Dear ISS readers, I am Suresh and this is the first time I am coming out in a common platform to share my experience which was very close to me and no one among my friends also knows about these things as I was always shy of sharing such things to my close circle. This incident happened when we were living in Trivandrum. I have an independent house located in the prime area and we had a house maid named Ranjani. She always on her mallu the traditional lungi and mundu dress at home, since I was a kid. Ranjani joined our family at the age of 18 then and she was the one who brought me from my childhood as she used to stay in our house full time. Yes, my father separated from my mother when I was kid and my mother used to work in a company to meet the family ends as I was the only child, she employed Ranjani till now not married. She used to bath me and take care of me during the day time when my mom used to go to work. I am now 20 years old and I am going to share my first experience I had with our house maid Ranjani couple of years ago being a child brought up in a family dominated by women, (only my mom and maid) I did not have the opportunity of reading any adult content during my teen days and I had few friends who also did not bother to share such content with me. I was perceived to be my mothers boy, who is very obedient and disciplined even the internet connection at home had severe monitoring facilities and I could not access any site which dealt with adult issues when I completed my 12th standard, I had a pretty long leave and I used to stay at home preparing for my entrance exams. During this period, I could seriously observe and feel that Ranjanis look, observations and behavior had changed a bit. Yes! I know her since my childhood I wont mind changing my dress in her presence as I never felt any shy and indifference in her presence while changing out and at the same time, Ranjani also, who was 31 years, never bothered by my act as she had seen me since my childhood but during this vacation period, I used to take bath after my mom left to my office. One fine day, I heard a knock on the bathroom door while I was taking bath. I knew it was Ranjani, who is knocking the door. I slightly opened the door and asked Ranjani, why she knocked the door? She said, Suresh, I had to take the clothes for washing and she had switched on the washing machine without realizing that I am taking bath. I asked Ranjani to wait for a moment and was about to tie a towel around my waist before allowing her inside the bathroom. I was completely nude and eventhough she had seen me while changing over with my undies on. Ranjani, with a gritting smile on her face, said, Suresh, I had seen enough of you since your childhood and no need to cover yourself now as there is nothing new for me see now in you and telling that, she entered the bathroom and started taking the clothes for washing. I had a shock of my life and for the first time. I was standing infront of a women in complete nudity and in wet condition, yes, water dropping from my head to toe, while taking the clothes for washing, Ranjani, had a discreet look at my manhood and without me realizing, it started to enlarge and became longer and bigger. I was worried that Ranjani might mistake me seeing this and did not know how to control my enlargement in my groin area. Seeing my situation, Ranjani, had a smile in her face and said, Suresh, wake up to the real world and just twitched and shook my cock twice or thrice in her left hand while going out of the bathroom. I was in a heaven as severe shock waves moved by body from toe to head and I had a heady, dizzy feeling running through out my body for the first time, I liked this sensation and I did not know what to do next I regained my composure. I took bath and while taking bath, I had a deep look at my organ for the first time that too for a few minutes, wondering what pleasures are stored here, which I had not explored till date. Then I dried myself and wearing my brief, I tied my towel around my waist and ventured out of my bathroom and went to my room to change over to my boxers. I did not see Ranjani there and nothing happened that day and Ranjani also behaved very well as if nothing had happened inside the bathroom. I had severe hard on throughout the day and I struggled to control my senses as I had never experienced such a feelings in all through my life during that night, I had a wild dream wherein, again, Ranjani, while I was taking bath, enters the bathroom in the pretext of washing the clothes and again seeing my enlargement in my big penis, comments that mine is the biggest penis among my peoples age and shakes it with her hand. I also move her hand up and down chiding me in my cheek saying, you naughty boy, you did even bother to try stopping me from doing this. I again jerked heavily and huge vibrations run through my body and I get a sigh of relief wherein, I wet my underwear with a lot of thick white semi solid liquid which is also warm and juicy. I woke up in the middle of the night from my bed and realized I only had a dream but found out that my undies were wet and I could really feel the warmness inside my groin area and I did not know what to do. I quietly went to the bathroom and cleaned the area and washed my undies and put it for washing as it smelled differently and I was scared that my mom or maid Ranjani might find out the truth. I came to my room, changed to my dhoti and wearing a new brief and slept. I did not know that I had slept longer than the usual time and woke up only at 10 am by Ranjani, I felt very tired, which was unusual and found very weak too Ranjani said Suresh I think you are very tired and I know you need some help. I was shocked to hear this from Ranjani and had a curious look at her face. That was the first time I was looking at Ranjani, my