Dear Readers, I am Seema, 35 yrs old, married since 10 years My husband working as class-I govt office under odisha government at Bhubaneswar. I am 5feet 4 inches tall, pretty fair complexion, good little lengthy hair, big eyes, well defined nose and lips. Body figure around 34″- 30″- 38″. I am not fat as such – just that I have a good curvy buttocks with a good waist and ample amount breasts with really large dark nipples like a big dark grapes. I have noticed some of my neighbor boys stare at my butt and pointed breasts while at home wearing maxi. I am a regular visitor of ISS and enjoy reading different experiences shared by people from different places. I have not bothered to judge if they are true or not; at least they are ones fantasies. Though I do not have any fantasies or ever had in my life when it comes to sexual encounters because I was too busy with my studies. I am writing a true sex experience of me which change my lifestyle no. Hope all you like it. I haven’t felt bad about instead I feel good that I get attention but nothing more than that until something happened few days back. My hubby is a govt officer with very busy schedules so he returns home like 9 pm or sometimes 11 pm. We stay like about 5 KM away from the city on the out skirts of Bhubaneswar as we got a cheaper home there. This is a 3 BHK house, quite big for just 2 of us. We bought it big as if our parents come they can stay and if our children need separate rooms when they grow up so you know planning in advance, We had an orderly who was from the office-staff deputed to our home for day to day works. His name was Monoj, he be around 35 yrs old. He was dark but well built villager look around 5ft 8inches with good eyes. When I was alone in home I was always tried to tease him showing my assets and it made me hot. Once I was reading some paper. He had some kitchen work. From the sofa where I was sitting I seen that Monoj was noticing me. Mean while I wanted to cut my nails and pass some time .So asked him a nail cutter. After some time completion f his works in kitchen room Monaj went inside of his servant room and changed his dress to a small lungi and banyan so that he can comfortably do his cleaning floors without getting dirty. After finishing off with my hand nails I bent down to take on my nails in my foot. Initially I did not realize that I was exposing my big boobs. I was wearing a light pink Saree with a sleeves pink blouse. My Saree had moved away from my right boobs and it was hanging right before Monaj who was that time cleaning the floor .I was checking if he is watching me and to my anticipation he was cleaning the floor but looking at my boobs as he was doing that job. This excited me; as usual I started enjoying the attention of a man. He lifted his lungi quite up, just above his lungi and sat down with his knees bent exposing 34th of his thighs to me. By this time I was done with my nail cutting. He came to me and said “madam if you are done with nail cutting let me clean this up. I said ok. He was in between looking at my boobs, my waist, stomach; I was stretching myself on the sofa as if yawning to expose my stomach area.
I was wearing the Saree like 2 inches below the navel and my navel is a deep one. To my shock I saw Monaj rubbing or scratching his cock for 2 seconds looking right on my stomach and navel. Then he suddenly went down to clean. I thought now I should tease him more. I lifted my one leg and said I should be shaping my nails as well and started rubbing my foot nails with the nail cutter. In that process I intentionally lifted my Saree on my other leg and exposed my legs up till knee…and the portion between my legs was slightly visible inside and I know if Monaj bends down he can see my inner thighs. Monaj did bend down took a small piece of paper and said madam – you continue cleaning your nails I will hold the paper below your foot so that I don’t have to clean the floor again.
Saying that he came and sat right below me, in between my legs and was continuously starring at my legs and trying to peep inside the thighs to see my pussy. I was getting really horny and at the same time nervous. I thought let me do this for some time for poor Monaj – he must be starving of sex for a long time. I decided to show him more so I switched on to the other leg in that process I moved more of my Saree up till my thighs now both my milky white well shaped thighs were shining before Monaj and his mouth was watering and his eyes were wide open. I told him to bring me some water. He brought a long glass of water for me immediately. He was standing right in front of me and I was sitting on the sofa. Still cleaning my nails and exposing 70% of my thighs to him. While taking the glass of water from I intentionally let it slip on me and the entire water fell on my stomach and thighs. He got scared and said sorry mam. I told him to get me a towel. He wasted no time and went to get the towel. I stood up and lifted my Saree well above my knees as water was dripping from my inside of thighs. Monaj got a nice towel and I told him in a hurry “…jaldi…wipe …before my Saree gets wet”. He was very happy to hear that and started wiping on my stomach, navel and went down and started rubbing on my thighs. Hesitatingly I spread my legs to give him more space and he slightly started moving the towel with his hands little more up on my thighs and once or twice he touched my pussy from outside my panty in the process. It was giving me electric shocks of pleasure in my body and I was like let me open my panty and keep my pussy on his mouth. But I controlled myself. He was also quite tensed and I know his heart was beating faster and faster. I told him enough he got up and I saw his lungi was protruding forward because of his huge long cock looks like he removed his underwear in the gap time. I was getting very horny by this time. But did not want to take risk by sleeping with this man as he might have slept with unprotected sex with others as well as he was a staff of my husband’s office. I thought it is enough for today and said him to go his quarter as today all works has been completed. Nest day he was coming in right time. It was about 10.30AM. My husband had already gone to office and children had to school. I was just coming from bath room. He was wearing a white pajama and shirt. After entering my house, I told him that “I will go change my dress and then I tell what work he would do”. I intentionally kept my bed room open and started removing my wet cloths. Monaj was sitting in the hall faraway but he can see me very well. He was rubbing on his lung watching me undress. I acted like I am not seeing him but I could see him through a side mirror from the bed room wardrobe. I changed my wet cloths, then took my nighty without a bra and panty came out of the bed room. Suddenly he adjusted his pajama and crossed his legs so that he can hide is erect huge Lund. I was asked “what happen Monaj?” he said “nothing mam just feeling cold because of the rain. I told him I will prepare some tea for you and after tea you may start with your works. I went into the kitchen and kept the tea powder really up in the kitchen cupboard. Called Monaj, I told him I need to get the tea powder which is kept really above. So hold the kitchen table so that I can climb. Monaj said “I will help you mam let me climb up”. I said no just hold the table so that I don’t fall off. I intentionally lifted my nighty showing him my legs and kept one on the table and in the process of reaching out the tea powder dubba I raised the other leg and kept right across Monaj’s face and on the window grill of kitchen so that I get more height to reach out. In that process my nighty lifted even more and I was like standing with one leg down on the table and other leg lifted up and in between Monaj standing and holding the table for the balance. I saw Monaj going down and saying “madam let me hold the legs of the table so that they stand firm”. I know why he went down. He wanted to see my pussy. I was happy to show it. That’s why I had removed my panty. Now I lifted my nighty so much that Monaj was right under my nighty directly seeing my pussy. After sometime I was looking down.Monaj was no were to be seen but he was inside my nighty as my skirt has moved above his head covering half of his head. I was wondering what he was doing there. Is he trying to touch my legs or reach out to my cherry and eat it? I was getting hotter and wet. I think he was afraid to make a move. So I told I got the dubba then he suddenly got out of my nighty and I told him to help me get down. I was holding his shoulder and told him to hold me around. In that process I had managed to press my big boobs on his face and slide down his face rubbing the entire boobs on his face and he was also keeping one of his hands on butt and pressing it hard and the other hand was touching my left boob like he was holding me.
