Hi I am Manisha 25 year old. I am 5 ft 7”, 34D, 28, 36 and fair. This is my 3rd sexual experience apart from the sex which I am having with my husband. I had already posted my previous experiences by the name “the powerful experience of sex (part one and two). I had two memorable experiences with Sudesh and ramesh, first time was when I went to stitch a blouse and the second time when I went to take back the stitched blouse. So here again I am back with one more erotic sexual experience which I had with my servant boy ramu. It was almost 4 days past after I had sex with ramesh and sudesh for the second time. Today my hubby told me that he had to go on a business trip to delhi and hence asked me to prepare his luggage for the travel. In our house we are totally 4 living. Myself with my hubby, his father (my mother in law had died 3 years ago, before my marriage itself) and a kid of 16 years old ramu who used to look after the entire house like cleaning the floor, cleaning the car, washing the clothes in washing machine and ironing it etc. All in all he was quiet a hard working boy. He was not so well built, quite a lean body, but he was very tall. So I called ramu for the help and packed the bag of my husband. My father in law who was already in his 50s told my husband that he will also join him during the trip. As it was a trip involving meeting some big companies and making a deal with them, my father in law did not want to miss an opportunity in building the company which he had nurtured for years together. So I packed my father-in-laws clothes also. So that evening both my hubby and father in law left for the trip and they were expected to arrive back after 4 days. After dropping off them to airport, I came back home and after the light dinner I slept off. Next morning when I woke up I saw ramu standing next to me and looking at me with his mouth open. I got up from the bed and sat on the bed with my back resting against our double cots top. As I was getting up ramu took the cup of coffee from the table and was coming towards me. I just had a look at my chest and I noticed that my night gown had gone wayward and has exposed my cleavage and part of bra to open air.

Then only I realized that ramu was having a look at it. Ramu handed over the cup of coffee to me and as I was sipping the coffee I had a look at his lower half which was right in front of my eye level. I can easily see a slight bulge in his tight shorts. (He usually wears tight shorts and sleeveless vest). After I drank the coffee I handed over the cup back to him upon which, he went out of my bedroom. I got up and went to have a bath. After taking bath I got dressed in my new favorite pink saree with shades and handwork (for which I had stitched the blouse). I wore the back open lacy blouse without the bra with just the knots tied and had a very deep neck at the front. I worn it with a purpose that as there was no one at home, I felt that I can spend the day with my sweet men ramesh and sudesh at their shop once again. So with that horny thought in mind, I got dressed up. And as usual I prefer wearing the saris low hip so that my smooth silky flat tummy is seen by men and I can get certain attention when I walk in between them. After all the makeup it was around 12 noon when I got ready and wanted to go to the tailor for some erotic fun. I drove the car and reached the shop but to my surprise it was locked. I waited in the car for more than half on hour of time but could not see a trace of those two men. I had just their shop number and did not have any mobile number to call. I went to roopas house who had recommended me to go to Sudesh. But even roopa was not there at her home. Then I realized that this men might have gone somewhere with roopa. So disappointed I went to watch the movie as I did not have any other way. I came back to house at around 7:30 pm very much exhausted but more disappointed. I called ramu. He came and I ordered him to bring dinner. I was very disappointed and tired.

