In the year 1991, I was then resided at Chittagong. I, my wife and my 2-years-old son was the family member. So I hired a small flat of 2 rooms in a multistoried building at the city area. My wife decided to go to see her ailing father on the next day and she went out for some shopping in the afternoon. I was taking care of my son and the doorbell rang. “Who is there”, I shouted. No sound I heard but the bell rang again. With annoyance I opened the door and there was a beggar-maid stood at the door. She was a young girl about 18 years old and she was carrying a baby on her shoulder. She stretched her hand and with a pathetic look she applied for giving alms. I opened my mouth to tell her to leave without alms but I changed my decision to look at her body.The beggar-maid was about 4-8” tall with slight dark complexion but a cute appearance. She wore only a dirty old thin shari, nothing else and her one breast was pointing at me under her Shari. I amazed that how stiffed the cone shaped breasts. Her one breast was covered under her babys body and other made a tent with the shari and its head was waving with her movement. I couldnt control my adultery desire. I became so frenzied that I thought if couldnt fuck this girl I would die. I smiled and asked gently “is this baby yours?”

She replied : “yes sir.”

: why are you giving trouble the baby?

: what do I do sir, I have no way.

: why, where is the babys father, he dont earn? Why are you begging?

: (weeping) he is paralyzed sir, he cant got up from bed. After a few days of our marriage when this baby just came in my ovary (weeping) he was a day laborer, made a road accident and became paralyzed. We sold everything we had for his treatment but he didnt recover. After that I born this baby and I had no way to survive this baby and my husband except begging.

: why, you can work in houses as maid.

: sir, I tried, but nobody appointed me with this baby.

: there is none to keep this baby?

: no sir.

: You are so cute to look, your age too less, you can marry another young

: (shying and smiling) I love my husband, though he is unable to love me.

I then turned our chatting to my carnal desires, I had to convince her for fulfill my desires.

:what do you feed your baby, breasts?

:(shying and smiling) earlier she drank only my breasts but now she eats everything she gets.

:so, will you feed me your breasts?

:what are you telling sir, these are odd words. Please dont tell those to me. Please give me alms and let me go

: okay, you must go. But if you feed me your breasts you will get (I brought a 100 taka note from my pocket) this and if you will desire to feed me more in a whole day you will get (again I brought a 500 taka note from my pocket) this. Now decide what do you do, I also feed your baby some delicious foods which she didnt even see with her eyes.

: (hesitating) but sir, if anybody knows.

: dont worry, nobody knows. Come tomorrow morning with your baby and we will enjoy the whole day and you will earn a total of six hundred taka in a day. Decision is yours, tomorrow my flat will be vacated and secured.

: (smiling) okay, I will come tomorrow morning.

I gave her a 10 taka note and she left with smiley face. Her eyes were sparkling in greed. I knew she couldnt refuse this great over, of she isnt silly. The next morning my wife left for her destination with my son and I became alone in my flat. I went out and bought some cakes, fruit juice, biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream and some fruits for the baby. At about 9 am my doorbell rang and I ran to the door and opened but alas, it was another beggar. I drove her by giving one taka. My heart disappointed to think that she will not come. After half an hour the bell rang again and that was the girl at my door. I know in this apartment nobody was interested for their neighbors, who comes and who goes nobody cares. I welcomed her in my flat and shut the door. She looked some gloomy but I cheered up with my behavior. First I gave the foods which I bought for her daughter and told to give to eat. The baby began to eat and I gave some noodles to eat the girl. I asked her name and she replied “Noori”. I joked with her “then certainly your daughters name is Pori?” She surprised and asked “why you knew my daughters name, her name is really Pori”. I replied “really? I guessed”. I told Noori that her body is very dirty and she has to clean herself to prepare for me. I gave her a bag containing a maxi of my wife, shampoo with conditioner, sandal soap, veet hair remover cream, deodorant perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, cotton scrubber etc and told her to go bathroom and wash herself. At first Noori hesitated but later she went to the bathroom. After few minutes she came back and told me “sir, I cant understand about using those things which you have given me in the bag.”

: okay, then if you permit me I can help you to use those things appropriately.