I thought I was going to cum right there. He said madam you smell really nice. I asked him where u smelling me. “When you told me holds the table”. He gave a big grin and went to the hall. By this time I unhooked the nighty top 2 buttons showing him good amount of boobs and I was not wearing bra so my hard nipples were already visible from outside. Monaj was getting hotter. I was afraid if he would start raping me sometime. While handing the tea cup to his hand intentionally made it fall on his lap and the tea left inside the cup fell on his pajama. I told him to stay there and brought a towel dipped in water and started wiping it off from his thighs. He was saying no madam its ok. In the process I started wiping on his huge cock which was already lying like a big snake on left thighs waiting for my touch. It started growing and as it started growing. Monaj went silent and let me do it. I started rubbing the towel right on the Lund and told him “Monaj your rod is super”. He was smiling at me and said “it is waiting to go inside your beautiful smooth hole madam since long”.
I was shocked to hear his direct words but it excited me. I asked him” what you want to do with me more?”. “When I am seeing your boobs everyday, it are huge I think of squeezing it when I get chance but I am scared madam.” I smiled at his reply. It was almost 4pm by then I told him to leave as my children may come from the school at any time or some neighbors may come. He was disappointed. I told him you will come tomorrow and before coming you buy some condoms and keep. He asked why madam He replied ok madam. I thought “I should see his prick today and then decide whether I would be fucked by him or not”. So I said him “I think your wife has not been sexually satisfied by you as you are going to your home once in a six month and yours might be small one.”
He relied “no madams see this”. He took his huge 8 inches black rod and showed me. It had like 2 huge balls hanging on both sides. I was stunned in excitement. “How can miss this cock now”. I decided I will fuck this man today. I went inside my bed room and searched for condom and got one luckily of my husband’s. And kept it with me. Monaj was standing nude in front of me and stroking his pool, Lund to seduce me. I lifted my nighty and started massaging my cunt in front of him to arouse him. He started walking holding his cock in hand towards me and I was moving away to tease him more. He said “madam I have not gone to my native village since 6 months so I have not able to fuck my wife or any body else till then. My prick is throbbing to enter in a cunt.Please give me a chance madam to day I will be your slave whole life” I was moving away and finally I settled on the dinning table and kept my 2 legs on top of the chair and was sitting in front of him with 2 legs opened showing him the full pussy and was rubbing them to make it more wet he came straight and kept his hard rock pool right at the tip of my clit and started rubbing it. I started moaning Monaj please fuck me he pushed his dick inside me it was paining in the starting but after it entered completely I was flying with pleasure. He started pushing his cock deep inside and his goat balls were hitting my ass cheeks lap lap chap chap chap he increased his speed. He climbed up the chairs and started pushing his full Lund from a top position and my legs were on his shoulders. He was moaning, groaning like a lion. I was scared if some neighbor would hear but more than that I was enjoying it. He did not yet even open my nighty and suck my breasts. In between he was massaging my breasts and finally removed my nighty and started licking my nipples and sucking. I really forgot about the condom. I told him to remove and put the condom. Condom was only going half the way but still better. Then he took me in his arms and made me bend on the sofa and starting fucking like dog opening by buttocks. I was moaning in pleasure. I had already cummed twice but he was still going strong. He lifted both my legs with his legs and I was holding on to the sofa. My entire body was on air and my legs in his hands and his Lund hitting my cervix and all the g spots inside. Giving me repeated orgasms finally I gave 3 big shots and loaded all his cum inside the condom. I removed the condom and it was half filled with his thick cum. By that time it was 9 so told him to go now he was also tired so took some water. Just before going he put his finger inside my pussy and gave me another orgasm I could never forget this day. I will write more later, now tired. My husband just fucked me as he was tired he came quickly. I’m still horny but Monaj is not around. May be tomorrow in day time he will be here for a good fuck. Comments from readers specially ladies from odisha of my age group are waiting. Please send your comment and remarks on my ID Thanks!