Hi all, I am a regular reader of ISS stories and this is the first time I am sending my experience which is in many ways very unique and good to read. I am Babu, 22 years old and just completed my graduation and went to my mom’s native place near Guntur to stay with my grand parents. I Went to my village, on the outskirts of Guntur by evening train from Hyderabad and reached our home by 6.30 pm. My grand parents were very happy to see me after 10 years and asked me to stay in the first floor of the house, which comprises of a big varandah, a hall and two bedrooms, one with attached bathroom. My grandma called me over the intercom and asked me to join them for the dinner and i came down and sat on the dining table to have my dinner. That’s when I saw Sarala for the first time (even though I have heard about them during telephone conversations in the past), and I was pleasantly surprised to see a village beauty standing nearby me and serving the dinner. Sarala, even though she is 20 years old, unmarried, she was having 38-28-38 figure with slightly bigger boobs and overall little bulgiar for her age. She was very fair with lengthy dark black hairs till her knee level. She was wearing a lungi and blouse and covering her front with a red color towel tied across her shoulder to waist. Her mother was in traditional saree and then only i came to know that they were basically from Kerala and they’ve settled with our grand parents family after Parvathamma’s husband had left her in lurch. My grand parents introduced me to them as the only heir to their family and I had come to their place to enjoy my vacation far away from the city’s laborious lifestyle. The next day morning I was woken up by Sarala by 7.30 am and she gave me my bed coffee and with a light smile left the room. Then only, I did realize that I had a hard on and my pyjamas had a little tent. I started wondering whether I was attracted to Sarala because of her looks, shape, and appearance. I just shook my head and dashed to the bathroom to take bath. After finishing my bath, I dried my whole body. The towel I used was white in color made of pure thin cotton material. As I completed drying my body, I tied that towel around my waist and I came out of the bathroom to dress up. Since I dried my whole wet body with that white towel, it got wet and stuck to my waist line and thighs clearly making visible of my cock, its shape and color thru the wetness of the towel. To my shock, I saw Sarala cleaning my room with a broom stick. Due to the opening of the bathroom door noise, she also casually looked up and saw me coming out of the bathroom. She gave a typical villager look seeing me in semi nude position with full grown hairs around my chest and thru the length of my hand and legs. Finally, I realized that Sarala’s eyes were stuck at my manhood which’s shape and size was partially visible due to the wetness of the towel I was wearing. Seeing my position, she suddenly ran away from my room to the hall and waited for me to get ready. I normally wear white jockey briefs, which incidentally on that day, I struggled to keep my cock inside my brief due to the hard on I had and as per my grand parents request, I wore a dhothi and white shirt. After finishing my breakfast, I went to the first floor and I had a nice nap till noon. By around 12.30 pm, I got up and came downstairs. I found Parvathamma preparing lunch, I asked her about my grand parents whereabouts, and she said that they have gone to nearby village to attend a temple function and will be back by late evening. I told Parvathamma that it is really boring sitting idle at home and She told me to go to the river which runs across the village and have a nice bath and come so that she will prepare lunch for me by that time. I told parvathamma that it is a nice idea and went to the small river with a bag comprising my essential dress materials. Since it was noon, I hardly found anybody having bath or washing clothes in the river and to my liking, it was deserted. The banks of the river had lot of trees and the sand portion was visible to some distance inside the river as this is summer and the water flow was comparatively less than what it used to be during the rainy season. Then, looking around and after ensuring that no one was there, I removed my dhothi, shirt and vest and kept it inside my bag and took my towel and walked into the river with only my white jockey briefs on. Hot sun was blowing across the river and my body started sweating immediately. My white jockey gave a nice shape to my cock and a huge bulge was created in my groin area. Admiring my own body, I slowly kept walking and entered the watery area and slowly went inside the river. The first touch of cold water from my foot was scintillating and as I moved inside the river, my legs started submerging inside the water. I stopped moving further as the water level rose and touched my groin area, my cock and I had a mild shiver running across my body. I loosened my brief and allowed the water to enter my groin area and surround my manhood and felt the sensation of cold water touching my manhood. In the middle of the noon, in the hot sun, I felt the sensations running across my whole body and this itself was enough for my cock to rise up. Then slowly, I allowed my brief to cover my waistline and went further inside the river until the water level reached my hip level. Then, I looked up the sun, took a dip inside the river, and rose above the water level. Something unusual was my feeling and I just turned around the river bank side and saw Sarala standing with a bagful of clothes to be washed and watching my actions curiously. I did not believe what I was seeing is real or reel. Sarala, waved her hand quite fastly and asked me to come to the river bank. I sensed that something is serious and without waiting for a moment, I came out of the river and moved towards the riverbank. While walking towards the riverbank, I saw Sarala and started admiring her looks and the dress she was wearing. Yes, Sarala was wearing a blue colour lungi and cream color blouse and a red color towel across her left shoulder to the right hand side waistline. While walking back, halfway I did realize that I was walking only with my white jockey brief on and nothing else and that too a wet white jockey showcasing my hard-on. I deliberately avoided reacting and went near Sarala and She said, babu sir, this portion of the river is dangerous to have bath as many people have drowned here due the severe water current and asked