Raji is our servant, and is around 26 years of age. She comes to my house twice a week to wash clothes, and to help my wife in other cleaning processeses. Normally, she comes to work in the morning. But, this daycit was different. I was alone in the house, as my wife was away for an work at Madurai Normally, when Raji is due to arrive for work, my wife leaves the back door of our house open, so the Raji can enter the kitchen after washing the clothes, and have her meals. But on this day, as Raji was late to arrive, my wife locked the door, and forgot to tell me that, the door is locked, and if Raji arrives, open the door for her. In the afternoon, I was sleeping in my room, and around 3Œ0 clock, I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door to see Raji standing at the entrance, and she asked me to open the back door. I went in and opened the back door. She right away entered the kitchen, and had her meals. Afterwards, I heard her washing the clothes outside. As I felt my chin, I realized the need for a shave. So I quickly went to my changing room to have a shave.

I was about to place the razor on my chin, I heard a voice. It was Raji on the door of the room, staring at me. I asked her gEnna Venum ?h She told..h 50 ruppaaai venum h I saidchennidam sillaraiya illai.h She said gsarih..and presented me a sheepish smile.Instead of going out, she entered the room, and asked where is my wife. I said her the truth. Then she came near the table on which the shaving cream and other stuff were lying, and smelled the after shave. Then she asked him gThinamum shave pannuveerkal?h I said..Aam. Then she asked the QUESTION..hEngayellam shave pannuveerkalshave???!!h I was taken by surprise for a second. I never expected such a question from her. But she was still smiling. I answered the question exactly in the way she could have expected. She said she has never able to remove the hair on her body, and that, her armpits are very hairy. I was just waiting to utter these wordschEnnedam kamih. She was sweating as she was washing the clothes, and hence her saree and blouse were wet by sweat and water. I could smell her musky sweat, as I helped her to REMOVE HER BLOUSE. She was right. Her arm pits were hairy. Now I asked her do you have similar hair in any other part of your body? She smiled shyly, and without waiting for her answer, I began to remove her saree, and petticoat. There she wasc. I was shocked to see her figure. I wondered how she went unnoticed by him all these years..!!!. Her breasts were much larger than her bra could contain. But the most gorgeous part of her body is her navelcohcthatfs so o sexycoozing sex..!!! She was looking at me all the time, and suddenly, she reached for my chest, and played with the hair on my chest. I was topless as I was shaving. Gradually, she brought her hands down my body, and caught my dick, which was rock hard and pulsating by the time. A pain ran through my body, as she touched my dick, and I was in no mood to let this chance go. In a flash, I removed her bra, and had a good look at her nude body. She had hair on her pussy, and it was very thick. I said her that, I will shave the hair off. But she was now looking straight at my dick, and to fulfil her wish, I removed my shorts and brief. No both of us were nude. As I was preparing to apply the shaving cream on her pussy, by lying her on the table, she sat up, and caught my dick. Then she went down on her knees and began to suck my dick. Ohcmy godcshe definitely knew something about sucking a dickcI felt my cum being sucked out from my deepest partsc.she not just sucking, but also cuddling with my testiclescohc.ohcthat was terrific. She sucked my cum out in a minute or so, and after she had the cum in her mouth, she pushed him on to the table, came over me, and guided my dick into her hairy vagina, and did her thing by moving up and down on my dick. As my cum was already eaten by her, my dick gradually began to shrink. By now she was sweating, and breathing hard. Suddenly, I felt a burning sensation on my dick, and this was because, she sucked my dick, after having her meals which included spicy curries. I told her that I was feeling the heat. She smiled, and took me to the bathroom. She placed me under the shower, and opened it. She bent down and began to wash my dick using soap and water. By now my pain was turning into pleasurecmy dick began to become the monster just like it was a couple of minutes ago. .she also saw that, and began to suck one more time. But this time I took her in my arms, and went to my bed room. I took my bed sheet and spread it on the floor. There she lies with her leg apart, and touching her hairy pussy. I kneeled, and tried to enter my dick into her pussy. I wasnft success full, as I could not find her pussy. Then she took her hand, and guided my dick right into the paradisec.oooo oooooo ohhhhhh hhh. .this was far better than the previous onec.I began to fuck hercher vagina was oily, and her juices were beginning to flow out as I increased my speedcshe was moaningc.aaahcaaaahcaaah addinga innum innum adinnga vegama vegama cwith my each stroke. Her whole body was moving as I pushed harder and harder. I was fascinated by the supple movement of her boobs, and keeping my dick inside,. I began to squeeze both her boobs so hard that, they turned red. Then she pulled my herd towards her boobs, and asked him to suck her boobs. I obliged. I could tate the salty taste of her sweat. As I was suckingc..she was looking upwardscher eyes half closedcand makingcimmmm immmm..aaaa aahhhhhc.aaaahhhhh sounds. By now I was ready to cum again, and with out leaving her boobs, c.I CUMMED INSIDE HERc!!! As my load touched her insidecshe made a very loudcOOOOOHHHHHHH. When I took my dick out, long with it, came out some fluidcand I knew it was her juice, and she has had her ORGASM.I cuddled her boobs for some more timectill she said. .she has to go. But I didnft let her go as I promised her to shave her armpits, and pussy, and so shaved those parts with great skill and precision. Later when I told her that I cummed inside her, she said that, as she is not in her periods, there is nothing to worry. I gave her a tight hug, and after having a nice bath together, she leftc.leaving him and my memories alone in the housec!!!