Hello all user on this site first I would like to tell you about myself I am new to this site and my first story so please regret if any mistake, hi let me introduce myself I am a working guy in a good company and I live my life with full luckier. I am 5.10″ tall with good physics and look like a hunk and rest all on request so now starting with my story let me introduce to my maid which works for long time in our house And have a good shape she is 5.3 tall with a figure of 32.30.28 she is fair in color and always wear salwar sameez to about her nature she is frank and like to keep herself very neat and clean now as she is a old maid form age of 10 she works in our house and so to it I know about her very well she has mother father and a sister married her name is Shruti Bacisly from Konkan and to the utter most she was a school going girl till young age. Now to all the user let me tell how she came to work in short her mother use to work but one day she met to accident and had to take rest for 3 months and we had to her new maid for our house so we as her mother if is there any maid to work till she is well she requested that insisted of her let her girl work but we denied but on her more request we kept on first she was not able to work properly but as time passed she was ok with it now straight to the story this happened when I was in my last year of IT my exams were going on and we had our uncle marriage so to it all had to go we are from Gujarat so I said as exam are there I will not be coming on that all my family member said it only 4 days trip we will return but I said I am on my last year and have to do my study and on my fumble request they agreed and all left but they had worry where I will eat and what on that I request let Shruti do the extra work and we would pay on that they told Shruti what to do and she agreed as all left on late night for marriage I was alone in the house and next day I had to go for collage as my time is early Shruti came early and prepare my breakfast as I had a most desire to fuck her I was not going to go for collage but I told it all 4 days to go. So I left for my collage after breakfast and Shruti did all the rest as I leave early due to coming exams I was back by 11.00 and when I can she asked me what to cook and as she will not be coming in the evening she will cook the food now and go I was sad as she will do and leave early I said whatever she like cook and go oh I forget to tell you I am Guju by mean now she left and I was thinking how to seduce her next day next day she came early as I have to go for collage but I had plans to make her mine I slept after she came and was in mine bedroom as I am having fever and I am week as she knew my timing she came to see what is wrong and found me sleeping on this she tried to wake me up and found I was hot and asked are u not feeling well as usual I dont wear anything when in bed I was after coming slept naked i new she will do need full for me to make me better for first she checked with thermometer as how much fever I have and shall doctor needed but I had less fever so she said I will apply sum medicine after she finishes her work and I was happy and eager that she will look me naked now after a long hour she came and I pretended to be fast asleep as my tool was rock hard on thinking of fucking her today I was not able to control my happiness now she brought some vick and some lotion to apply on me I did not move she started with my head and then she had to rub on my chest as I was sleeping straight she moved the blanket away from my body so it may not gat spoil but she was mad on seeing me nude she tried to move her eyes but was unable and now as I watching by little eyes open I caught her staring at my tool which is around 8” long and 3” thick for watching about 15 minutes she tried to wake me up to see as I was asleep or waken but I wanted not to move and watch what she doing but as I did not get up she touched and a wave of electric passed my body and to my surprise she did not waste time she put it in her mouth as I was not able to control I woke up and pretended as what she is doing but she told me as she knew I was not sleeping and was awake and to my surprise she told me that she had a desire to fuck me rest story after your sweet comments and reply