Hello readers, I am a regular reader of this site but never thought of posting any stories of mine. But today I thought of sharing a real life experience with u all. I m Aditya 4m Ahmadabad, 21 yrs old studying mechanical engineering 4m a reputed college. I am 5 feet 9 inches in height and the other imp essential is 6 inches! Well without wasting much time and boring u further I will start my story. This incident took place when I was 18 years old in 9th standard. We had a maid in our house. Her name was Jasu Ben. She had two daughters Ela and Neeta. Ela was 20 years old and Neeta was 22 years old. Generally, Ela use to do most of the household chores. At that time due to afternoon school I was left alone at home after 8.30 in the morning with mom and dad going for job and little sister going for school. One day I was busy with my homework and Ela came for sweeping in my room. At that time no one was there in my house. I don’t know why but as I turned to face her suddenly my eyes fell on something that just stunned me a lot. She was half-bended and sweeping in the floor and in that process her boobs were almost visible from that. I never had such strange tingling feeling that I had at that time. I constantly kept gazing at the beautiful round globes. Though she was a maid she always used to dress properly and keep herself tidy and presentable. From that day onwards I started developing liking for her. So whenever I was alone at home and she came for work I would follow her in various rooms on the pretext of instructing her to sweep or mop the floor properly. In this way I was able to constantly see that gorgeous globes. Slowly and steadily, she also became very friendly with me. One day while she was sweeping the floor, she came near our storage room where lots of stuff was kept and so debris of dust had collected there. She missed that and when she was sweeping the adjacent floor in bending position, I came from behind and showed her the dirt lying on the floor. In that process, my hands suddenly touched her boobs and I felt like a lightening had struck my body and I was like in complete different world. I was in fact in ecstasy! But I was amazed because she didn’t react anything. I was a bit shocked by her attitude. So I gained a little confidence and I put my palms on her boobs and squeezed them a little. She also stopped sweeping and lied in that position. I think she had closed her eyes. From this I got the positive signal and I squeezed her breasts hard. Then I put my hands inside her bra and touched the most gorgeous things I had ever seen in my life. Wow! What an awesome pair of breasts she had. She was just 20 then but still her breasts were of good medium size. Sorry friends I still don’t know her size after this many years, I just rubbed my palms over them and then slightly started pinching her nipples. At that time I felt something unusual. I mean it felt like goose-bumps to me. Butterflies flying in my stomach…. Wohhhh it was an awesome experience. This continued for couple of years till I reached 18 I was then in 11th std Science Stream. It will be shocking for u guys to know but even after doing all this for 2 years i wasn’t aware of masturbation!  Can you believe it ? Actually I wasn’t even exposed to “porn until 11th std. I know it may sound weird to u but thats the fact Hmm coming back to the original story. I was introduced to porn by my new school friends who were typical porn-psychos who had already lost their ” V’s ( Watch Dil Toh Bachha Hain Ji ” :-p :-p ). So one day when I was surfing porn, suddenly Ela entered my room I was like,  what to do? … N she was equally shocked to find out what I was watching. Then taking the advantage of this situation I showed her all nude pics of hot models. Various sex scenes ( courtesy: www.pichunter.com ) … Seeing all this she 1st felt a bit disgusted as she saw some anal penetration, cock sucking and pussy licking scenes. She told me not to watch all this and concentrate on studies otherwise she will inform my mom about this. But at the back of my mind I knew she too was interested in that. She then left the room giving me a mysterious smile! After all this instances, I felt and made my mind to fuck my princess of my dreams. I started masturbating thinking about her. I thanked my stars as the opportunity came when my mom, dad and sis had to go to Delhi to attain my cousin brother’s marriage. Due to busy tuition schedule, i could not make it. But that was just an excuse I actually wanted to make full use of this opportunity and fuck my lovely princess. As decided my family left for Delhi on Saturday night. I dropped them to the airport and came back home. I surfed some porn , jacked off and then was waiting for the beautiful Sunday morning. I was woken up by the constant bell-sound and guess what it was Ela at the door. Woah!! I was so excited that i felt I would start fucking her there and there itself ! But I controlled my emotions and let her in. She busied herself in washing of utensils and in the mean time I brushed and washed myself off. Then the neighbor aunt brought me a cup of hot cocoa and omelets for my breakfast. I gulped it down and was waiting for the right moment to execute my plan. So, I sat in my study room pretending to study. After some time Ela came there. She was looking gorgeous that day. So i followed the same trick as i did in 9th std and went behind here when she was sweeping and caught hold of her juggling boobs from behind. She was a bit surprised by this sudden attack ! … Suddenly she turned around and hugged me!  