I was in my room sitting in front of the dressing room mirror, combing out my hair. I was about to change my clothes and get ready for the dinner. My pallu was off to a side and that exposed my deep cleavage and partly exposed breasts in the mirror. I was admiring myself when Ramu entered the room. I hurriedly covered myself up. “Memsaab, khana tayar hai” he said. I told him to wait for a moment as I had to change the dress. I started combing again and heard the door close. I got up from the chair and as I took stand, the pallu fell off my chest. I was about to take off the frills of my saree when I felt some movement of the room door. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see Ramu peeking inside the room through the slight opening of the door. I was closely viewing him through the mirror (which he was unaware of). He was staring at my body and had his mouth wide open. Initially I thought of calling him inside and slapping him hard for poking inside my room while changing. But the very next instant my entire body shivered by the thoughts that one more boy was getting attracted towards me. Now I already had experience how good a boy could fuck an elderly lady like me. So that made me to think of having sex with ramu itself. He was in his early teens (around 16) and more than that he was my slave. So there was no chance of him telling my hubby or my father in law about our affair. That gave me lot of confidence and as my body was in need of a man to satisfy it; hence I was now setting my mind to accept ramu and his dick. So I turned around and without looking at the room door, I was just acting as if I am combing my hairs. The drop of the pallu was showing my entire breasts shape, size to ramu. I allowed him to view my cleavage and my tummy with navel for a couple of minutes, before putting back the pallu. (I started to tease him, as he was only male with me now who can ensure my sexual need for the hour). I was very much pleased with the work of ramesh who was mere 15 and ramu was just a year older to him. So I thought in my mind that I can get enough from this boy also. I gave a shout to ramu to bring the food to the room itself. I saw the hurried ramu moving off the door and getting back to kitchen. Soon he brought the dinner and kept it on the table which was by the side of my bed. I noticed a huge bulge in his short and that gave me the indication of whats its size may be. I was totally impressed with the view of what I got out of him and hence I decided in my mind to seduce him more and to have sex with this boy. So saying the reason of the hot weather, I started taking off the sari in front of him.

I removed the sari completely off me and put it on bed and standing in front of that boy in just back open deep neck blouse (without bra) and petticoat (without panty) worn very low down the hip. He was not missing a single opportunity to have a glance of my body while he served food to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and started taking the food and as he was standing close to me. Whenever I bent to take the food into mouth the blouse hang down to expose my round big tits to his sharp eyes. After that disappointing hour of not founding my men in the tailor shop, now I found a horny male who I thought can satisfy my desires for the next 3 days. I think ramu could not get enough courage to force me for sex, nor did I want to give him an impression that I was dying to have sex with him. I wanted it to happen just like an incident so that tomorrow he can never take any liberty from me. So in my mind I was planning to test him out. Once in a while I was also viewing at his shorts with the side of my eyes and the bulge was getting bigger and bigger. I now could not resist longer. I finished my dinner and he started to clean the table and moved the utensils back to kitchen. He came back with fruits and seeing him I put my left hand on my back and started acting as if I had pain in my back. (Actually the pain was there inside my pussy) He asked me “kya hua memsaab?” To which I replied that there is certain pain in My back and waist. Next moment I asked him whether I can get moov. He immediately left the room and came back in a few seconds with moov in his hand. I thought of seducing him more till I get him and hence I asked him to apply the cream on my back and waist. He had quite a surprise look on his face when I asked him to apply but soon I can see a big smile on his face. Now I lay on bed on my chest and he came and sat next to me and took a pinch of move in his finger and moved close to my back. He asked me “memsaab kaha laagahu?” I pointed towards the centre of my back and said “yaha ramu” Immediately I asked “kaise laagahu memsaab yeh blouse ke daage beech mai hai na.” I asked him to remove the knots and open the blouse. Well as a sincere servant, he did so in a fraction of minute and that showed how much eager he was. Now I was lying on bed while exposing my white back to him. He started applying on my entire back with some pressure and that made me go crazier for him. Movement of his hands was un-tolerable for me but still I didnt want to make the first move. The petticoat was tight worn and semi-transparent. I think the slit between my asses would also been visible to ramu in that posture. I wanted to seduce him till he falls for my beauty. I had stretched my hands to the side and hence sometimes while massaging the back his hands moved very close to touching my boobs from side. I asked him to apply move on my waist also. He moved his hands down to my slim waist and started massaging it with his hands. I loved the way he was doing it. Though initially his fingers were shivering but now his hands and fingers were making precise movement over my back and waist. The itch inside my pussy was growing further and it as getting out of control for me. So then I told him that there is some pain in my waist and bit below it also and asked him to apply move over there also. With no hesitation he said “jee memsaab.” As I wanted to seduce him further, so I opened the knot of my petticoat which was at the side of my waist and pulled it bit down on the back, which exposed part of my round ass. I think he got a pleasant shock of not seeing my panty. Now he had grown in confidence as I could feel that shivering of his hands had gone and now he was applying or in precise enjoying my body with a smile. He caressed my ass with lot of pleasure and was further moving down my petticoat so as to massage the inside part of my thighs. I instructed him to massage my back. He shifted his hands up but still left my ass exposed to air.

