Hi this is my first post in this website. I have never written before about my maid who ended up turning me into a sex maniac. I hope everybody enjoys reading this, specially the ladies. It all started when I was 21 and I had completed my studies in Delhi for graduation and my last exam. I returned home to spend some time with my family and I saw a beauty named Roopa I was fucking speechless. She looked to be in her forties but did not look old. In fact there was something alive in her who made her look attractive and not aged. She even had a beautiful face for a maid. She had dark desirable brownish complexion, was busty but not fat. Her hips and thigh were little plump, just the perfect ‘sex goddess type. Her breasts even beneath a sari seemed massive and made me think about paradise. She had captured my imagination the first day itself. But since I never had plans to hit on a maid and was scared of the taboos my family will have to face if something ever happened, I decided to not think of the maid and divert my mind elsewhere. But as weeks passed, it only became harder and harder for me to not think about Roopa. Worst, every morning I would have to see her. At that time I use to wake up late, after which, she would come to my room to sweep and clean these were the only times I would get to peek at her majestic body and I would do it with utmost discretion. I am sure for the first two months she never realized anything. Often she wore a loose nighty kind of cloth and came to work, like she was a slut, and that would make me go mad. I would wish if only I could go behind her back, pull up her nighty and fuck her. But Roopa had a certain aura, a mischievous aura. Even in her forties, she used to dress well, she used to walk with a certain light movement in her hips, and every afternoon when she would leave for her home after work, I observed that she would comb her hair, put powder and perfume and then leave, as if to blow the minds of the all the men in the streets. I became more and more certain that there was something mysterious in her, as if she has enjoyed seducing – like a naughty mature slut. Her presence in the room would easily bring sexual tension. Unable to bear to see her in cloths every day and suspecting that she may be a slut, I eventually decided it was about time I became bolder and fuck her before I go mad. The only problem was my mother. Since she was a housewife, I never got much time alone with Roopa. So everyday whatever little opportunity I got I utilized it. I knew the real thing will only happen when my mom will be out for a day or two. So I decided to work towards that day, so that when the time came Roopa will be ready. In the morning when she came to clean the room, I became bolder in glancing at her marvelous mature body but carefully. I couldnt take chances. What if she complained to my mother? Later, I would go to the bathroom to masturbate thinking of her. I would rub the sperm on the boxers and leave it in the bathroom for Roopa to clean. Naturally, I saw a change come in Roopas attitude. Maybe she realized it was cum I was giving her to clean every day. Soon, she started spending more time in my room, cleaning it a bit slower than before. She would come close to the chair I sit in the front of the computer and would sweep underneath it. Sometimes she would smell of a cheap perfume and sometimes she would smell of sweat. One day, I was very horny and tried something very naughty. As usual, Roopa had come to my room to sweep and it was afternoon. I acted like I was asleep and was having a wet dream. I was wearing only a boxer and a sleeveless shirt, and purposely, I let my erect dick pop out from the hole in the boxers. I slept at a position from where Roopa would be able to see everything. That was the first time Rupa saw my fat 7 inches of penis. Though my eyes were closed, I could hear her breathe heavily. Thinking me to be asleep, the bitch had feasted on my erect cock, spending much more time in my room than usual, taking every moment of it. Knowing that she was watching me, my dick was stumblingly erect as soon as she left the room after having the courtesy to close the doors, and I masturbated and released huge quantities of cum. The next day when she came for early morning cleaning to my room, she looked at me as if to find a clue on whether she had been caught. I acted casual as usual; like I had no idea the bitch had seen my dick. When she came to sweep under the chair I acted to have touched her ass my mistake. A shocking sensation followed I guess in both our bodies. After three days, I again performed the afternoon nudity show for her. And this continued for many afternoons. Whenever she would see my dick thinking I am having a wet dream, she would stay longer in my room. I am sure she was fucking her husband thinking about me but these little games were getting boring, and with each passing day I craved more and more to see her nude and to have control of her body. I eventually decided to play the easiest trick in the book to lay maids. That faithful day, I was deliberately absent from my room when Roopa came to clean. I had left the camera of my laptop on recording mode to capture my whole room and the screen of the laptop was left blank. I threw one of my pants in the ground, in a way where the wallet was almost outside the pant pocket. In the wallet, I put a 500 rupee note in a very revealing manner. Later that day when I checked the wallet the money was gone and in the webcam, I had recorded Rupa steal the money. The plan was successful. The next day when she came to my room, I asked her if she had seen any money fallen around. She said no and acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her, “Roopa, the camera of my laptop was on yesterday and it shows you stealing the money. What would you like me to do?” I played the video and showed her what a dishonest bitch she was. She remained shocked, unable to speak, trembling! And then she started crying and touching my feet for forgiveness. When I told her I am going to call the cops she got even more frightened. She said, “Saab, please forgive me. I beg you. The police will never let me