By : Sandyblues

Hi everyone, this is my first story on ISS and I have been reading stories since 1 year now.

Im very horny for sex and always look out for married women or maids. My name is Sandy (name changes) I am 27 yesrs old and a have few extra pounds but does not matter as my height is 5.9 I live in Mumbai and if any women interested in having safe and secure relationship can leave a message on There is a maid in our house who is working since 8 years and she is very dark and all her teeth were red because she chews lot of paan. One day I was watching porn movie as my family has gone for a marriage. I was playing with my 8inch dick fully without my pants and suddenly she entered the room and I was shocked to see her and she was laughing after seeing my reaction. She closed the main door and came to me and holds my dick and started rubbing and then she started to lick the same and gave me nice blow job. She was about to remove her saare and want me to fuck her but I did not want to do that because she sucks big time. So she always helps me getting relieved by blow job. Suddenly she was not feeling well and was now able to work and she called her daughter from her native so that she can take care of her work and she can rest. Her daughter was very sexy with big boobs and firm ass. I want to fuck her from day one so I try to find out chances and try to interact with her. Time pass by and we were good friends but our family was not aware of it. One day my family went out for a days picnic and I purposely did not go because I thought this will be the best chance to get her. My family left at 8.00 in the morning and woke me up. Since the maid daughter was sleeping I pour some water on her and she got up and gave me a smile. I called her up in my room and locked the main door she came and asked why did I called her so I told her that my back is paining if she could give me a massage and she agreed. I removed my shirt and lie on my bed and gave her ointment she was massaging my back and I told her to go massage down near my bumps and she did that and i was enjoying and precum already started and my undies was wet. Once done she told me that she is also having back pain and if she can use my ointment and i told her that i can massage her back but she refuses at first but finally agreed but was not ready to remove her kameez. I locked my doors and windows and ask her to lie down and started massaging her. She was enjoying the same and finally i reach her bra hook and open the same to which she was shock. I told her that it was giving problem while massaging so she was relaxed. Finally I climbed her and started kissing on her back to which she started running away but suddenly I grab her and started kissing on her neck to which she was neglecting but finally I started sucking her earlobes. After 10 mins her grib was loose and she started enjoying my touch and started responding to my kisses. Without wasting any time I removed all my clothes and hugged her tightly. Slowly she started moaning and I removed her kameez and her bra and started licking her boobs. she lied on the bed and i was on top of her licking her boobs and biting her nipples and this activity continues for 20mins. She was moaning and she holds my cock and pointer to her pussy. So i want and wore a condom and then removed her salway and panty. It was a clean shaved pussy I just climb upon her and started rubbing my dick on her pussy and she was moaning loudly. I tried to fuck her but was unable to insert my dick and then I came to know she was a virgin so I slowly inserted my finger and moved to n fro so that her hole gets loose. She already cums twice once on bed sheet and once on my hand which was fully wet. After 10 mins is started to insert my dick slowly and was getting success. Finally after 15 mins of struggle it was fully inside and she was enjoying the same and I was in different world altogether. Keeping my dick in i smooch her and was kissing on her neck, sucking her boobs like a wild animal and her arm pits which was also clean shaved. She was moving upwards and finally told me to fuck hard. I started moving to and fro slowly slowly and then increased my speed she hold me tight and her nails were scratching my back I was enjoying. She came and wants me to remove but I was not satisfied so keeping my cock inside her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy from one of my hand and she was enjoying finally she was ready for one more and started to fuck her really hard this time she hold me tight and started shivering but I fucked her till 30mins and finally I came inside her. We lied on each other and then she went to take a bath. I also went with her to make her bath and she did not refuse. We both started rubbing soap on each other body and it was slipping. I changed my condom and lied on the bathroom ground and ask her to ride me. She sat on me and I guide her and we had one more session she was cuming but I was not able to come in that session because all my cum was over I think we had 5 sessions on that particular day till my parents came. Still we fuck each other as n when we get chance. Feed back are always welcome. Any females would like to have safe and secure relationship can message me on my next story will be published soon I am after my neighbours maid who is married with 2 kids buts looks awesome.