He started massaging my back with his tender hands and fingers. It was so erotic that I started moaning a bit in pleasure and for a brief moment my top half of body lifted off the bed. I think the patience was unbearable within both of us. He saw it as an opportunity and moved his hands between the bed and my body on to my breasts. He grabbed it with hands and started feeling it. I felt his rough hand on my boobs. His calloused hand was pressing my boobs. I was out of control and did not how but I instantly turned around and was now facing him. He was sitting on me with his ass resting against my slim tummy. His bulged dick was poking against my flat tummy. Without saying a word he slipped his hand over to my shoulder and put his fingers tight against my blouse and pulled it. That exposed my entire white milky breasts bare to his eyes. Oh his eyes widened looking at my big round boobs. He threw my blouse off and instantly put his hands on my breasts. I looked down in shame at my naked boobs hanging down like ripe melons and his dark rough hand over them. He took my left boob in his small hand and cupping it round, squeezed it tight. “Ahhhh,” I gasped. His rough touch was doing things to me. I could sense my cunt respond to the rough handling of my boobs. I could feel wetness start to moisten my cunt. As he squeezed I saw my nipples harden and swell. He bent his short cropped head down and took the right nipple into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh,” it was an exquisite feeling that I had not Experienced with Sudesh or Ramesh. Whether it was his rough touch or that he was a servant forcing his mistress, I dont know. All that I knew was the intense stab of pleasure I felt as his mouth closed on my hard nipple and sucked. As he sucked alternately on my nipples I felt my cunt moisten fully and all I wanted to do was to take my hand down there and finger my itching pussy.Ramu seemed to read my mind. He was nuzzling my boobs and he took one of my hands in his and placed my hand on his cock. “Oh my god,” I blurted again. I couldnt see his cock but to my hand it felt gigantic. All I could do was whimper and moan as that boy ravaged my soft boobs. I could not take my hand away now. His hand left mine and I felt him insert his hand into the petticoat and pulled it down. I was left naked in front of my own servant boy. He was viewing my shaven pussy with lot of eagerness. I think it was the first time he was seeing any pussy and that too fully shaven. The heat was unbearable. He left me and removed his vest. I saw his thin not so muscular chest, but well covered by thick curly hair. Then he undid his shorts. It was stuck to the huge pole sticking up from the inside. He pulled it off his rampaging cock and dropped it down. Ohhh my god, what a size he had possessed. I turned to cover my face with the hands. He caught me by my waist and pulled me back. Oh the view of his dick was driving me mad. I suddenly pulled his right hand because of which he fell over me. His face was near to mine and I whispered to him to bring his tender dick near to my lips. As a sincere servant he did so. Up close his cock was frightening to look at. It was a huge piece of meat, easily 9 inches long, so thick and dark and the bulging mushroom shaped head was as big as a childs fist. Really I was amazed by the size of the dick this young boy possessed and that too just at the age of 16, unbelievable. I involuntarily pushed my head towards his cock. I was eager to sense that big meat inside my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to take his monster cock in my mouth.