Yipeeeee i thought it was my chance today and so I hugged her back with equal warmth. Still she hadn’t looked into my eyes and I wanted that to happen. So I raised her face by lifting her chin and slowly placed my lips on hers. Oh Gosh! that was amazing feeling. Her lips were so soft and smooth. I felt like kissing a butter-bar Suddenly she broke the kiss and saw into my eyes and said she loves me. I was equally happy and responded her by kissing her again. I then started finding her tongue and our tongues met and we exchanged saliva. Wow it was the sweetest thing i had ever tasted. Then, she started removing my t-shirt, then my vest. She then started kissing all over my face followed by kissing on my neck. She slowly went down kissing and biting my nipples! That was an awesome feeling. She then simulated me by inserting her tongue in my belly-hole. Jesus i was in heaven by that gesture of hers. She continued doing that for 10 minutes. Then I removed her top and found the most exciting thing hiding underneath – Her Boobs !! … I just tear opened her bra and started fondling her assets like some mad dog. Then i did the next big thing took her nipples in my mouth and started kneading other breast. She was in the seventh heaven and was muttering my name in very sexy voice! After a while, we shifted on the bed and she pulled off my pants followed by my shorts and i was totally naked in front of my maid . Seeing the length of my manhood she was amazed. It was 6 inches long and 3 inches thick approximately at that time. She did something which i had just thought in my dreams !! She took my entire shaft in her mouth!! Oh my … it felt so good…. I was in ecstasy. Her mouth was so warm and suddenly she started sucking me and I was enjoying my 1st ever and probably the best blowjob of my life !! Awesome … Side-by she was also squeezing my balls and i felt like something out of the world at that time…. I told her that i was about to cum so she just stopped and told me to hold it as she wanted me to cum in her break her ” V ! …..Then I again started kissing her and fondling her boobs too. I then began to kiss her boobs followed by her navel… I also lick her armpits which were clean shaven to my surprise! ….. She enjoyed that a lot … Next i moved on to her navel and she was like in heaven… Time to visit the G-spot now and so i removed her kameez and she was all nude in front of me. To my amazement she was not wearing any panty !! .. N one more startling thing was that she had her pussy clean-shaven too !! ( too many surprises for me on that day ) . I then put my mouth on the pussy lips and wow what a feeling I had the place was so moist and warm and flooded with her continuously oozing juices. I tasted her pre-cum and it was very delicious. Next I made busy in sucking her cunt and she was moaning like hell. I had to tell her to control her moans otherwise the nearby people would have knocked my house door to find out what was happening inside. I had increasing my sucking and suddenly she shuddered and I knew she was about to cum and the next moment a gush of white fluid started spurting from her cunt and I was madly relishing the feast … I then kissed her to make her taste her own cum! Her cunt had become slippery and it was time for the real action now. I laid her on the bed took my dick and slowly started inserting in her cunt. At first she cried a lot as it was paining her but slowly and steadily i fondled and kissed her and made her feel comfortable. Thus, now my entire penis was inside her and i started giving strokes to her. She was moaning continuously and taking my name. She even dug her nails deep on my back while I was fucking her. We were in missionary style at that time. Then we changed to my favorite ” doggy style .. I was holding her breasts along with shoving my dick inside her. The Thup-thup sound which was coming due to the union of my thighs and her butt was amazing and enthralling and i increased my speed with each stroke. Suddenly I felt that I was about to cum informed her and she told me that she want me 2 cum in her and with that I shoot loads and loads of cum in her cunt… the amount of cum was so much that it started flooding her cunt and some of it fell on the bed. Oh Gosh! I was in seventh heaven. Ultimately my dream came true.. Hope you guys liked my story due give your worthy comments and if any girls or aunties are interested to have a chat with me then do mail me on .I ensure u that all the conversation will be kept secret and full privacy will be maintained.