By : Royalboyz

Hello readers, This is Suman with a new story. This story was between me and my maid. I am 19 years old. 2 months ago I begin my studies at university and didn’t have any knowledge about sex. My parents work outside home. So we hired a maid who was 34 years old. She was black and also fatty. She used to do all the domestic works and lives with us (actually in my room because there wasn’t enough rooms in our house). She slept on the floor and I was in bed.  At first I wasn’t interested to let her sleep in my room but somehow my parents convinced me. In the university my friends used to talk about sex and I begin to think about sex. But I didn’t find anyone to talk about that. One night while I was going to sleep suddenly my eyes got struck at our maid. I saw one of her blouse’s hooks broken and clearly saw her boobs from inside. Her boobs were black and huge. That night I couldn’t sleep. I went near her and wanted to touch her boobs but I was really afraid.  The next day while she was sweeping the floor I again saw her boobs. They were dancing. That night when she was going to sleep, she closed the door of my room and when I asked her why she closed the door, she told me that some bad smells were coming from the refrigerator although I didn’t feel any smell. Suddenly she removed her saree and laid on the floor to sleep. She was only with blouse and petticoat. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I understand that she wanted her to be exposed before me. But I didn’t show any interest on her. The very next night she again closed the door while my parents were sleeping. I was studying at that time. She came close to me and put her hands on my shoulders. She asked me why I was studying for so long. I told her that my exam is knocking at the door. She took a chair and sat beside me. I was studying a lesson regarding reproduction system of human body. She saw that asked me some question about that. Although I didn’t want to answer that but she insisted me. Suddenly she asked me weather I am a virgin or not. I said I am obviously a virgin. She said that she doesn’t think so. She thinks I am a player and she can prove that too. I said I am ready to give any test. She told me to stand up and remove my pant. But I said I didn’t want to do that. So she came closer me and took off my pant. My cock was hairy. She saw that and asked me why I didn’t shave that. I told her I didn’t know how to shave that. I again insisted that I am a virgin but she suddenly removed my shirt and I was completely nude in front of her. She took a close look at me and began to squeeze my cock. She said, “I like this rod and want to be fucked by it”. I wanted to get rid of her and began to put on pants. But she took my hands and placed them inside her blouse. I couldn’t resist myself and so I quickly removed her blouse. She wasn’t wearing any bra so I saw her big boobs and began to squeeze that. She stood up and took her petticoat off. I saw a fatty black nude woman in front of me. Her pussy was shaved and it was really big. She was only wearing a long mangalsutra and I wanted her to took it off but she told me she want to be fucked as my wife and want it to remain. First she took me to the bathroom. She applied shaving cream on my cock and took a razer. She shaved my cock quickly and told me to go to my bed. She went to kitchen and brought some olive oil. She then closed the door again. She came close to me and began to apply oil on my body and then I applied oil on her too. We were two oily naked man and woman lying on the bed.  First I began to kiss her and exchanged saliva. We kissed each other for 10 minutes. She then took my cock and put it inside her mouth. She eats that for 20 minutes. She then told me to be in 69 positions but I didn’t know about that. So she told me about 69 positions. I began to lick her pussy and she licked my cock. Suddenly she began to cum so I took off my mouth from her pussy but she insisted me to drink that. Although I didn’t want to do that but had to drink that. I then laid her on bed and placed my cock inside her pussy. I began to give her slow strokes. Gradually I began to increasing the speed and she screamed. She was feeling real pleasure and told me to get my cock deeper. Her hands were really irritating because she wanted to take out my cock from her pussy. But at the same time she was insisting me to fuck her deeper. So I took some ropes and tied her hands and legs with the bed. Now it began easier for me to fuck her as she was completely helpless. I then placed my cock inside her pussy and began fucking. After a minute or so I took her permission and cummed inside her pussy. I want her to get sweaty so I switched off the fan and continue fucking.  After 2 hours we were completely sweaty and so I opened the ropes knot. She then took me on her arms. I was lying beside a fatty woman but she was screaming in pain. We then slept. In the morning, I wake her up. I saw her pussy turned into red and she couldn’t walk properly. So I gave her some pain killer. We then took a bath together. After that night we began to fuck each other whenever we get time. Please send feedback at my mail address is .