me to move further downstream and have bath there. I really thanked Sarala for alerting me, she smiling asked me to move further with at least a towel around my waistline, and I obediently did so and moved along with Sarala. While walking down the stream, Sarala started admiring my body even more which I could sense and I could see the left side of her big boobs and its beautiful shape thru the opening of the red towel she had tied across her shoulder. My hands were itching to punish the soft watermelons and I decided to take my time to make her fall to my wishes. We both stopped at a place, which was also deserted, and she asked me to continue my bath and told me that she has to wash all the clothes. I kept my bag near her and removed the towel from my waist and took my scrubber and liquid soap from my bag and went inside the river, stood near a rock, and started taking dips inside the river. After taking few dips, I casually looked at the direction where Sarala was washing the clothes.I was surprised to see Sarala washing the clothes with only her blue lungi and cream color blouse and she had removed her red towel and was using the red towel to wipe the sweat from her forehead and hands. It was a sight to be seen. Yes, Saralas top half of the body was drenched in the water while she was washing the clothes and the wet cream color blouse stuck to her boobs and I could not for moment differentiate whether Sarala was even wearing a blouse or not because of her matching skin tone with the blouse color in the hot sun. That is when I realized that she was not wearing any brassier and in fact, I could even see her dark nipples thru the skin of her wet blouse and due to the front opening of her blouse, I could also see her deep cleavage partially displaying her milky white boobs to my feasting eyes. The sight of hers froze into my mind for a moment. Water was oozing from my body, from my head to shoulder and flowing below my waistline. The full-grown hairs around my chest were completely wet and stuck to my body giving it a nice shapely look. Suddenly, I realized that Sarala was also looking at me and I had to immediately look around and avoid see her eyes as I knew that Sarala had watched me looking and admiring her body. Then I took few more dips in the flowing river water and while I rose up, I saw Sarala standing next to me just a foot away from me. Sarala, smilingly said that she had completed washing the clothes and said that shell help me in teaching how to take bath in a river and told me not to waste time by just taking dips in the flowing water. All the while talking to me, Sarala had a deep look at me from top to bottom and her eyes again were stuck at my manhood, which was slightly visible thru my white jockey, which was submerged under the water. Sarala then asked whether I knew swimming?. I said no. Then she asked me to hold her hands with mine and start swinging my legs and try floating on the water at the same time. I successfully did that, she appreciated that, and then she asked me to continue that. While I was continuing, she took one hand of her from mine (while other hand was holding mine), moved it towards my abdomen area, and held me. Now with this move, I was loosing balance, I struggled to float, and she too was loosing balance. Then Sarala tactfully managed and even moved her other hand towards my belly and held me allowing me to float comfortably. While doing this, her hands were too close to my manhood and she could literally enjoy watching my buttocks, which is in full show to her eyes, and I could not see her enjoying watching my back. Then she let her hands off and I started moving forward in the water. I knew I was swimming in the river. After swimming a few yards, I lost balance and went inside the water. I struggled to come out of water and suddenly I felt somebody holding my hairs and pulling me towards the small rock from where I took bath. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was lying on the rock bed facing the hot sun and Sarala had a worrying look at me. At that very moment, I saw Sarala standing near me, fully drenched. Her big melons were clearly visible thru the transparent nature of her blouse and the lungi she was wearing stuck to her body and gave a nice shape of her bottom half. Now, she was looking in awe about the shape of my body. Sarala said, Babu, you require a lot of training in swimming, let us do this in the coming days, and gave her hand to help me rise from the rock. While doing so, I had a very close look at her big watermelons, which were really white in colour, big and shaking wildly in front of my feasting eyes. Few water droplets from her boobs were falling on my chest and my mind was going wild at a very fast pace. Sarala, made me sit on the rock bed, took my liquid soap, and started applying on my head. Then she moved towards my back and I could sense that she was also playing with my hairs on my back. However, I did not mind and then she came in front of me and asked me lie on the rock again. She now focused her attention on my chest and started applying soap on until my abdomen area much to my comfort level. Then Sarala asked me raise my hip slightly above the rock bed and without realizing why she is asking so, I did raise my hip and without waiting for my reaction, in one sudden move, she removed my only garment I was wearing from my body. Yes, my jockey underwear and I was lying in front of my maid in full nudity on a rock bed inside the river where luckily it was deserted completely. Sarala just turned around, started washing my underwear, and told me that this is reason why she asked me to move from my earlier place where I was taking bath and there is no such thing as water current and people being drowned in the river. I cursed myself for believing Saralas words, and at the same time eagerly waited for her next move. After washing my underwear, she took the liquid soap in her hands and started applying it on my legs. Slowly she moved her hands upwards and started rubbing more vigorously around my thighs and the sensations it created in my body helped my junior to rise even more to the delight of Saralas eyes. Even though I am also in wheatish colour, my manhood will be very dark and it rose to its full length of over 8 inches and little bulgier too. It was so embracing, I took both my hands and tried to cover my bulge and Sarala said Babu, pl do not cover and asked to keep my hands under my head. I had no other option but to obey her and finally, she took handful of