I came to meet my elder sister home along with my parents because she got operated, my sister’s home which was 50 km from my home.and we stayed in my young sister’s home which is near by that just one street, second sister hubby is manager in private industries and she was helping him.. I already came there and noticed a old maid only worked but this time i saw a lady around 30 was working but i didnt ask anything that to my sister.. But my mom asked my sister about previuos lady.. My sister replied she had gone to my elder sister home and that old lady will cook diet meals and take care my sister everywell, so she requested and gone there.. My mom and dad stayed there for oneday after that i stayed with my younger sis and mom with elder sis to take care.. But my dad went.. Its toatlly bored when all my sister and her hubby and her children left home.. My sister said that maid will come since she was new u take care of her work whether she misuse any thing.. I said ok.. After 8.30 she came and ask about my sis and start doing work.. While she wiping home she asked about me and she said about her

That she was came to wash and cleaning households only and left to other home to do the same work and her time was 7.30 to 9.0 in my sis home.. Due to my arrival my sister only changed her time.. She finished everything and went.. And around 11 o clock i noticed her in next house backyard adjusting her saree to get ready for next home.. I was stunned that she fully removed her saree and put it down,

And adjust her blouse hook and petticoat strip tightly.. My mind was fully filled with her view and i cant control my lust over her by that time.. Suddenly i reached bathroom to pump ,while pumping i heared calling bell so i stopped and went to open door..

For my suprise she was standing there and said she forget to wipe and clean bathroom and went inside.. She came out of the bathroom and ask my help to pour water on floor, already i was lusty now this lady asked to come closer with her..

I went to see wat she doing.. She got ready .. She tied her saree in hip and raised her petticoat upto knees and single fold saree on her chest totally to said she was seducing me.. She sit down and start wiping showing her backside body .. And after a min she turned to stun me.. Thats just a piece of saree only covering pussy in such a way she was cleaning the floor my mouth filled with water.. Suddenly she said ” i told u to pour water from bucket only not from your mouth.. Its make me embrassed but got courage i touched her waist and turn her towards me.. She got angry and slapped me.. And said i’m not like that u r thinking.. And went out of bathroom.. But i didn wanna miss that so i ran before her and close the door and puahed her on floor and jumped over her..

i told her then y r u showing urself to me.. I dono, u must be my wife untill i leave this place u r killing my mood by showing ur lovely body, she started to screaming and switched on the tv and raised little volume not loudly.. And closed her mouth with my mouth.. She didn allowed me but my mind wants her .. I started caressing her boobs and bit over it by closing her mouth with my hands so that screaming level went down.. Then removed her blouse and make her boobs view me.. After onehour of caresing and biting and sucking her boobs i relased her.. She already lot her energy by crying and laid on floor itself.. Then i went inside and take water for her and make her to drink.. After finishing that i once again started from first.. She begged y r u doing this pls allo to go i have to be in home now.. But idin care her words and started removing petticoat knot and throwed that away.. Hariy pussy not cleanly visible.. With anger i slapped her for restricting to show that and give another one for being hairy .. Then i pmake a view by my hands and started licking it.. It stil dry only cos my saliva ony present on thet.. So i fingered her.. After sometime i feel shivering suddenly i put my mouth and lickedand sucked morethan a half hour.. But finally she explod it on my mouth.. I showed her my face and show wat she done.. Then inserted my penis in her mouth and get rock there and turned towards her pussy and licked but she didn allow into her mouth in one time she bite me too..

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I hope my baby in her..