Hi, readers iss is a good site n i hve started readin it recently n now wanted to contribute myself .. Well! Something abt myself 1st i m 28yrs now 5.8 fair gud loks n very educated guy based in delhi now n workin.. The story i m goin to narrate to u is a true sex experince tat i had when i was 19yrs of age n it was with laxmi… Basically she belongs to a very low lower middle class n her mother use to help our family in household works .. Laters her daughter laxmi ,she is around four yrs elder to me in age , started comin to our house to help our family .. She is very sexy n hot lookin lady 5.2ft nice wheatish skin n big boobs n butts to admire ..i was vy comfortable talkin to her n she too was.. I already had some physical contacts with her on no of occassions but its was just playin with boobs n thighs n rubbin her cunt over her underwear when i was young .. To b vy frank she only taught me how to do sex n do things with women n wat they like … Well can t write all this as we were vy yound tat time n underage is not allowed here.. After few years our family moved out from tat place n went to live in different part of same city (me from jabalpur). After say 4-5 yrs she got married n i also got busy with studies n career buildin process with often gettin hard on n doin hand job on my own … I m a vy horny guy with wild think n vy gental love makin tecq ..love to go slow n long in bed passionately. Okay now wat after her laxmi came to visit us n she was lookin really realy sexy n hot in her bridal makeup n saree she was wearin i was hvin hard time in front of her but i thought wats the use she is married now… Latter tat fuckin guy left her after few onlys only for reasons they knw better n she was alone again … Well almost a year passed n she was alone n after tat her family thought of re marrying her … N it so happened tat our family knw of a guy who was lookin for a gal like here .. N it was decided tat marriage with take place form our home … One day before she was to get married she came to stay with us n in afternoon my elder were not there n v famil;y kids were watchin tv talkin to her abt he preparation for tomo… Later afternoon i went to other room to sleep as i loved afternoon nap .. After 15mins she too came to my room n asked me to move a little as even she is sleepy n wanna lie down i did without any intentions .. She was lyin in supine position n i on my stomach all i could c here female image here breat outline n her breathin was heard to me ..i just had a thought tomo she ll b married for 2nd time n then she wont b sleepin alone poor gal wat she has to go through .. I was vy kind to her.. For few mins both of us was turin in bed n couldnt sleep as something was goin on in her mind as well ..then she started talk to me in bed .. ” tum so gaye ho kaya ” she asked me ” nahi kaya hoa ” bus aaisehe .. Then i moved towards her n placed my hand over her shoulder n she didnt not say anything so i moved it to her stomach over her suit she was wearin then.. I asked her ” aur kaya chal raha hai tumare re maan mein” by now i was gettin hot n my manhood was risin within my undys n i felt like gettin intimate with her ..i pressed her stomach over her cloths n she just moaned .. Aaahhhhh !!!! But didnt not removed my hand i moved much closer to her to her shoulder n her ears my breathin was hard now n so was hers then i kissed her n v got into momentum there n then she too kissed me n asked me do i had a gf now n hve done sex .. I said no nothing its was just u in my life n still miss u for old time sake ..she said why u miss me i m here … Listenin this i got courage n i quickly bend down to her stomach pressin it hard ..i took my other hand to her lips n down her nech n over here hard breast over here cloths .. I caressed them n lefted here salwar for down n exposed here flat stomach n kiss it .. She went aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck man i was in heaven … I continued my job n bit her on her stomach with some force.she started enjoyin it all .. I now started playin with my tounge lickin her all her bear stomach n circlin here navel she was repeadtly moanin .. I started to proceed upwards now raisin her salwar with my teeth n tounge only n with the other hand i statred pressin her boobs much harder now n she was moanin louder n ooooooooooooooooooo god sexyyyyyyyyy man ..love u dear ….tum ye kyo kar rahe ho .. Mujee accha lag raha hai … N i was watchin here all facial reaction from down her stomach with my lund rockin inside to come out ..i was tat her boobs level now she was wearin a black bra cuppin here “doods” man its a site man want to c all the time .. I felt the entire strap with my tounge n lick it hard .. I m gud with my tounge i pushed her bra up n exposed her rounded mango s to air with erect nipples .. I went down to her navel again n bit it hard now n she jumped in ecstasy .aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh n with tat here ” dood also swell like chappati over fire really round beautiful n with pointed erect tips i cupped them in my hand n started squeezzin them ..oooohhhhhhhhhh jan u r really hot my dear .. Tere jism mein jaado hai bahen chod tu mere kyo nahi hai sexy.. I went up n started suckin here boobs like a mad man continouslysuckin here boobs bittin them lickin here nipples areola n neck n she was moanin .. N now with other man i entered her lower n put my hand inside over her chaddi n started rubbin her chut hard she was all wet n moanin . She place her both hand n over my bk n started pullin me to her n fingerin my hairs from behind..fuck man i never want to get out from that feelin ..i wnet down n open her lace down felt her thighs n saw here sexy chaddi all went from belowi started lickin it n givin her pleasure of mans company ..rubbin my hand all over her body hard n rough ..playin with her nipple n her lips ..but suddenly she n i got conscious tat she is gettin married tomo … She said .. Please leave me as i m gettin married tomo n if u wont stop i cant help myself from stoppin either .. Plzzz i thought wat a klpd well but life man …i pulled myself off now n she ran away feelin undone.. She got married n went to her in-laws..after 3rd day she retured to her “maaykaa” which is a tridation in their family n came to meet us as well … She was all lookin hotter then before n sexy ..much fairer with tat 1st nite fuck n all ..i was gettin a hard on seein her ..but didnt said anyting..later tat afternoon again i was sleepin in same room in afternoon n no one around.. She again came to me n said” mein aaye ho aur janab ko need aarahi hai, i replied no yaaaaaar just thod tak gaya ho college me lecture sun sun ki .. Islye late gaya tha .. Aur bolo sab theek hai na aur tum kush ho na ab.. She sat beside me n said .. Ha sab bada hai .. I dont knw wat happened to me without hesitatin n withouth think i just put my her on her laps n burried my face between her legs .. She said nothin n place her hand over my hairs n started brushin me …she told me ki koi gf baana lo janu ab tum jawan ho gaye ho aur ladki tumhe paasand karege .. Tum dil ki bahut aache ho . I told her baaan loga aagar time mela studies se tu ..i looked at her n with my hand felt her cheeks n just like married couples she just liked it n smile at me .. N layed behind bed with me on her laps she said ” janu tum mujze bahut yaad aaate ho raat mein aur tumarhe yaad muje bada daar dete hai .. I told her .. Ha tum ne mujse shaaadi nahi ki na isleye n i place my hand over her boobs n started pressin then with my head still positioned bw her legs .. I went inside here kurta n started pressin her boobs hard like a husband does to her married wife .. She started moanin with any hesitation n stoppin me .. I roused to my kneens n started suckin them again with sound of oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh jaan …. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh jaan … I licked here boobs n stomach again .. N opened her lace again … Pushd her more up in bed … N saw here chaddi n sexy white thighs .. I licked her cunt this time directly .. Reachin an orgarm she was pressin my head to her chut ..i pulled her entire chaddi down ..she was clean shaved n her chut was lookin gr8 n hot .. I went deep inside tat man s paradise n started suckin it vigrously non stooppp.. She was maonin badly n i was all vy hot .. My entire body was shakin n head swingin … Nothin exsisted around me expect laxmi n her naked body in tat bed with me … She was moanin .jaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnu … Mein aaajjj tumhe nahi rokoge… Mere jawani mere chut ko tumare jarorat hai … I was on with my play squeezin her boobs n lickin her chut ..i got to my knees removed my shorts n took out my 7inch lund n placed it over her chut enterance now .. She bought her hand n holdin my lund she guided it inside her heaven whole “chut” it was hot n wet man .. I was abt to fuck a woman i hve been many time before n loose my virginty to her.. Whole atmosphere is blackenin there was nothin tat i think expect of her n her body … God tat gave me a pain in my balls which where contractin i pushed inside her n started to kiss her … As her chut was a fuckin one i was in comfortable n started movin faster from beginnin .. Faster n faster …. Chod do jaaannn mein ne kitna intezaar kiya hai tumare lund ka mere chut mein .. I said ha ha ha … Babes babes … N soon i reached my heights n she understood tat i m about to flood her chut with my cum ..as i was not usin condoms n conscious abt my relation with her i pulled out just in time n discharged over her pubic area.. God i was hot exhusted n blank i pulled over n dont knw just went off to sleep .. She went out to clean herself … After tat she n i had tat look in our eyes tat said dear ..