Hi this is Vincy again to give you immense pleasure from my story, this is the story of me and ratna whom I had fucked in my bed room and all the places of the guest house , now this is a very different one from that and now Ratna was very happy with me and my type of sex as she had not had that in her life time and would not have also, one day simply as I was lying I got the idea of having sex in open terrace of our building and was thinking of fucking her on the terrace and that made my dick erect. I called ratna and hugged her tight kissed her aroused her, turned her towards the wall lifted up her saree pulled down her panty and inserted my organ in her pussy and fucked her as she was screaming what is this you always fuck me where ever you want , hha aahaaa hhhaaa haaaaa and in few mins I loaded my sperms in her pussy and we finished a quicky, I told her my desire of having sex with her on terrace and which had made me so horny and I had to fuck her there, she also agreed and said then we will not touch each other till that day comes to have sex on terrace, and we both agreed, She said she wants more so she is keeping me away from her, so three four days went on, Subbu, ratnas husband was always there so we did not find the time I was planning to send him out for a day so that my dream would come true. One day my car broke down, I planned for every thing told ratna about the plan, she agreed, and now I sent subbu to bring the spare parts of my car from the city, so he had to leave the house by 5 in the morning and would return by 5 to 6 in the evening, so subbu began his journey to city the next day morning That morning ,at around 8 am,ratna woke me,and gave me tea ratna was happy and I could see lust in her eyes, she went to terrace and prepared for the cot, bed ,some old bed spreads, oil and some water to drink and a towel.she came back down in half an hour, she gave me break fast,and told me if I finish and go to terrace , and she went and closed the front gate of the plantation area, and also of the guest house, as the guest house was a little far from the town, and we had very less disturbers, she did not want any kind of disturbance, I was in my night dress only, she came up to me she was wearing a green colour saree, she kissed me as if she was kissing me for the first time, now she took my t shirt of me and started to kiss my ear lobes bite my tits slowly kissing biting she came down to my dick which was in full length, removed my shorts and licked my cock as she liked the most, sucked it till she was satisfied, she made me lay on the cot she undressed her self and fully nude she came on me and again our fore play started she pulled on her, I kissed her lips her tounge ear lobes her neck, and her boobs which I had not taseted for few days now, she had stiff boobs. I sucked them till she screamed she was moaning oohh please have leave them aaahhhh and I left her boobs and went to her navel area same thing there tingled her as she was in full boom, and came between her legs and sucked her pussy, her pussy was shining with the sunlight she had applied hair removing cream and had removed all the pubic hairs and it was also soft, she was again hhhaaaa fuck my pussy eat it hheeyyy aahhhh hhhaaaa aahhhasssass iissss ssiiii and she gave out her juices and she had held my head pressed to her pussy so tight that I could not move for two mins, I slowly fingered her pussy for 2 mins and also her ass hole she again came to life now I lifted her one leg and inserted my tool in her vagina with full force and she screamed ooo mmmyyy gggooooddd and embraced me and she only started to fuck me, she rode me for 5 mins and she fell on me I lifted her ass and started to fuck her from bottom for 2 mins and pushed her down, now I made her ready for doggy style and entered her from behind, she was on bed and was standing on the floor, she was sweating and even I was sweating because of hot sun upon us I held her buttocks and fuck her till she screamed hhhhaaa oooohhh nnoooo haaa iiisss nnnnwwww hhheee kkkaaaaa and she was down once again but dick was not done , in the same position I entered her ass with her juices she again screamed ohhh my god and fuck her ass and with in two mins I came out and emptied my load in her ass, I was breathing heavily and even she and after my tool softened I pulled my dick and saw her ass dripping out my cum slowly, I was sweating like I had just taken bath and she being a little dark was wet all over , I lay down beside her breathing heavily looking at the sun and her ass was to sun, we rested for a while, and I had dozed off for some time. I felt some thing on my body and woke up to see ratna had applied oil all over my body and was giving me massage, I could