Hello, this is Raj,from Maharshtra. this time I m going to narrate a story which happened to me when I was in 11 std. I took science in 11 and was preparing for my 12 exams as in my house I dont have my personal room, so for studies I use to go to my aunties house which was nearby my house, it was a daily routine after finishing my college in the morning I spent the whole day in my aunties house just studying. In my aunties house there where4 member and 1 servant (lady maid).she was there from her childhood. One day I was studying in room the servant came lets name her r(as i dont want to disclose her name) let me describe her, she was fair in color and had a body around 34-36-34 and breast must b around 34.her age was around 25.and she was unmarried now she came to me and offered me tea, and sat down talking with me all type of talks general as well as personal. I liked the talks which we were discussing. And it became a routine for us a talk at least for ½ hr daily. I started liking her, but I was not sure what to do ,and at least an opportunity came at my door step, my bro(aunts son ) got engaged and they were going to go to his Sasural for engagement, as my exams were near I didnt went .they left for the engagement in the morning. and as usual I finished my college and went to my house and searched for the keys of my aunts house but my mom told that it is open and servant are there, they have come to clean the house. I was delighted to hear it. I ran to my aunts house and rang the door bell, the maid open the door, I was very happy to see her, she welcomed me in and there was nobody in the house except both of us. I went inside for studies but my whole mind was outside what she was doing .she knocked the door and I open she came with two cups of tea, we both sat and we were talking,then I asked her “can I ask you a question “she told “yes I directed my finger towards her breast and asked her whats this, she was little shocked and replied with a smile u dont know this. I said I know but no properly, she told wait I will explain this are called breast ,she asked do u want to touched it and I accepted her invitation and touched her breast ,they were soft ball, she was wearing bra. I asked whats this, she replied this is bra and I started asking question related her body parts, I ask her and I touched that body part we were enjoying this time and suddenly she asked me whats your penis size, I was little confused to answer it as which size she is asking either erected or normal and after thinking I replied her with two sizes and she laughed a lot and told that I am asking the erected size ,she asked me can I touch your penis and i was ready for it, she hold my penis, and was pressing it. I was enjoying her breast and she was enjoying with my penis and suddenly my power finished and i started to ejaculate. after that we both went to our houses, with some plans for next day. she came in the morning at 10 and that day I didnt went for my college And gave an excuse to my parents that I need some personal preparation and went to my aunts house. there she was waiting for me, we both said hi to each other and our session started ,I asked her for a kiss ,she said yes but on lips and I was excited to hear that. I took her lips in my lips and started smooching her with my hand on her breast pressing with a lot of power. we had that kissing session for 10 mins, and she asked me can we go to bedroom of my aunt, we went there and directly went to the bed, I came upon there and started to kiss her lips again after some time she interrupted the kiss and told me that I have more parts on my body which needs your Lips attention ,and I understood and started kissing her neck, slowly went down to her cheast, she was wearing salwar kameez which was totally pack. so I was unable to remove it and kiss her with her clothes on her but that was not so enjoyable ,I asked her to remove her clothes but she felt shy to remove them ,after ward she agreed and told that I will remove it in the bath room that was not satisfying me and I ask her that I will remove your clothes in the bathroom. We went to bathroom and I started to remove her clothes first I removed her kurta, with that I was able to see that sexy balls hanging in her breast I started to kiss her chest and slowly removed her bra, and that sweet nipples were in front of my eyes, I pressed her breast and nipples and started sucking her nipples and was feeling her back with my hands she was also enjoying it and she removed my shirt and she also started kissing me ,on my chest then went down to nipples and pressed it with her hands and licked them. While she was busy kissing me ,I started the shower and we were wet and were enjoying the shower I drank the water that felt on her body, it was sweet and she kissed me a lot of time and she removed my pants, removed my underwear, and hold my penis. She directed my hands towards her salwar, and I understood she needs my penis there. I removed her salwar and was excited to see her vagina which was half shaved .I started to touched her vagina with my hands, I started playing and fingering her vagina. As I was doing that she was getting out of control and pressing my penis with a great strength. We lay on the floor of bathroom and the shower was on us and she got hold of my penis in between her tights and I got a good hold of her breast. Now she directed my penis towards her vagina and started to push my hips i understood what she wants and started inserting my penis in to her. We both were in pain and full enjoyment. I pushed my penis inside and started stroking her, with every stroke of mine I could hear her ooohhh oouuucccchhhh and after some time I ejaculate in her. We lay under shower for some time and we took bath together and it continued for 1 year and after that she got married and left the job now we are not in contact with each other but I miss her I would love to know your comments on stories of mine and can contact me on