: (smiled) okay sir, please show me. I never see these things earlier. Pori was playing with some dolls and I went with Noori in the bathroom. I first took the mouthwash bottle and opened it. I told her to take some in her mouth and rinse. She did that. Then I took some toothpaste with toothbrush and told her to brush properly. She told me that this she knew. She brushed her teeth; her teeth were sparkling like pearls after brushing. Then I told her to raise her hand upwards. She wore only a shari, no blouse, no petticoat. When she raised her hand I show her that there were some hairs in her armpits. She was shying and downed her hand soon. I told Noori “nothing to shyness but you have to clean yourself, those are dirty, remove those with it”. Then she asked me “please tell me what to do.” I took my shaving brush and applied sufficient veet hair remover cream with it and told her to apply the cream by rubbing at her armpit. She applied in her left armpit with right hand but unable to apply her right armpit with left hand. Then I wanted to help her, this time she gave it to me, I applied the cream in her right armpit. Then I asked “perhaps some hairs are available at your pubic area”. Noori shyly smiled and nodded her head. I told her “then you have to apply some cream at that area to remove those Hairs.” Noori took some cream with brush and told me to turn backward. I understood that Noori was still shying me and it took some more time to be easy with me, so I turned myself. Noori applied the cream and told me that it was finished. Then I told her to sit down, after she sat I poured some water on her head to drench her tangled hairs then I applied some shampoo on her head and rubbed to make sufficient foam. I washed her head and again applied shampoo and made foam. Then I washed her head by pouring water. She told me that her head feeling lighter than previous. Then I told Noori to stand under the shower and I opened the cock. Water pouring from the shower her full body drenched. Her old thin shari stuck with her body and stiffed black nipples of her cone-like stiffed breasts were clearly visible. My 8” long penis grew soon and became hardened like an iron rod. It pushed my lungi and stiffed upwards. Then I told her to apply sandal soap at her whole body and scrub with cotton scrubber to remove dirt from her body skin. She told me to leave the place and she will do it herself. I left the bathroom and she closed the door. After 5 minutes she again opened the door and called me. She told me that she cant apply soap or scrub at her back. I took the soap and scrubber and applied the soap on her bare back and scrubbed nicely. She kept her front body covered with her shari. Then I told Noori to bath nicely and wear the maxi. When she came out from the bathroom, she looked nice and nobody could recognize her who saw her 2 hours ago. I told her to see herself in the mirror. She stood in front of dressing table and saw herself from head to toe and smiled with joy. Then I gave her the conditioner and told her to apply it like applying oil in her head. I sprayed the deodorant perfume at her whole body. The whole thing was a dream to Noori, she became so glad that she danced in joy. She combed her hair and I gave her the hair dryer and helped her to dry her hairs soon. In the meantime Pori became slept. I called her “Noori, lets go to the bed, I am thirsty, let me suck your nipples to drink your milk.” Noori first ashamed but didnt refuse. She went to the bed and sat at the side. I sat beside her and kept my hand on her shoulder, she came closer to me, I laid her on her back. The maxi had some buttons at the front side. I unbuttoned the maxi, Noori kept her eyes closed with her two hands in shame. I replaced the part of maxi from her breasts and those were visible to me. The breasts were very nice to look, so beautiful. From the base those were uplifted like a cone and at the end the black circles made another puffy incretion and at the top most the two grapes size black nipples stiffed upwards. I touched one nipple with my finger and Noori shivered in response. I then downed my face and took one nipple into my mouth and began to suck. The sweet milk came out from the breasts and I drank. At the same time I grabbed other and was gently squeezing. I emptied one and took other into my mouth and drank all the milk it contained. Then I continued my sucking and Noori began to moan aaaaahh ooooooohhhhh. I dragged the maxi upwards and bared her lower body and her pussy was visible to me. I stared at her pussy, like her breasts her pussy also cone like and the two fat lips contained a small clitoris between them. There was a beauty spot at the side of one pussy lip.  The newly shaven bald pussy of Noori looked so nice and beautiful. Two lips aside together like two seed-pods of oranges and in between a crack goes downwards but obstacle by a tilted up muscle which was black in color, the clitoris. I parted the lips by finger and a pink colored crack opened through the middle. I touched her clitoris and she again shivered in ecstasy. Then I gently rubbed her clitoris and more pre-cum juices oozed out under the clitoris. I then touch her clitoris with my tongue. It was fully unwanted to Noori that her husband never did that and she never did sex except her husband. She became so excited to see my pre-intercourse work that she astonished and enjoyed. She was continuously moaning with joy aaaaaahhh uhh iissshhhhh oooomaaggggo kkkkiiiiii oojjjjaaa uuuu aaaah. I inserted my tongue through her pussy hole and gently in and out and rubbed her clitoris. I rubbed and caressed her clitoris and she whimpered in ecstasy. At the same time I squeezed her breasts with my both hands and rubbing her nipples. Within 15 minutes she