not move my hands to see that my hands were tied to the ends of the cot and she was laughing, now she said please enjoy the massage, I have something wild in my mind and I will do it today, so enjoy it , my full body was dipped in oil and even her she and finished it with hands now she was giving me a boob massage, my joy knew no bounds from my head to toe she massaged me with her boobs and my back also, this which took around 30 to 45 mins, and my dick was like the tower, she was hitting it hard and pulling as if it would become big, she felt happy when I screamed ohh nooo plleeaassee ooohhh baby ahhhha yyeeeahhhh now she had brought a brinjal the thin one oiled it and slowly inserted it in my ass I cried in pain which I could not take it , I requested her not do it but she did not live and inserted the brinjal half and half in her vagina and she felt happy and was fucking me, after few mins , she turned me took my tool and sat on it and was riding me hard I could not control my sperms and deep inside I ejaculated in her pussy, she opened my hands I embraced her and kissed her passionately, she also had the orgasm, now after some time we separated and she gave me a towel to wrap and said to be here, she wore a old nighty and went down to get some food as were so tired, she came up with food, and while having it , She said that she needs a child from me, and hers was a fertile day today so I ma so interested today to fuck you, and said do not Waste my sperm by putting it in my ass or mouth only today, then we had a long discussion on child but she did not agree to my words, then I said once you are pregnant, we cannot have sex for atleast one year like this, she said she had made an arrangement for that also, I was schocked to hear that from her, she said I enjoyed a lot from you and will enjoy in future , but as per now she wants a child and child was the only reason why she slept with me as her husband would also be happy and would not beat her or abuse her, today when he returns she would sleep with her husband also Now my age is for being a mother sex is always there. But mother hood would not return once age goes off. I asked her what arrangement she had done, for our sex, she said one of her cousin is also facing the same problem, and she is here now if you want you can have sex with her also, see I not selfish, then she got took all the food items down washed it and returned in 20 mins, I was lying up on terrace, I heard 2 sounds , ratna came to me kissed me and showed me a lady she might be 5.3 ft in height, around 28 to 32 yrs of age, wearing a yellow sari , was pakka a village lady and was ashamed to see me bare chest. I asked ratna to bring her to me she went up and pulled bed, I saw her from near, she was good and better than ratna, only height she was smaller than ratna, I asked her name she replied anu (anita) I made her to sit beside me and took ratna on my lap and kissed her lips, I asked her what type of sex she would like she was just seeing my face, I made her to stand up and took out her sari , ratna helped her as I was dripping in oil , ratna took off all her dress and even ratna was naked, Now Anu and Ratna two ladies nude in front of me, anu boobs wer small but good nice navel good buttocks nice shape and was all equalant to Ratna, I asked ratna shall we show her sex or shall we fuck her, she said fuck her she is hungry for sex from 15 years after lot of I saying her to have sex with you, she has agreed to do so for the child, so start from her only and pushed her to me, as she came near I took off my towel and hugged her tight and kissed her on her lips hard and few mins later I put my hands on her boobs and pressed it boobs were not so tight as ratna but ok, sucked her tits in this time ratna was caressing her body her vaigna her ass my dick and she even sucked her tit also, she was moaning now aahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh , I put my hand on her pussy and started to rub her pussy hard and anu was haa aaahh aaahh aaah aa hh bbeddddaaa ahhh ahhhhahhh , I inserted my finger in her pussy and finger fucked her, She was screaming in pleasure, In this mean while ratna was sucking my cock, I layed anu on the bed and entered her with full force she sceamed like aaiiiyyyoooyyyoooooo aaammmmaaaa nnaanu asssass saaaattttee ooo mmmyyy ggooodd ii amm dying noo noo and was pushing me away but ratna was holdin her hands to bed and was kissing me, I slaped on her boobs held her waist tight and fucked her hard till she came or she got an orgasms , I pulled out and made ratna to come to position and fuck her the same way beside her and loaded my sperms in her pussy as per her wish, and fell on her for few mins, and turned down after my shaft went