Ramu was so eager and pumped up that he himself shoved his huge meat pole into my mouth and holding my head in his hands began to immediately fuck my mouth. His huge cock filled my mouth almost gagging me. His big bulging balls hung down in a hairy sack below his cock. I took one hand to his sack and hefted them. They felt heavy and full of cum ready to fill many cunts. Then suddenly he pulled out his cock and pulled me up. I was half up and half lay on bed with my ass cheeks on the bed. He hugged me tight crushing my soft boobs into his chest and kissed my lips. I opened my legs wide, on my own. He kept on sucking my juicy red lips hard for a minute and then he broke off and just stood by the side of mine. I was looking up at him eagerly. I was on my bridal bed waiting to be fucked by my own servant. He just stood there unmoving (I think he was yet to come to terms that he was enjoying me on bed). I was getting impatient. My cunt was almost boiling. I wanted his cock in my cunt. I wanted to be fucked like a whore. But all Ramu did was to stand and look at me. “Ramu, Ohh Ramu, come and fuck me. Fuck my hot cunt, Ramu.” This seemed to bring him back into the pleasure of sex. He stepped up to the bed and I moved my ass so that my hot pussy was at the edge of the bed.I pulled him near me and taking his cock in my hand, I brought it near to my wet shaven pussy. I started rubbing the monster head on my wet cunt lips. Oh, I couldnt bear the touch; my cunt was swollen so much and was sensitive. Now Ramu did knew what to do. He was rubbing my clit hard with his cock. I felt his cock nudge my cunt lips. I bit my lips in anticipation of the huge cock penetrating my tight cunt. “Haaaaaaaa,” I screamed as the massive cock thrust into my tight cunt, ripping it apart. I felt as if a burning steel rod had been thrust into my cunt. I had never felt pain like this before, not even, when I lost my virginity. I felt my cunt walls stretch so much I felt they would tear. He held my waist with his hands tight and slammed his cock Inside once more. I almost fainted with the intense wave of pain and pleasure. I looked down at his crotch and found that the 9 inch massive cock was fully buried in my wet aching cunt. He kept his cock buried in my cunt without moving and leaning down took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck them. His hands were pressing, kneading my soft melons, while his mouth was alternately sucking my nipples. The pain in my cunt started to fade and was replaced with a feeling of fullness. I was wanting more by now. On its own my ass was starting to lift up. As he felt my ass move he grinned.Then supporting his body with his hands on either side of my body, he began to stroke. First he started almost gently. Long full strokes easing my tight cunt open for his massive cock. As he stroked in his thick cock rubbed my clit and I loved the feel of his cock in my cunt. As his speed built up I was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my ass to take his cock in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He kept ramming into me. He began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving my body up the bed, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking me rapidly now. I was totally amazed by the strength and power of this young boy. His tender ball sack was slapping into my ass as he rammed his cock in. He was brutally using my cunt now. Rapid thrusts going deep inside my cunt, his fingers dug painfully into my thighs. His bull like head was bent down as he pistoned his cock in and out of my wet slopping cunt. He was grunting and groaning as he humped my cunt. Then he threw his head up and I felt his cock stiffen more I knew he was about to flood my cunt with his cum. I locked my legs round his back heels pressing his ass. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. His cock throbbed inside my cunt sending hot wet globs of cum splattering onto my cunt walls. He kept pumping so much cum I wondered when it would stop. I too had the orgasm at the same instance. Then he collapsed on top of my body. I felt his cock still throb inside me for a long time before it shrunk and slipped out.

I rolled his body off me and sat up. My cunt felt sore and full. I looked down and saw the lips all red and raw with white cum sticking to the outsides. My cunt was gaping open like a cave and there was sticky gooey cum intermingled with my own juice oozing out. I felt very happy. I leaned and kissed his lips and his wet cock. He smiled. “This was the best fucking I have had in my life, Ramu.” I said in pleasure. “Yeh to kuch bhi nahi memsaab abhi aap aur bhi bohot kuch dhekhengi” (Dont you worry memsaab there is more to come) he said with a big smile. He caught my hanging boobs in his hands and squeezed them. I slapped his hands away and got up. “Kaha jaa rahi ho memsaab?” (Where are you going?) To which I only smiled at him and walked to the bathroom door. He whistled, “Wow aap ka gand kitna sex hai memsaab. Please aap door open hi rakho na.” (Wow what an ass you have, keep the door