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I thought: “What a bitch! What a clever plan!”
I: Kahan? She: Yahaan… (She pointed behind her, just above her low waist saree, almost at the ass crack.)
I: chal let ja thodi dere.. (lie down for a while)
She: “Thank you ji”
And she lied down on the bed on her stomach, with her nice round ass in the air, and her back almost fully exposed by the almost backless and high-riding blouse. I was totally aroused. I: “Maalish karun?” (Should I massage?)
She: “Haaaaan jiii” in a really sexy voice. I got some oil, and sat next to her on the bed. I poured some oil on her back, and massaged slowly, and then vigorously. She gave out gasps of pleasure. Then she said “Aur niche” (A little below) I was already nearly at her butt crack. I loosened her sari at the waist, and pulled it down so that one buttock was visible. I could not resist her any longer. I had to bury my cock into her cunt. I flipped her over on her back, and put my hand under her sari and lehenga. I passed my fingers over her cunt, and she moaned softly… “Aaahhhhhh…” I rubbed some oil into both her holes. I pulled her white lace panties off, and fingered her for a while. Then I pulled down my towel. She gasped in shock I pulled up her sari, and thrust it quickly, with a roar of manly lust… She screamed as I entered her, and her eyes widened. She started moving slowly, twisting and turning on the bed, moaning with pleasure, as I thrust slowly and passionately into her. After 5-7 min., I withdrew my penis, and quickly pulled off her sari and lehenga and my towel and vest. Now she was only in her blouse and bra. I kneaded her breasts with my large hands, and bit her all over her body gently, till she begged me to finish what I started, and fuck her completely. I tore off her blouse, pulled off her bra, grabbed her boobs, parted her legs, and inserted my cock. I began thrusting like a wild animal. We were sweating like horses, and making noises like mating elephants. After an insane 5 minutes of continuous fucking, I ejaculated my cum into her. I thrust around slowly till my cum went into her properly, and took my penis out. I flipped her around now, and parted her legs. Her tiny anus was before me. Slowly, with a roar of lust, I thrust in my huge manhood. She screamed in pain. “AAahh, aap ne to gand me bhi daal diya….” she said. I started pounding her ass. It felt soft and really tight around my cock, and I’ve never had so much fun. I pushed her face into a pillow, and gripped her hair, pulled it, and bit her on the back. When I was done, she got up, and massaged her asshole. It must have expanded due to the size of my cock. My penis was still erect. I told her to give me a blow job. I lay back on the bed, and she held my huge penis in her soft hands. She took some oil, and massaged it gently, onto my penis and balls. She pulled my foreskin back, and rubbed the red swollen bulge. Then she started licking my balls, biting them and sucking them while giving my penis a hand job. Then she swallowed my penis, and started moving her head up and down, while blowing and sucking. Aaaahhhh.. The pleasure was exquisite! I held her by the hair, and slapped her gently. Since I had just ejaculated, this lasted very long. Finally, 15 min. later, I shot another load of cum into her mouth. She spat it out onto my penis, massaged it with the semen, and then licked my penis clean. She had at last had enough, and we both lied back in bed, tired. She put her head on my huge hairy chest, and I hugged her close. After a long while, she wore her clothes and left. This continued for 04 months. 01 time she got pregent but we had absoration. The after 04 months i came back to my native. Now again i am going to visit Hyderabad for 03 months hope to find shot hot womengirls to have fun,. Any women or girls can mail me at