maid with a view of a teenager. Yes, eventhough, she was 31 then, she was a wheatish color woman, who had a beautiful structure and a very firm well rounded breasts. Ranjani I was having a shape of 38-28-38 and being single women, who was not married, she had a very tight structure and she used to look like a women whose age is around 23. She was wearing a blue colour checked lungi and a pink colour blouse and for the first time, I could sense that Ranjani was not wearing a bra inside and she had covered her well rounded breasts with a red towel across her shoulders. Ranjani too realized that I am having a new look at her shape and structure and pinch my cheek and said, Suresh, wake up and take bath that was the time I too realized that Ranjanis pallu had slided one side and her boobs were brimming out to my feasting eyes. I told Ranjani that I am unusually tired today and I dont the reason. She smiled and said I know the reason and she pulled me up from my bed and while doing so, her soft, whitish breasts mildly crushed against my bare chest normally, I never wear a vest at home and being an 18 years old, I had only half grown hairs around my chest and I used to be a normal brown tone guy, with an athletic body of my age. I had a mild shiver around my body and Ranjani too sensed my feelings and said that she will give a treatment for curing my sick feeling and asked me to obey her instructions. She moved out of my bed and locked my bedroom door and closed all the window panels to my utter shock and switched on the lights in my room. I was speechless for a moment and asked Ranjani what she is doing and why? Ranjani said, Suresh, I am going to show you a new world which will be curing your sickness and make you happier than what you had experienced yesterday. The moment I heard this, I was shivering and told Ranjani, what if my mom comes to know about this and for which Ranjani said, she will not be aware as it is between us and after this, shes confident that I will never share this with my mom as I am going to have a blast today before. I could realize what was happening, Ranjani came near me and stood in front of me… She had a broad smile and took my right hand and kept it on her shoulder and asked me to remove the mundu towel from her shoulder. With a mild shiver in my body, I did remove her pallu and was awe stuck to see two beautiful small melons standing upright in front of me at a grabbing distance which was all along hidden from my feasting eyes. Ranjani said, Suresh, what are waiting for? Are you not interested in seeing me full? I said Ranjani, I am keen but I am little afraid. She immediately had a big laugh and said guys in my age group would have jumped on under these situations and she herself removed her lungi without any hesitation. That was the first time I am seeing even more wheatish colour legs, which are lean and without any extra fab with dark mild hairs in front of my feasting eye Ranjani was wearing blue colour panties and now she was standing in front of me with her panties and blouse alone. She had a flat tummy and her naval area was beautiful and without any hesitation, I took my hand and pinched her navel area mildly for the first time, Ranjani, had a jerk in her body and hugged me tightly saying that this is the first time she is hugging a man in her life and this also her first experience of this kind in her life and pleaded me to make it memorable. I told Ranjani, that I am a zero in this as I have no knowledge and she is the one who had started this and its her responsibility to take it further Ranjani said, Suresh, you are very good boy all along and be so now also while talking to me, without me realizing, she removed my dhoti in a giffy and there I was standing in front of my maid, with my undies alone, which had a severe bulge around my groin area thanks to the happenings inside my room. Ranjani, in one sudden move inserted her left hand inside my undies and grabbed my junior tightly and she could feel the juices flowing out of my penis wetting my brief and her hand at the same time. Ranjani said, Suresh, you are already ready for the act and asked me to hold for a while as she had to get ready for the act even while she was talking, I hugged her tightly again and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it in no time and to Ranjanis amazement. I took my hands to her panties and tear it and threw it aside. Ranjani was shocked seeing this aggressiveness and planted a deep kiss on my lips and while doing so, she did bite my lips a bit and at the same time crushed my balls and cock very tightly. I could not tolerate this and I had severe jerk all over and started moaning ohhhhh even Ranjani started moaning oohh ahh sssshhh I for a moment did not know and soon regained my consciousness. I moved Ranjani slightly away from me and removed my lips from hers and planted it on her rosy, pink color nipples which were protruding straight and upright in her hard firm breasts. I started squeezing her breasts with my hands tried to drink the fresh milk from her virgin breasts. Ranjani realized this sooner and said Suresh, please go ahead and squeeze even more and suck harder. She said the harder you suck, you get the milk quickly. I did follow her instructions and within minutes, the fresh milk started oozing out of her breasts after sucking hard and tasting it first, I sucked more and took my mouth out of her breasts and planted it on Ranjanis lips and made her taste her own milk. Ranjani was now in a heaven and said, Suresh, even though you are an amateur, you had the courtesy to give me some of my milk and bite my lips little harders as emotions were running high. I screamed in pleasure and Ranjani said, Suresh I am going to make you scream more today and show you a different world all other already we were sweating a lot and