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gals from Delhi most welcome. We are joint family; we all are 10 people along with two maids, Reema and Sumi.
We have our holidays on Sundays, I own my own car and I was interested in
loud sounds and bass, so I decided to put on woofers in my car. I was already
having my woofers and it was placed in my store room. The tube was very heavy
and a single person cannot pick it alone so someone is needed to give help. So I called Sumi, ohh I forget to tell you her figure that is 36 – 26 – 38.
Nice hips and tits too as she came down I asked her to pick up tube and put in d’car she oblidged that
how could I pick this one alone I said ki may I help you she said ofcourse.
Then I hold it frm one side and she is from another side it was heavy and I
asked her to hold from both the hand and pick it up she obyed me and as she
picked up and started moving form upstairs to down. I was in back so I started pushing her boobs from that tube
and she started laughing and winked at me as it was Sunday so no one at home
and I decided not to go anywhere and just fuck her, my mind was so calculating
and I asked Sumi that as I picked tube I have got pain in my back, she said
that you dont worry and she came in with move in her hand and said bhaiya ji
kha kha lagaon. I said on my back and she touched my back and asked where as
she gone low I said here near my hips and she smiled and said kya bhaiya aap
mazak kar rahe ho I said no m nt joking then she started massaging me, I
started saying thoda neeche thoda aur then she reached near my hips partition
and said bhaiya aur ki bas I said ki abhi aur karo and thn she smiled again. She
said bhaiya aapko apni shorts neeche karni hogi nahi toh yeh kharab ho jaiyegi
and she said your undies also I did it and she started applyng moov and I was
enjoying. Then she left my room and asked me to relax. Then she started
sweeping d’floor outside my room and my door was open so I can see her frm
there. I wish to go for bath and she arrived in my room she has worn
her night suit and me in undies. She asked ki bhaiya aap theek ho. I replied
yeah but the pain has move sumwhere else, she asked where but I ignored and
said I will handle it myself and so she came again with the moov and said kha
lagao. Im very happy and enjoying it too. So she said aap towel pehan lo mai
lga dungi I went in bathroom and removed my undies and wear my towel which was
short and tight as I reach in room I said now its ok, she replied yeah thats
fine. Then I lied on my bed and and my tent was on and she was
smiling and said kha ho rahi hai dard bhaiya, I touched my penis and said under
my penis and she was shocked and said ok. I was enjoyng very much and then
she was laughing like hell and naughty smiles were flowing over her face and
then we just started talking about that tube and asked sumi that you were hurted
on your chest and she said yes, I appologized and said show me where have you
been hurt and she was saying no and no I said ki please dekhao mai bhi aapko lga deta hun moov and
she said ok and she said lagao and I said ki you have to remove your clothes then
only I can apply and said nahi toh tumahre kapde kharab ho jayenge. Then she
removed her top and I said ki yeh bhi nikal do and she said how could and I
said open the hook and please loose them thn only you will feel ok. I opened it
and glad to see that big boobs hanging out of bra and I asked where you are hurted
she said over here I started applying moov on it and was happy that Im massging
my maid she was sexy and asked aapko dard nahi ho rha I said ki ho rha hai then
she said aap bhi utar do towel and mai aapko bhi moov lga deti hun and then I
removed my towel and she was glad to my 7 in” cock and said issey kya hota
hai and I said isse aap logo ke neeche daala jata hai , she said daal ke dekhao
, I said open ur pajaymas and she obeyed and I applied vasline on my penis and
on her cunt Then started pumping in and out she was enjoying very much
and asked ki yeh white white kya nikal rha hai maine bola ki yeh vasline lgai
thi nai wo nikal rahi hai and she said can I eat it I said yeah then she picked
it up and started swalloing it and I ask kaise hai she said aap bhi taste karlo
then I picked and eat and thn while eating we had smootch and thn she also
swallow my cum and I swalloed her cum. Then is we do it again and again. If you
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