I told her, Veena that was real awesome, she replied saying you havent seen anything yet my baba.. I have more to teach you…. I was just dumb struck. So this was my third lesson of SEX.. Till this you read how veena became my sex teacher.. Now my fourth lesson…Veena asked me to follow her to my bedroom and she told me to rest a while, as she needed to go to bathroom. I lay down on the bed still nude.Veena entered the bathroom as I was going through at just what had happened in my head. The very thought of what had happened between Veena and me got me all hard again. I needed to take a leak. I called out to Veena and asked her if I she is finished so that I could also use it.Veena could not hear me and she unlocked the bathroom door and peeped out and asked me what I said. Told her I needed to use the Bathroom too. She smiled and told me if I was feeling shy to use the bathroom in front of her.I walked into the bathroom and lifted the toilet seat when Veena came and sat on it. I let out a laugh and told her if she doesnt move I will have to pee on her. She winked at me and said thats the idea and reached out and took my cock in her hand pointing it to her breasts.I was already horny and I started peeing all over her. My warm golden liquid started flowing on her body and into the commode. What she did next blew me, she lifted my cock directing the flow towards her face I was actually peeing on her face and my liquid was flowing all over her face and lips.When I was done she just smacked her lips running her tongue over it. I couldnt believe veena could be this nasty. I was really hard again, I grabbed veena by her hair and pulled her mouth towards my cock and asked her to suck it again.

Veena… Not again my baba.. You already learnt the pleasure of getting your cock sucked.. Now it your turn to give me that pleasure too.. I was shocked and said… what do you mean…Veena… I mean now you learn how to lick and suck the womans hole and excite her to the limits of no return…I was dumbstruck.. Just kept on watching her.. She cleaned herself and also washed her pussy with water and asked me to follow her. She held my arm and took me tomy room. There she switched on all the lights in the room and sat on my bed. She held both of my hands and softly kissed me on my fore head… both the eyes and ears.. And slowly and softly she gave me a kiss. Then she whispered into my ears…Veena… my baba.. I want you to eat me, suck and lick my pussy and take me into heaven. I said veena I dont know how it is done..Veena… Just start licking my pussy and I will guide you… how to take me to the limits of satisfaction. Sucking and licking a womans vagina is the best act to excite and seduce a woman. She shall reach to a new high of pleasure and sensation.. If some one does it with proper art and care.. Will my baba do so to take this mentor to that limits.I said.. Yes anything for you veena.. I just love you now…Veena.. What did you say… pls say it again…I said… i love you veena….Veena.. Please repeat once again my baba… its has been so long to hear those fragile words… Please my baba …I said .. YES veena>> i love you< you are the sweetest.She pulled me on top of her and hugged me very tightly. Her arms were around me and she was kissing all over my face like mad.. She kept on murmuring… my baba… my sweet little baba.. I also love you..Suddenly I got up and started to stare at her lying on my bed. She looked at me looking at her body and instantly she felt ashamed. She closed her legs and held both of her hands on her boobs.Veena.. What are you looking my baba..I said I am admiring your body. She had a beautiful and well sculptured

Body. Her vital stats must have been 34-30-36.. For the first time I observed her so closely and attentively. Her skin was very fair on her body and legs, her face ad neck line was somewhat weatish. She was glittering and her skin was so radiant, I was just lost looking at her.. She shyly asked..“How is it baba?” Do you like my body.She had big eyes, perfect nose and wide mouth with luscious brownish lips. No doubt, she had captivating tits, narrow hips and heavy buttocks. I wondered why her stupid husband ran after gilt when the gold was right under his nose.I said veena you are too sexy and I think you have the most admire able body I have ever seen. She blushed… and gave a naughty smile. I said I like you and love you. Do you like me veena..She got up and held my hand and said I love you baba and gave me a kiss on my lips and asked me.. Wont you explore and find what assets I have and I want you to have them. I said you guide me…Veena… just do what ever you want to. Kiss me , lick me, eat me.. Explore me. I will advice as it goes on…. “I dont think you would need any guidance now. Come on, enjoy it” she invited.I pushed her on the bed again.. There she was lying on her back.. Her boobs and her nipples pointed straight. Her breath was getting heavier and her boobs were moving up and down.. I bent forward and put my lips on her and played with her.. She responded by biting my lower lips.. I slowly screamed.. Ui ma.. She shyly laughed and smiled.. I said you are naughty..

