yelp, and then gulped it down as she saw some people trying to peer through the foliage to see if there was somebody there. I started sliding myself up her cunt slowly so as to feel every bit of her pussy and make her squeal. I pushed up her shirt and grabbed her hair pulling back her head as I sped up. Her tits swung with every hump, her breathing getting ragged, her head constantly trying to look around to see. Well guess what, just them some dumbass made a bad shot and came walking into the trees to. My adrenaline went up a couple of notches as he came closer. He was only a few yards away and I went on as if nothing had happened but both of us were on the edge. I reached over and pinched her nipple. She almost gasped but swallowed it in the nick of time. He was still working on his shot. So I started pinching her nipples more often. She was shaking her head, pulling herself towards the tree trunk. I kept pulling her back by her tits. Then I slid my hand down groped for her clit and pinched it. She did gasp this time, arching her back, trying to turn her hips away from my dick. So I did it again, she bucked biting down hard on her lip. All the while I kept up my slow and steady into her, taking my time. Finally the golfer managed to hit the ball and walked way. There were still people around, but I had had enough of the nature trip and wanted my orgasm. I pulled her hair back hard, so that she was almost standing, her back arched, pushing her nipples against the rough bark of the tree and started slamming her hard. The rough bark rubbing her tits made her grunt every thrust. The sound of my balls slapping her ass got lost in the ambience. I was high, fucking my bitch tied to a tree in the middle of a bunch of people. Just the thought of that caused me to explode in here and I panted and heaved as I unloaded in her. After I cleaned myself up, I wondered what would happen if just leave her there for others to find and enjoy. Well what the fuck, she was a spent force anyway, so I gagged her with my underwear, and rolled her shirt over her head, tying it around her neck, left here there and walked home. I came back to get her at around 10 in the night. As I got to the spot, I could see a shiny crumpled figure under the tree. She was completely stripped, not a shred of cloth on her body and covered from head to toe in cum. Her tits gleamed dark red in the moonlight, possibly from the constant abuse. I smiled, not just someone, but quite a few had enjoyed her. Well if the fates had given me the opportunity the least I could do was to extend it to others right. It didn’t matter because I was out of there in a couple of weeks onto new experiences.