By : Sandyblues

Hi readers, Thank you for your wonderful response on my 2 stories. Sex with maid is really enjoyable because they are illiterate and do as we say. After having sex with 2 maids now my cock is very eager for more. I have kept the stock of condoms and sprays and oils at my home. This time I wanna try something different. There was a new maid in our street and in rainy season they sleep in the chawl in the building. I was coming from my work at 2am and there I saw that maid she was very slim and her boobs were very small but her hibs and face was very attractive and her eyes was very sharp. I open the main door and she woke up and sat and i shouted at them and asked them not to sleep here but she pleaded me that she is new to mumbai and she does not have a place to sleep once the arrange ment is done she will leave. I told her that if she want to sleep here then she need to obey the instruction given by me and she agreed. It was very dark and silent so i sat on the staircase and started gossiping with her and she gave me a smile and told that sabji aap bahut acche ho hum logo k saath koi accha se nahi baat karta. I smile at her and put my hand on her shoulder and went home. This continued for 4 days and on the 5th day I put my hand on her cheek and started playing with her cheek and then neck. It was raining very heavily on that night with lightening and while talking with her she hold me tight as it thundering after some time I left her went home and found no one in the house. I called my mom and dad and they told me that they are stuck in vashi and wont be coming tonight. I straight away went down and saw that that maid was very scared and I called her up and she came running and hug me tightly and I responded the same as I was waiting for the same. She told me sabji mereko bahut dar lag raha hai main aapki chali main so jaao n I agreed and thats only for some days and she agreed. I open the door to which she asked sabji aap akele rehte ho so i explained her situation. So I told her to watch TV if she is willing she happily camed. I was pretending that my body is aching badly so without me telling her she started messaging my head and then neck and back. I removed my shirt and told to do it nicely and she started applying to my back and massaging. I told her to massage my hips and removed half of my tracks she was uncomfortable. I hold her hand and directed to my hips to which she started massaging the same. I was getting into mood so I turned back and ask her to massage my tights and she did not agree so i force her and told her that I will not let her sleep in our building and she was left with no option and she started the Same and i removed my tracks and I was lying only in my undies. She saw my cock and put my hand on her legs and was slightly pressing the same. I asked her about sex but she replied ke ek baar khet main uske dost ne uske dudu chuse the aur uski chut main ungli daali thi. I slept on her laps and she started messaging my head i pretended to sleep on her laps. She put my head down and slept beside me. I just hold her and put my one leg on her and she did not mind at all. She turned towards me and kisses me on my lips I was awake but pretended to sleep. Then she touches my cock and started rubbing her pussy. She un zip her frock and took my hand and put it to her breast. I was enjoying the act. Finally I open my eyes and she was shocked so i gave her a smooch. She holds me tightly and was responding well. I removed her clothes and there was no panty and bra she was naked she closed the light and it was dark. I gave her ayurvedic oil and ask her to massage my cock and she saw the same and first she started sucking it and she was trying to suck me hard and I came in her mouth. She then started applying oil and after a massage of 20 mins I got a erection which was very hard. I ask her to turn backward and started kissing her body and then I wore a condom and started fucking her from back as she was slim so it does not create any problem. I press her down from her shoulder so the cock would deeply penetrate. It was very tight pussy but I came to know she is not a virgin. I was fucking her and she came thrice but I did not come and my cock was still hard. I removed my cock and she was very tired. Then I started fucking her from front and was fucking her she was very tired but enjoying the act. After fucking for more than 90 mins i did not came still. I told her that i will fuck her ass now and she told to wait for a while she will fresh up herself and then we can start off. She took 30 mins and then again started playing with my cock stating that she is ready. I removed my condom and apply Vaseline on her ass and asshole and on my dick. It was very difficult for me to insert as it was hurting her as well. But after long struggle I was successful and her eyes were full of tearts but she was smiling and moaning. I fuck her for 12 mins and then I was tired but was not cumming so kept my cock inside and after sometime again started this time the act was very fast and last for 30 mins. Finally I came in her ass and it was a huge load even after that she suck my cock to the last drop of sperm. She lied on my check and we both slept naked. When I woke up in the morning she was sleeping beside me holding my cock. I called my parents and they will come in the evening. So i was having more time to play with her. I told her to make me bath and then she can take a bath. Oh my! I literally felt so relaxed with the way she was spunching me. I started sucking her boobs and we were excited again this time she wanted me to fuck without condom but it was risky so I never did that. I put on the condom and I slept in the bathroom and ask her to ride me we both came in 15 to 20 mins and then bath and came out. Her pussy was swollen and it was paining for her so I gave her some pain killer and gave her 500 rs to consult doctor. She still sleeps in my building and we do oral sex as and when we get chance waiting for my parents to go some where for long time so we can enjoy again. You can ask for any position to maid and they will give you my experience please post your comment on my email address.