Warm regards to all readers and administrators of Iss. Its my pleasure to be here with you all and to be able to share my experience with you all Im a 36 yr old married Indian housewife currently settled abroad. My stories are about when I was in India. Im an average looking woman , a lot like the ones u all see all around u . Yes a god gifted attractive body and looks. I dont mean very beautiful person but i have all that men love. The incident Im going to tell u today is about one of my visits to my in-laws village .It happened so that my Sasurji had expired and i was there with my family, my hubby and my two kids. After completing the rites my hubby and daughter left as they had to attend to work and school and I was left back with my two yr old son as there was no one to take care of my Sasuma. Ours was a very big heavenly with 10 bedrooms on the first floor which were hardly used . As Im a privacy loving person , I selected one of the upper rooms with an attached bath and shifted my belongings there . Usually no one came upstairs except the lady who did the cleaning , that too once a day . And naturally in such a situation everyone would remain a bit careless about clothes . and that was what happened . One morning as usual I went for my bath in the attached bathroom and had left the door open so that I could keep an eye on my son. At that time he must have been about one and a half yrs old and I was worried of his accidentally falling off the bed . During the bath I felt as if I was being watched, but there was hardly anyone whom i could expect to be there at that time . There were servants in the house but I wasnt expecting any of them in my room at that moment and my Sasuma never came upstairs due to her joint pain problem . Now , let me tell you people, I dont at all look like what you people might be thinking about me. Im very strict looking and there at my in-laws place no one could have dared entering my room without permission .This went on for a couple of days and on staying more alert i found the son of our servant keeping watch over me .He was Ketan, usual shy looking18yr boy and was the son of a kaka (as I addressed him ) a person who looked after our cows and buffaloes . He kept track of my bathing time and used to peep in while I bathed . At first I got very annoyed on seeing this , but decided to wait for a day or two and catch him red-handed . Days passed and it became a regular routine , and in some corner of my heart i began enjoying his watching . I began keeping the door open wider and sometimes even turned around for him to be able to view my front . Days passed and he began giving me hot flushes . I began liking his seeing me. As I was enjoying it , I began leaving my towel and under-garments outside and used to come out nude to my room and dry myself and dress up letting him watch me and every part of my body with ease . He stood behind the curtain which i got fitted specially for him and enjoyed me. A bit shy at first , later I began giving him more and more . Sometimes spreading my legs to give him glimpse of my cunt or rubbing baby oil on my breasts or simply sitting topless and breastfeed my baby. A couple of times I even shaved my cunt and armpits showing him all that had never been seen by any man. I was a virgin till my marriage and he was the second man who ever saw me nude I was playing a game and was enjoying it , it became material for my masturbating sessions, imagining ketan in all sort of poses with me . Days had passed and i was away from my hubby , naturally hungry ,and masturbating was all i could look towards too. He was damn scared of me and that gave me encouragement to do all this because i knew he wouldnt ever dare sharing his sessions with anyone. Eventually his nature began to change during the whole day when he used to be around doing small works around the house and outside errands. His eyes remained focused on my body , especially around my breasts which were fuller and bigger that time due to breastfeeding . Also due to my being in my Sasural i only wore sarees there and blouses which hardly fitted because they were old , and because it was an occasion of death we were supposed to wear white or very light colored clothes . And that was a sight all men would love , while most white blouses of mine showed my nipples , sometimes it would be extra show for him when my breast leak and make a wet patch around the nipple and my cleavage due to the tight fitting blouses giving the poor chap unavoidable erections . And believe me friends, his condition gave me so much pleasure that I would get fully wet while doing this . Basically I’ve been bought up in a very rich and very strict family , so my clothing from the very beginning had been very unrevealing and even at my hubby place I had to maintain his reputation , he is a very high profile person and so is our lifestyle. But this time I being on my own was making the most of that opportunity , seducing that poor chap . All this went on about for about a week and all the time as days passed I began getting bolder now I would also let him know my evening bath time indirectly and he began coming upstairs in the evenings too . I just imagined his condition and took pleasure from it . Having sex with him wasnt on my mind till then but I had began to make plans to touch him and make him feel myself and yes see him nude too. So plans went on running in my mind .Frankly friends , it was tough . I must have thought about it and planned it a hundred times before doing anything .I was scared too , and finally after a lot of yes’s and no’s in my mind , I did it . On that day I purposely showed very less of myself while bathing as i had kept more than half of the door closed and took my bath mostly behind the door , giving him just some glimpses of my back and I knew he must be trying hard to see me . Then all of a sudden i walked out of the bathroom, fully nude and my eyes on the door , to catch him red handed. He didnt expect me to come out so suddenly and was caught just as I wanted . Naturally I gave him a stare and ran for the towel which I had left on the bed , picked it up and covered my front as if to hide myself from him , covering myself as well as trying to show him my half naked breasts peeping from behind the towel. He got damn scared and was about to walk out when i stopped him and asked him the reason of his being there in my room and that too while I was bathing. His eyes were all the time fixed on my body and I knew that the towel was hardly covering me , because of its size . If I tried covering my breasts my cunt would show and if I lowered it , my breasts would pop out . I made him feel that I was shy as well as angry yet I kept scolding him as I didnt want him to go away . For my plan to succeed I wanted him to wait there. After a lot of sorry and requests and his excuses I finally let him go but all the time he stood there I enjoyed every moment showing him bits and bits of me, sometimes covering it and again showing him. After that when we met downstairs he was hardly able to look up at me because I had scared him a lot telling of what would happen if I told all this to his parents and my Sasuma , who was the main boss there . Now my confidence had built up and I was ready to make the next move . Next day he didnt come up while I bathed , must be because I had scared him enough but I purposely called him upstairs reasoning some cleaning work. That day I was wearing a saree and blouse without bra and sat down to breast-feed my son , and remained careless about covering myself with my pallu .Ketan came in and I saw his eyes fixed on my breasts of which one was out , I ordered him to clean the shelf which was quite high up and he started ,for which he had to climb up on the same bed I was sitting and it gave me a chance to get a close look at the shape of his crotch. He too must have got a nice glimpse of my cleavage and one half nude breast and what i saw gave me a shock He was wearing a dhoti , and it was unable to hide his monster cock which was jerking sort of and the bulge that had formed was clearly visible to me as i was sitting sideways to him . I had heard about and read about big cocks but just imagining his cock size from above his dhoti left me with a dry mouth and wet cunt. He must have stood there for 5 or 7 mins and during that time I picked up my son and changed breasts side while leaving the other breast uncovered for him to see. I dont know why or how but I had an orgasm there and then. I felt my cunt walls tightening and then suddenly it let go , and I came, Not a touch, not even a feel ,it was just by the excitement . I needed something inside me badly, and luckily my son had slept by then, so I put him down on one side of the bed all the time with both my breasts out and covered by my semi-transparent pallu. Ketan had finished his cleaning by then and was standing in front of me waiting for my next order and at the same time enjoying the sight of my breasts and trying to hide the bulge on his dhoti .I put both my hands on my waist and pressed hard as if I had a back pain and that brought forward my upper half a bit more and my nipples were sticking out from the fabric of my saree which I acted as if I had just noticed and covered them folding both my hands  Ketan enjoyed it fully and asked me if there was any other work I wanted him to do . To be continued , depending upon your responses bye for now. Sunita (name not changed )