leave. I have kids, please saab, I will do anything you ask.” This was the moment I was waiting for. I picked her up from my knees by catching her waist tightly. She was wearing a sari and her waist was bare and visible. Touching her waist gave me an instant hard on. Her waist was smooth like cream. I started caressing her waist and said, “Roopa, it is alright. Dont cry. If you need money you can ask me you know. Maybe you can do something for me and we can forget this episode.” My hands were enjoying her waist and stomach all this while. She looked at me and said in a trembling voice, “Saab, what would you want me to do? As she said this, I put my right hand below the waistline of the sari and used the left hand to catch her ass and pushed her closer to me. A small ‘ah came out from her mouth. She gave no resistance. Ah. Saab” Thats all she could utter as my hands exploited her waist and belly. Now I was sure she was under my command. I took her to a corner of my room and pressed her hardly in my hands like she was all mine. I started licking her neck and face like a sex hungry dog. My hands pressed her stomach and ass tightly. Soon my hands were pressing her massive boobs for the first time, and I realized I had hit a jackpot with this lady. Her breasts were huge, heavy and perfect each breast the size of two cricket balls. But as soon as I started to delve deeper into the maids body, I heard my mom shout for the maid and we had to stop our sexing. Gladly, it turned out she wanted me too as she didnt complain or cry or anything. She didnt look at me because she felt shy. Before she left my room, I told her I will eagerly wait for her the next day, to which she gave a seductive smile and left me horny and hanging. The wait was utter desperation. I masturbated twice that night thinking about Roopa and the days episode. I could have masturbated many more times but I wanted to keep the energy and sperm for Roopa. The next day she came wearing a colorful sari and smelling of cheap perfume. As soon as she entered my room, I grabbed her and took her to a corner of the room. I started licking her madly all over her body. I asked her to touch my cock but she felt shy. I abused her, told her, “Randi, touch my cock, play with it.” I noticed she liked my dirty language, but was still shy. I caught her hand hardly and put it in my erect cock. A shiver went through her and she started fondling my privates and said, “Saab, you have a big cock!” I asked her, “Do you like it?” She smiled but didnt reply. I did not like it that she was acting like my girlfriend. I wanted her to be a slut. I caught her hard by her neck hurting her, pushed her against the wall and asked again. I asked do you like it! Talk to me like the whore that you are.” Roopa noticed the kinkiness in me and accordingly said, “Saab, I love your lund. It is so huge, bigger than any I have seen. I cant think of anything else since the day I saw your cock.” This got me really excited and as she opened her mouth to speak another word, I brought her face closer to me and our lips locked in a never ending kinky French kiss. I explored her mouth with my tongue, licking her tongue and sucking on it, tasting her sweet saliva. Next, I pushed her down and pushed my cock in her mouth. She was not ready for it and gagged and I pushed deeper. She said she hadnt sucked a cock ever before in her life which got my mood more excited. Not bothered by her words I again pushed my cock inside her mouth and she stared sucking it obediently. But in five minutes, she was almost an expert. She spit saliva on my dick properly and sucked deeply. At times she licked my hairy balls. When I couldnt take it any longer, I cummed inside her mouth a huge package of my sperms as it was my first time. She wasnt ready for it and spilled the cum all over her face and sari. I asked her to stand up and carefully inserted my fingers through the waist line of her sari to explore her vaginal area. I felt a lot of pubic hair which gave me a kick and eventually found her cunt. I inserted thee fingers inside her vagina and started masturbating her. “Saab, fuck me please, I cant take it.” She replied. No sooner, and as usual, before we could go deeper into forbidden places, my mom called for Roopa. She wiped the cum, dressed properly and left to meet my mom like a sincere servant. I again had to wait another day. Next day too we only had enough time for a blowjob and this continued for a few days until she came one day wearing a loose nighty. Oh yes, the bitch liked it too! When she entered my room, I pushed her towards the wall and from behind rubbed my dick on her ass like an animal. I shouted in ecstasy, “Ah! Yes! This feels so nice my Roopa. I love your ass. I want to eat it. You should wear a nighty everyday.” She loved my dick caressing her ass. I pulled the nighty up and for first time I saw her in a panty. It was bright red in color. I took my erect lund out from my pants and caressed her ass through the panty. She moaned “Ah Mmm.” Then I pull her panty down and her busty hips got revealed for the first time. She had a beautiful waist. Her ass and thighs were rightly plumb and she resembled every bit a sex goddess. At first I caressed her naked ass from behind with my erect cock and when she couldnt take it any longer, she caught my cock like a slut and pushed it inside her vagina. Saab! Fuck me. Fuck me. I am all yours. Everything I have is yours.” I fucked her doggy style from behind. As we didnt have much time, I fucked her really very fast and hard, pounding her ass like a wild zebra. I was pressing her boobs from beneath her nighty. They were erect and huge. And as I pressed harder, I felt liquid come out from her nipples. The bitch was lactating. It seemed luck was with me. I had eventually cummed inside her vagina with a huge quantity. We kissed like perverts after our first fuck, and I inserting my fingers in her semen filled vagina, played inside and later asked her to lick the fingers. She obeyed happily. Her eyes were bright like she had got the best fuck of her life. But I was disappointed because I wanted more time to show her my sex powers and discover a forbidden