Veena.. You also get naughty.. See my boobs .. They are ready to be sucked.. Sucked like baby. Come, and suck them.. Like a baby does.. I brought my head towards her boobs, and started to suck her boobs. As I was sucking…..she was looking upwards…her eyes half closed…and making…..ahhh… sounds. Then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one. My hand s were now exploring her body. I started moving down and kept kissing and licking her belly and finally reached her naval. I inserted my lips inside her hole and curled my tongue and licked it to the end.Ouiiiiii….Maaaaa….” She shouted.. Shivering with pleasure and trembling. All the hair on her body were risen. She was having goose bum.Veena.. Baba I am hot .. I cannot bear it anymore .. Please lick me on my pussy. BY this time hand was already on her pussy. Its was covered with silky hair and her pussy was hot… hot like furnace. Moving downward by every millimeter, my mouth reached her big pussy. And what a big pussy it indeed was! I started by kissing on the gulf between the pussy lips. “Uiiiiiii..” She hooted. I guessed she was right in telling me earlier that her pussy had become hot. I felt the temperature in that area had become very high. After showering at least twenty kisses, I started licking it from bottom to top by running my tongue mopping the whole slit several times. “Uiiii..uiiiii continued to explore the breadth and depth of her pussy as much as possible with the length of my tongue, I was fully engaged in giving and getting pleasures of the soft touch of my tongue with her pussy walls. She screamed to my every licking. Her vagina had already become wet and juicy. I separated her pussy lips wide and without looking at it I kept my nose on it and took a deep breath. I could get a pleasant aroma which I allowed the blood to carry to all over my body. Soon, I began to twist and wag it probing and exploring the interior and sidewalls. I touched every cell and tissue inside her canal with my tongue.“Ooiiiii….Maaaaa….” She shouted. Soon my tongue was confronted with a flow of her pre-cum. I gulped it down my throat.

Then I opened my eyes and inspected her vagina. The area was pinkish in color and her pussy hole reddish. Surprisingly, I noticed a very big hole, almost one and a half inches in diameter. I thought it was unusual for a lady of her present state to have such a big hole. Than I remembered tht she is already married and had sex usually. That might be the reason. I looked up to the joining point of her pussy lips together forming a hood at the top. I could easily see her pea-sized clitoris.It was brownish. I rubbed and stroked it with the tip of my tongue. “ooaaaaaiiiiiiii…” she shrilled. Carefully, I took it inside my mouth and began to suck it hard. She released more wild shrills that could be easily heard by anyone in the adjacent room, if present.Often, I bit and chewed her clit with my teeth. After five minutes or so, and with every bite she would scream out loud and say.. Yes … yes my baba.. Kill me .. Lick me hard.. Bite me.. Oh maa.. Chodo amake ( fuck me ).I went on rolling my tongue around her vagina and as I split it open with my fingers. I could see the pink color with juices on it. I started to gradually push my tongue into her vagina and I could hear her moan. Each time I put my tongue in and out of her vagina she started to spread as well as lock my head between her thighs with her hands. I slipped my tongue into her deep and lick and suck all over there. Shivers ran throughout her body and she moaned uncontrollably. She could not resist the pleasure waves mounting higher and higher in her body. She shivered. I went to her pussy and kissed it. Then slowly I started licking around her pussy area and then hit the target. I started sucking her pussy.She was enjoying it tremendously. I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside her. By now she was already in the seventh heaven. I reached deep in her pussy with my tongue and rotated it all round on the inside.Juices started to flow from her pussy and I felt her body shuddering and her pussy tightening around my tongue. She was pressing my head on her pussy and saying more more… Please… More!! And then suddenly she gave a jerk.She had reached her orgasm and her pussy exploded with juices. I kept on licking and drank all the juice and cum she could ooze out of her cunt. She was still shivering and her juices were flowing and flowing.. It was like she was having multiple orgasm.. I kept on drinking until she was totally done.

She asked me to move from her pussy and lie by her side. Veena… baba please hold me in your arms.. Please hug me tight. I held her and hugged here tightly. I could see her face glowing with satisfaction and her face was deep red. She was sweating heavily all over and her breath was slowly and slowly returning to normal. She hugged me hard like a child .. Afraid of losing something.When we parted I gave her a small kiss on her forehead.. She looked at me gratefully and suddenly tears started rooling from her eyes. To my surprise she was crying… sobbing. I was shocked.. I said Veena did I offend you or hurt you…Veena.. No my baba.. You are not hurting me or offending me.. Its just that today you had made me feel that I am wanted.. That I am a woman and that I have the ability to cum and have sex. Today you have made me a woman again. I am grateful to you and shall always remain your and yours only. From today I am yours from my body and my soul. You are my master but you are also the master of my soul. I thank you for making me.. What I was.. A woman.I just hugged her again and said.. Veena I should be thankful to you. You have taught me to be a man.. To love and to be loved.She smiled and said.. See baba.. I did not teach you anything this time.. You did it yourself and you did it absolutely marvelously.We lay there in each others arms for over half an hour without speaking a single word, just watching each other and smiling and blushing. She was hiding her face in my chest. Shyly and very softly she whispered… does my baba want to learn more of sex and the art of fucking .. I said yes….!!She got up and told me to get up. Veena .. It already evening.. Lets go clean ourselves and have dinner.. Than we have full night to learn more and to explore the secrets of love. She took me into the bathroom and she wanted me to take bath and freshen up.. I asked veena .. Can we have a bath in golden shower again as we did in the starting…. She smiled and nodded.. Yes….!!!!

Well readers this was my journey up to here in my quest to learn about sex. My mentor.. My maid Veena… also my first love had taught me all this in a single day. What happened next.. Was I able to learn the art of fucking … well all that in my next story.. Write to me ay my email . Please post your comments and your suggestion also.