cool, she lifted her ass in air for few mins that the sperms may not come out and was happy but anu was shocked to see us. I pulled anu to me and said this was only the trial the whole picture is to came ahead and now it was already 4 pm so we shifted to my bed room as it was the time of subbu coming from market we all had bath togather till now anu had also come to comfort zone . At around 6 pm subbu arrived from city and with him the mechanic and the they started the work on my car, as I was tired with the fucking sessions , I dozed off for a while and got up to hear the horn of the car, it was almost, 8pm when my car was ready, here ratna had not informed that anu had come to subbu because I had informed her before only that I will enjoy the whole night with her, so she was made to take rest in other room. I and subbu went to city to buy some drinks, we returned at 9pm, I was delighted to see the dinner ready, I took my pegs as usual and had my food. Said good night and went to my room, here they finished all the work and ratna and subbu went to their quarters to sleep, after some time , anu entered my bedroom, she was wearing a cream sari, I went up to her and invited her to my room, locked the door made her to sit on bed and slowly asked about her family, she said she lived in a village far from here and used to visit ratna once in six months, but we used to talk on phone, then she told me about you, and how you helped ratna and subbu in their personal life, about the sex you had, and about the medicine to subbu I also wanted the medicine as my husband is also drunkard and would have to sleep with him only when he wants, he has never asked me about what I like in sex for so many years, and even, I did not feel of sex so much until I saw you both having sex so casually, I said her be comfortable and asked her what style of sex would she prefer she said she would like to have a prolonged sex with ease and tamely. I asked her how her husband would fuck her, she smiled and said he has never seen me naked you are first person to see me nude ok, he would come to me kiss me 2 times, press my boobs 5 to 6 times lick them for 2 mins , lift my sari, remove my panty, and insert his penis move up and down for 2 to 3 mins leak is sperms in side and sleep off. I again asked her has she ever went to him for sex she said when ever she went to him for sex , he would not co operate , and hence she does no what is orgasm, which she had in the after noon was amazing to her. Here my tool was getting hard , I told her I am yours and you can play with me in what ever style she wants and held her head and kissed her lips slowly and passionately in which she also co operated well and I went and closed the window of the room lit a zero bulb swithed off all lights and came and lay down on the bed keep ing my head on her thighs and I bite her thighs slowly to get her into mood. Anu was now a little relaxed she put her hands on my head and was playing with my hairs ,my nose, eyes, lips and ears by tingling them with her fingers, I slowly bit her fingers and she said ahhh , she now slowly move her hand to my chest and was caressing it smoothly and also my tits and was kneeding the tits with her nails which made me wow no body had done this to me till now , I adjusted my self and removed my t shirt, I did not wear any under wear only night pants, so my dick was clearly visible to her, she pulled me up and made me luy on bed fully she came to my side and started to kiss me from fore head, eyes, nose , ckeeks, chin, ear lobes, neck and made it wet by her saliva and came to my lips and kissed them slowly I also kissed her and held her naked waist between her blouse and sari, which she moaned oooohhhh hhhooo , she now stood up and removed all her clothes in a minute and pulled off my pants also, now we both were nude and my tool was looking the roof, she fell on me sat on my stomach and again started to kiss me and was tinling my tits and I was caressing her boobs and her back, she was now playing with my navel my smooching it, and now my cock, she saw it as if she she has not seen it before, I asked her what was she seeing she said will this big enter me but my hole is so small, I said it will expand to the baby head, and said her to lick it like a ice cream, she first kissed it on the top and slipped back the musroom and only the mushroom She took in mouth and licked it nicely and slowly, top to bottom rubbing my balls and even kissing them, and my thighs and biting me mildly , she made me to turn around and kissed me from toe to hair licked my back , she did not like the blow job one, now I put her on bed and kissed her from fore head, eyes, nose, ckeeks, chin and her lips ans I kissed her lips and was playing