became hornier and could not bear anymore and she shouted loudly ooohh ahahhh uuuuusss I am coming and gushing her semen through the pussy hole, I licked at the last drop. Noori released a deep breath in enjoyment. Then Noori got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. After cleaned she returned and asked me “can I bring my daughter in this bed? She is hungry.” “Why not, bring her”, I permitted. Noori brought her daughter and laid on the bed, Pori already awaked. Noori brought out her breast and Pori began to suck one. I laid beside Noori and took other into my mouth and sucked the sweet milk. Pori stared at me and pushed my head with her hand. In thought she didnt want to share her food with me. Noori laughed to see the scene. I became so horny and my penis was tingling. So I needed a fuck soon. I descended downwards and again began to lick Nooris cute pussy. Seeing my licking mothers pussy Pori perhaps thought it was another food to drink so she came near me and began to lick at the pubic area of Noori. Noori became excited again and within a short span of time she again began to moan and she called me “sir, please insert your hard thing inside me, I cant wait any more”. I was ready for that and waiting. So I replaced Pori from there and parted Nooris legs wider, she helped me to give easy access me in between her legs. I brought out my 8” long and fat penis by removing my lungi. Pori stared at my penis in amazing eyes. Then I set my penis head at Nooris pussy hole opening. Her pussy hole was well lubricated by her pre-cum and more pre-cum was at my penis tip. So at the first thrust my penis inserted 2 inches into Nooris pussy hole, it was narrower as my peniss fatness. She cried out and complained that it was hurting. I paused for a moment and with more two jolts I shoved the full length of my penis into her pussy hole. Her pussy wall tightly grasped my penis. Then I began to move my penis in and out. Noori shouted aaaahhhh uuuuhhhh in pain but within few minutes she absorbed it and said “I was feeling pain, I havent got this for about one year, now it okay, the pain has reduced, you can run it as your desire.” I was gradually increasing my thrust and pok pok pokat pokat foch foch sounds were heard for the friction with penis and pussy. Pori was just astonishingly observing our sexual work without understanding anything. After fucking about 15 minutes I rolled Nooris body to one side and bent her legs like ‘h and from behind I shoved my penis in full length into her pussy hole. Then I applied my full strength and began to fuck faster. After about 10 minutes I brought out my penis and wore a condom and shoved it again and fucked faster and faster. The hard rod made more sound for the friction and Noori came to the end of her orgasm and told me that she is coming. Then she spurted her orgasm. I began to run my penis more forcefully and soon I ejected inside her pussy into condom. Then I dragged out my penis and removed the condom from my penis. I then proposed Noori to be ready for bathing because fucking on bath is very interested to me. As Pori was awaked so we kept the bathroom door opened. Noori removed the maxi and hanged on the bracket then I opened the shower. Nooris stiffed breasts made me hornier and my penis became hard and stiffed upwards. I hugged Noori from behind and grabbed her breasts and began to knead and smash. My hard penis poked her bums and the crack. Noori rolled forward and knelt on the floor and grabbing my penis took into her mouth and began to suck. She was sucking it like she tried to suck the bone marrow from a beef bone. I shut the shower that we would be caught cold. After sucking about 10 minutes she stood and I began to suck her stiffed firm breasts and nipples. Then I placed her back with the wall and lifted her one leg on my shoulder, her pussy became opened and I thrust my penis through her pussy. I opened the shower again and began to fuck her standing under the shower. After fucking about 10m minutes I set her like a dog bending her body forward and she was holding the commode. I shoved my penis from her back and fucked with my full energy in standing position. Thus I fucked her about 20 minutes and Nooris orgasm gushed out. Then I took more 2 minutes to eject and I ejected on her back. Then we took bath together. Noori cooked for us and we took our lunch. After the lunch we took a nap. When I woke Noori was in deep sleep and Pori also sleeping beside her mother. Pori was sleeping on her back and her legs were parted. She was fully stark and her tender little pussy was bared. It was slightly parted and the crack was deep like her mother. I amazedly thought that Poris pussy didnt bring any reaction in my mind. Men say babies are angel of Good, relay it is. Whereas as soon as I see an adult pussy my erection happens but the babys pussy reacts none to me! I removed the maxi from Norris body and began to suck her nipples and my penis again grew harder. Noori woke up and responded me. We went at 69 position and Noori sucked my penis and I sucked her pussy. Then I started fucking Noori and I fucked her about 40 minutes to her orgasm. I asked Noori “Noori, I used you, are you annoyed with me?” Noori soon cut her tongue and said “oh no sir, I didnt get so enjoy in my life. You are a nice man, you are liked by me, I loved you. You can use me as when you want, I am yours from today, my husband is inactive to do sex, so I have to solve this.” I again fucked her at about 6 pm and took shower again. Then I wanted to give her my wifes blouse and petticoat but she refused. She told me that she cant take this, her husband may doubt her. She again wore her dirty shari and prepared for leaving my flat. 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