Hi ! Guys & Dolls,

Thanks for your responses. Your responses made me to come again with another fabulous experience with Aarti. One day we two were alone at home in the day time and agreed to take bath together. I asked Aarti to rub my back with soap as my hand do not reach there. She starts her action. I asked her in a husky voice to remove all clothing from her body. She smiled and didnot do so. I was getting tempted to undress her, she actually was waiting to be undressed by me. I removed her lower skirt and then her shirt. The two beautiful boobs poped out and the nipples were erect by then. I started to give a light massage on her boobs and she was taking deep breath. Within a moment her right nipple was in my mouth and she helped me by pushing the boob by her own hand and asked me “suck harder & molest the left one”. After 23 mnts she uttered, “suck the left one and massage the right one”. While doing so she unwrapped my towel and caught hold of my dick and started to move her fingertips on the tip of my dick. I was feeling ecstatic and asked her to make all the dick wet by the pre-cum. She started rubbing my dick vigorously from the tip to the bush and applied some soap to get the slippery effect. It was like a iron rod by then and her nipples stood up by half an inch. I pulled down her panty and started to massage her vagina, buts & thighs alternatingly. She started to discharge her jellish pre-cum and I was applying that to whole of her cunt area. I found the clitoris and started to rub it with my fingers. She was restless and increased the speed of her act on my dick. She washed my dick with water and instantly took in her mouth. I was in seventh heaven and embrassed her lower portion to my chest and started to lick her naval, pelvic zone and clitoris. I was about to cum and asked her to stop. She moved her groin to my dick and took hold of that and guided inside her cunt. I started rubbing my dick in the opening of her vagina. “Oh Maa, ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhh, iissssshhhhhh….. was her expressions. She wrapped her legs by my waist and pulled myself inside her. Inout, inout, inout ….. was the next course of action for another 56 mnts. “plz, more faster & harder, hit harder, stay inside for sometime, dont pull back” was her words. To avoid pregnancy I removed the dick and discharged the cum outside. Then we took rest for a while by embrassing each other and later took our bath. Whenever we got chance it was our favourite past time.

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