open, I want to see you.) I obediently kept the door open although I felt shy as I had never done. I peed then cleaned myself up and went back to the bed. Ramu was grinning at me and pointed to his semi hard cock. “Dekho memsaab aap ka gaand dekh kar yeh phir se khada ho gaya” (See what the sight of your sexy ass has done to my cock.) I sat down beside him then leant over his crotch and sucked his wet cock. There was a tangy taste to his cock what with his cum and my juices drying on it. I licked it clean and as I sucked and licked, it stood up to its full length once more. Ramu sat up and pulling me down on the bed and straddled me. He sat on my belly and pushed his cock down between my boobs. I pushed my big boobs together from the sides trapping his cock in between. He half knelt and started to stroke his cock. As his cock came up, it hit my chin and I bent my head to give it a flick with my tongue. Soon he was Really hard and my nipples were hard and pointing like small penises themselves.They ached with the hardness. I was using my fingers to rub my nipples. Ramu took his cock off then taking my nipples in his fingers pinched them hard. There was a jolt of pain and pleasure which hit me as he pinched them. “Ahhhhhh ahh.” I groaned. He was abusing my boobs and nipples. He was pinching them, twisting them, sucking them like a baby, biting my boobs leaving his teeth marks on the smooth white skin. When he bit my nipple I felt my juices begin to flow again. One of his hands trailed down my smooth belly to my cunt. There was growing wetness as the overflowing juices dripped out of my sopping wet cunt onto my thighs and the bed. I felt his fingers dip into my wetness and then going further down rubbing the juices on my asshole. “ohhhhhh no dont touch me there Ramu.” But since when did Ramu listen to me. His finger kept rubbing my asshole with my own pussy juice and I liked it. I found that it was thrilling and my cunt got wetter as he fingered my asshole. Then slowly he inserted his finger into my ass. His finger went in and he started to finger my ass while sucking my boobs. The pleasure was unbearable and I could sense another mind-blowing orgasm building. Then he started to use his other hand in my cunt. Fingers digging in deep groping around my cunt walls for my ‘g spot. “aahh” as his fingers massaged my clit and g spot my orgasm burst. I was thrashing about and shouting all kinds of nonsense as the orgasm coursed through my body. I was discovering that this boy is a master in fucking.I wanted to test this boys hard thick dick more. So I turned around and knelt before him in doggy style. He was looking at me with amazement. I instructed him about what he had to do. Soon I felt him enter my dripping swollen cunt. I grunted and thrust my ass back to take him in fully. He held my waist tight and thrust into me. Then I felt him draw his cock out of my cunt. I moved my ass back to keep him inside. But he was aiming to fuck my ass. His thick cock head was forcing itself on my asshole. I felt terrible pain as the mushroom head forced its way inside my tight asshole.

I tried to crawl forward to get my ass out of reach of his ravaging cock. But Ramu held me tight so I couldnt move. And thrust in relentlessly. Slowly my asshole stretched wide and he got his monster inside me. I hung my head down panting like I had run a marathon. Sweat was dripping off me. My cunt was reacting to the ravaging of my virgin ass by dripping more. Ramus hands held my hanging boobs and were milking them. I reacted by moaning and pushing back my ass driving his cock more deep. As I moaned and groaned in pleasure he rammed my asshole, roughly ripping my insides. But I was beyond caring. The cock in my ass, his stubby fingers in my cunt and hands slapping my ass cheeks and milking my tits were all making me a wanton slut. I was begging him to give me more cock and shamelessly like a whore getting my ass fucked by his meat pole. Because of the tightness I could feel Ramus cock begin the slow throb on its way to cumming. Another big orgasm hit me as his cock throbbed deep in my ass. As he shot his load of sticky cum into my asshole, I folded my hands fell on the bed and buried my head in the soft mattress as I shuddered my way to my biggest orgasm so far. I just collapsed and curled up in fetal position. Then I felt hands softly prying my legs apart and warm wet towel touch my sore ass and cunt. I looked up to see Ramu wiping my privates softly with a cloth cleaning up his cum, my juice all mixed. Then he hugged me and kissed me. I drifted off to sleep after that hardcore sexual affair. I had a nice sleep that night. The next morning, I opened my eyes when Ramu shook me awake. As I opened my eyes I found him standing all naked offering me a cup of tea and his cock pointing straight up at me in salute. “Memsaab kya loge? (Madam, what will u have?)” He grinned wickedly. Need I tell you readers what I chose? I had much more with ramu for the next three days. That will be continued in the coming episodes. I would like valuable comments from readers at