liquid soap and started rubbing my balls and its surrounding area first. From there she moved her hands up, brought to the tip of my cock, and held it for a while with both her hands. Severe current was flowing inside my body as this is the first time a women is touching my manhood and my body started jerking slightly with unbearable sensations running across my body. Within seconds, Sarala started moving her hands up and down over my cock and at the same time gripped it and squeezed it too. I could not control my self and I was on the verge of cumming in open. Then as Sarala increased the pace of rubbing my cock and squeezing and pinching my balls, I could not tolerate and pleaded Sarala to slow down a lit bit as I was about to cum. The moment I told Sarala about this, she just squeezed the tip of my cock and held it tight. I could not tolerate the pain and pleasure running thru my body at the same time and I cummed completely. As Sarala was squeezing the tip of my cock, the entire cum stuck inside my cock and she just released her hand from the tip of my manhood and my cum splashed out like water coming out of a fountain head. Sarala said that I am good in holding my self under control, pulled me inside the water now, and asked me to take dip in the water to clean myself. After that, I sat on the rock wearing the towel and allowed me to dry in the hot sun. I was waiting to see Saralas next move and to my delight, she removed her lungi and washed it in the river with only her cream colour blouse, which was also completely wet and to my surprise no panties on her. Even though, her bottom half of body is submerged in the river, I could see thick black pubic hair surrounding her pussy and mild black hairs around her whole body showcasing her beauty to my hungry eyes. While Sarala was washing her lungi, I made my next move and went just behind Sarala and cupped her breasts from behind. This move of mine was not expected by Sarala so soon from me and she lost her balance for a while as she was standing in the river washing her lungi. To balance from the momentary loss of balance, she tried to hold me from my waist and in the process, she landed her hand on the towel around my waist and due to her movement and weight, my towel came out of my waist and made her to fall inside the river loosing her balance completely. Now, it was my turn to pull her up. But before I could realize whats happening, Sarala herself rose from the river and stood up in front of me. I could see water flowing from her head to toe and here she was standing completely wet and just in front of me with only her cream color blouse hardly covering anything of her big white watermelons. Now I could clearly see her hard nipples, black in color, and ample hair in her armpits. Without waiting for Saralas response, I started unhooking the buttons of her blouse which incidentally was placed in front side. without wasting much time, I removed her blouse and gave complete freedom to her big boobs. Then I threw the blouse on the rock, and had a deep close look at the beautiful body of Sarala at my disposal. I moved my hands and kept it around her waist. Sarala was standing completely nude, so as mine and there was hardly 2 or 3 inches gap between us. I cupped her buttocks and in one sudden move made her to come closer to me by pulling her towards me and in the process, she just fell on me. This was the first time a womans breasts were crushing my chest and I could clearly feel my manhood rubbing her between her white milky thighs. Added to this, mild cold water from the river was running across us giving a nice and sensational feeling to both of us. Sarala took her hand and held my back of the head very tight and land her lips on mine. This was not expected by me from a village girl, that too giving a lip kiss in the middle of the river, that too in the middle of the noon without caring much about the environment. I took this opportunity and explored her tongue and cheek and started biting her lips in the process. Sarala could not tolerate the mild pain and started moaning. Then I moved my hand from her buttocks and moved it slightly upwards and all while brought it to the front portion much to the delight of both of us and held her big milky white boobs, one each in my hand and surprised at the softness of the boobs. As I was exploring her tongue, I cupped and squeezed both her boobs with my athletic hands and this was going beyond saralas control. As she started moan even more, she opened her mouth and freed my lips for a moment. I took this excellent opportunity and in one swift move, I landed my lips on her right breast and started sucking and biting her nipples much to the pleasure of mine and at the same time, my left hand was squeezing and encircling her other watermelon. Sarala literally cried in extreme pleasure and pleaded me to enter her even in the standing position. I told Sarala that there is a better way, moved out of her, took her lungi and my dhothi, spread it on the rock, and made her to lie on the temporary bed made by me. It was a sight, which I will not forget in my life. Yes, a young woman in her 20s lying on the rock with nothing on her and completely wet that too in the middle of the river and hot sun blowing overhead. Sarala just did not allow me to admire her position and pulled me over her. I crash landed over Sarala and started licking her cheek and ear tips and at the same time my hands were busy punishing her watermelons. Sarala took her hand and moved it towards my manhood and started pinching my hairs around my manhood and pulling it front and sideways creating pain in me. Now I started moaning in pain and pleaded sarala to stop this as I knew that my cock started to rise again. Sarala then, held my cock with both her hands and took and kept it on the edge of her puzzy and took her hand behind my buttocks and pushed me literally inside her. Now I started to move my hip up and down and kept my hand on the rock to have a better movement of my hip. Sarala was literally in tears with pleasure and pain mounting on her and she pleaded me to increase the pace of the movement and I too started increasing the pace much to the delight of both of us. Then I cummed completely inside her pussy and with sweat overflowing our bodies, we lied beside each other with heavy breath. Hope you all enjoy my encounter with Sarala on the village river bed and I come shortly to share my next experience with her inside the ancestral home much to the delight of mine, where I called the shots.