world with her. My mom no sooner called for Roopa. Before she left I pressed her boobs like an insane person. This continued for a few months. We could only have quick blowjob and fuck sessions. My mom would be at home at all times, hence we never got enough time. We both knew how badly we needed time to explore each other properly and find hidden pleasures. It all changed the day my mom announced “Son, I get bored at home a lot. Your dad is always busy and so are you with your computer and friends. I am thinking of teaching in a school which is near dads office in the main town area. This way he can drop me every morning and pick me up for lunch. What do you think? I couldnt believe my stars. All I could say was, “It is a fantastic idea mom. I am sure the students will have so many things to learn from you. When do you plan to join?” She replied, “From next week.” Wishing my mom luck, I left to tell Roopa the good news. She wore a broad smile on her face when she heard the news. My sex life had begun. Only I and Roopa will be present in the house now, with no one to disturb us in the mornings. Nevertheless, we waited for a few days after my mom starting working. We were scared and wanted to be sure about the timings of my mom. We found that from 8 AM in the morning till 3PM in the afternoon, my mom and nobody else would ever come home. Hence once we were sure, began our journey into dark and dirty sexual experiences. The first day when Roopa came to work at 9AM I opened the door. No one was there, only she and I. As soon as she entered I latched the door and jumped on Roopa. I ripped her nighty in aggression and then ripped apart her panty and bra. In minutes she was naked in totally torn apart cloths. It was the first time she was entirely nude and standing in front of me. I appreciated her body, sat at the sofa and lit a cigarette. She was mine. Roopa was lying in the ground in her ripped cloths and I commanded her to start playing with her pussy. She fingered herself, at first slowly, and then in loud moans. What a slut she was! Her nipples were erect and standing. My mouth became dry looking at Roopa naked in the ground, her cloths torn like she had been fucked. I took her in my arms and went to my room. I threw her in the bed like she was a toy. In the computer I played a porn movie about a MILF getting fucked by a young guy. Roopa was seeing a porn movie for the first time in her life and her eyes were wide open in ecstasy. I asked her to do to me whatever the porn star was doing. Immediately Roopa started sucking my cock like the bitchy porn star. She sucked it in and I started throat fucking her. She gagged and asked me stop but I wouldnt listen. It was blissful throat fucking her, like in German porn movies. I cummed on her mouth and nose and asked her to drink everything. She enjoyed every bit of my smelly cum. I kissed her with cum still in her mouth her saliva tasted well. I licked her nose and she licked my nose in just one day in the absence of my mother, we were already exploring so many kinky things. I proceeded to lick her pussy for the first time. I licked her pubic hair and sucked her pussy for half an hour with my mom away, she was shouting like mad with all the pleasure my tongue was giving to her smelly vagina. I sucked her vaginal juice, every bit of it like it was honey. Once satisfied, I kissed her and our tongues played with each other, tasting each others bodily juices. I fucked her in the many positions that were shown in the porn movie. My dream of having my maid all to myself was getting fulfilled. I cummed four times that day and Roopa cummed a lot too. I told her, “Roopa, you are one dirty whore. You are my whore and I will take care of you. I will treat you like a slave and abuse you, but I will also take care of all your needs, pay you well and buy you gifts like you are my girlfriend. She replied, “Saab, I became yours the day I saw your dick. You use to have wet dreams a lot and your dick use to pop out of your boxer. I use to stand and watch you. I am your whore Saab. I have never felt more alive.” I told her the truth, “You have no idea Roopa how badly I wanted you from the first day I saw you. I use to act as if I was having a naughty dream. I wanted to show you my cock and I knew all the while what a dirty whore you are, feasting on a young boys cock. I knew you are a slut by the way you carry yourself. Tell me, how many men have you fucked? Tell me your dirty secrets.” With her hands caressing my cock, she said, “Saab, you are so naughty. I have fucked ten men in my life. The first was my fathers brother. He fucked me when I was younger and I loved it when I was a teen I fucked many men in our village. They would take me to the jungle and fuck me. Some even fucked me in front of their fat wives. I loved teasing their wives and stealing their husbands. After I got married and came to this town, I have cheated my husband with five men. One of them is seventy year old.” She licked my nose and continued, “But I always wanted to fuck a young guy who would satisfy me with youthful energy. And I have found you. Now I dont want anybody else. As I said the day I got caught, I will do anything you want Saab.” I became excited after hearing how sultry she was and fucked her again. Later, she had to leave to do the days chores before my mother came home. This continued on for two years. Life went filled with sex until I had to leave home to study in a city. We made love one last time and did every dirty thing possible. After that, I would often call Roopa and hear her have sex with other men. It gave me a high. Whenever in holidays I would come home, Roopa would be there to take care of me and be my slave. Now I came back and found that Roopa had left the city because her husband has caught her with other man. I’m really disappointed, sad, and horny. Any Delhi married ladies, mature aunties, unsatisfied aunties want to contact me are most welcome. Privacy guaranteed as I respect a married lady life. I can be great to these ladies, if any lady is just need a friendship are also welcome. I hope this article made you horny and wild. For feedback and comments, please mail