breathing heavily thanks to the josh of the activities we were indulging ourselves. Ranjani slowly released herself from me and said, suresh, wait for a moment and in the pretext of taking my fallen dhoti, she removed my brief from my hip and freed my 9 inch cock to the outside world. The juices were flowing out and falling on the floor Ranjani, quickly went to my wardrobe and took the coconut oil from the shelve and poured some in her hand and came near me. Ranjani asked me to close my eyes and stand still. I did so and in moment I too realized that Ranjanis hands were on my tool applying the coconut oil around the length and breadth of the cock. I was literally in my heaven. I started cupping her breasts very firmly and encircled them at an ideal speed to give her the pleasures she had been giving to me. I pleaded Ranjani to stop applying oil in my cock as I am going to ejaculate any moment. She immediately stopped and went and lied on my cot and asked to come lie beside her. I jumped on to my cot and for the first time in my life, I was lying next to a women in my bed completely naked. Ranjani hugged me tightly and rolled over me and lied on top of me and asked me to crush her small melons and make it big. I did cup her breasts and squeezed and pinched them using both my hands. Ranjani planted a deep kiss on my temple and moved my left hand from her breast and asked me to suck it using my lips even while squeezing and pinching her right one. I did so and she took my left hand to my abdomen area and moved it slowly downwards across and stopped after reaching the thickly grown hairs around my cock. Ranjani started pulling those hairs and rounded it with her right hand and I for once dying in extreme pleasures and started moaning again without wasting further time, Ranjani, took my hand further down and made me to hold my cock in my left hand and guided me to insert it in her pussy. Since it was well oiled already, it went inside her pussy very smoothly and stood locked half way through. Ranjani started crying in pleasure and I for once had an amazing feeling of ecstasy running through me and as I was sulking in this pleasure, Ranjani, started moving her hip slowly up and down and as my cock was already very firm and straight and inserted half way, the sensations of Ranjanis pussys outer layer rubbing my cock. I was phenomenol and the moment she increased the pace of her movement, I took my hand and planted it on Ranjanis hips and guided her in maintaining the same pace of her movement. Ranjani was screaming in pleasure now and I too could not control myself as I could feel a 1000 watts power being supplied into my body and I was jerking wildly. Ranjani said, Suresh, the moment you start feeling like ejaculating alert me. I told Ranjani, that I am at that stage already before I could complete she turned to her left and rolled down and made me to fuck her from on top of her everything happened in a fraction of second without, we stopping the fucking movement, now Ranjani held her hands around my hip and I was thrusting myself into her virgin pussy as I used to take dumbles on the floor and we both were sweating severly. Ranjani cried out loud and pleaded me to increase my pace. I did so and had a deep thrust inside her pussy through my junior and finally, I jerked heavily inside her and landed on her body planting a deep kiss on her neck and hugging her tightly. Ranjani also hugged me tightly and said, we are successful in our first attempt and she had a wonderful day in her life and paid back by continuously kissing on my cheeks and lips without break for few minutes. My face was completely drenched in her saliva thanks to hundreds of kisses she planted all around my face. I could feel a difference in me and felt more confident and fresh and I started licking the sweat around her breasts and this aroused her again yes, my tongue licking around her hard nipples had naturally aroused her again and Ranjani said, Suresh, you are now a man and moved me from above her and stood up from the bed. She took the dhoti of mine and asked me to rise up and pulled me from the bed and dried me using the dhoti. She paid special attention to my junior while drying me up and thanks to her antiques, my junior again came to life and stood upright. Ranjani, seeing this laughed and said it will be very difficult to keep my junior under control hereafter and gave the dhoti to me to enable me to dry her for a change. I started from her toe and moved my hand slowly above through her legs and thighs and reached the G spot and inserted my finger inside her pussy in guise of drying up. Ranjani, said, Suresh what are doing and she had severe jerk again and pleaded me to stop immediately and focus on other areas. Listening to her instructions as a good boy, I moved up and dried her hips, breasts and shoulder and face. Ranjani requested me to dry her hair also and said to make it easier, she will kneel down so that I can do it easily. I also agreed and she kneeled and before I could move my hand to her head to dry it using my dhoti, Ranjani, cupped my back and moved me suddenly towards her and started sucking my junior, which was already very straight and firm. I did not know what to do and Ranjani used all her strength to keep me firm in my position and very vigorously. I moved her lips up and down and took my cock inside her throat deep into it and gave a memorable blow job. It was hard to believe that we were having it for the first time. It did not take too long for me to ejaculate and Ranjani drank the entire white liquid peed into her mouth. Then she rose up and hugged me tightly and cried saying that she will never forget this day and from then on, we used to discreetly have our sessions till I got married. I hope you all enjoyed reading my experience and looking forward to your comments too. Bye!