with her tounge she held me tight, and slowly I moved down to her tits and kissed her boobs so nicely that she started to moan ooohhh hhhhaa and I bite them mildly she screamed ohhaaaaa, like this I caressed those boobs for 10 mins nad made them red and then I tingled her tits with my nails where she again moaned hhhhhhhhh ahhhhh aaaaahhhh now you have caome to know my secret I think she said, I smiled and continued my foreplay from her chest to stomach and to her pussy and her thighs and foot and lifted her bottom kept a pillow under it and saw her pussy it was shining with her pre cum I kissed her pussy and licked it from top to her pussy to ass, she moaned like anything oohhhhhhhhh oooooooo iiiisssssss hhhhaaaa hhhsssss and I inserted my finger in to her and slowly making it up and down and the same finger I inserted in her ass where she was uuuhhhhh hhhuuuu ooohhhh nooooo oooohhhh and I inserted my full finger into her ass, she was pleading me to fuck her but I was still playing with her pussy and her ass, now I made her to come in doggy style she kneeled on bed and stood on floor and slowly entered her pussy slowly she again sreacmed in joy oooo mmmm yyy hhhhaa sssiiisisissi ahaha daaas and started to move up on down slowly and gradually. I increased my speed and I felt like hitting her on her ass cheek I asked her permission, she agreed I gave a soft slap on her ass and she moved fast , and now a liitle harder one, she moved more faster and now gave her a nice one where she screamed hhaiii ahiii ahhhhaiai and fell down in this mean time I had inserted my big finger in her ass, I slowly turned her facing me lifted her legs up and put it on my shoulder and fucked her for a while, now I had to move fast my unload time was coming I came to missionary position and entered her pussy and fucked her, she was maoning ooohhh yess ooohhh see sssss yyyaaa hhheeee bbbbasss till she had one orgasm and I also fell on her shooting my load in her pussy fully and kissed her lips which were sweating and her sweat tasted great, and luy on her for few mins and came on side of her she was breathing heavily and could see her boobs move up and down, after some time I said her to go and clean it, she asked are you finished. I said no I have more to you give you I want to spray my load on your face, sheee shee she said. I went and cleaned my slef and came back with towel wrapped , she also went and cleaned her self and came back, I pour one more peg to my glass and was sipping it, I offered her a sip she refused and sat on my lap with the towel wrapped, I kissed her lips, she also got the taste of rum, I forced her to take a sip, she sipped it and said it tastes like coke, and she sipped it once more and finished the peg in one shot, I made one more for my self, she again held the glass and sipped a little of drink fell on her neck and chest, I licked the drink which spilled, suddenly a idea strike me I kept the glass on the table, lifted her up took her to bed made her to luy on bed and returned to take the glass. I undressed her and made her nude came on her took the glass with drink pour a little on her licked it , sipped a little and l kissed lips and transferred the sip to her mouth, so by pouring and licking on her on me we finished almost 3 pegs , she was pleading for sex as I poured on her pussy and licked it, I poured into her vagina and sucked it and into her ass also, now as she was pleading for sex I said to fuck me she came on me sucked my dick once again and sat on my dick and started to fuck me, her boobs were pouncing up and down , I massaged her boobs and with in few storkes she fell on me saying oooo hhaaaaaa. Now I turned her down came from behind and fucked her pussy hard and slowly inserted my finer to her ass hole and with her pussy juices I inserted my penis in her ass, she cried in pain noo nooo on noooo oooohhh ohhhh ooohhh ohhh ppllaassee nnooo but I did not leave her I held her tight and fucked her till my juices were out in her ass while she was screaming in pain and pleasure, even my dick was paining ,after some time I got up went to bath room, cleaned my self and came to bed where she was still lying on bed and my juices were coming out of her ass I gave a nice slap on her ass and said her to clean up and we would sleep together, she cleaned her self and came back I emcraced her and slept to a deep sleep, So this was encounter of mine in Chikmaglur with two ladies Ratna and Anu for almost 8 months and now they both are expecting my child, I am also very happy that I have settled their lives which were in a storm, While writing this story I have masturbated twice ok and these were the best days of my life I used to enjoy both at a time for atleast 2 months Thankyou Bye