Let me introduce myself 1st. I am 19 year old boy with an average body. I live in Bangalore with my parents. To tell about my maid she is in her mid of 30’s with curves 36-34-38 big ass lady.. Let me come to the story. I was busy with my 12th exams as it was very important to get good college. So I had study day and night for scoring good marks. so I didn’t notice about my maids action as I was knowing nothing about sex and I was a innocent boy till then. After three months of hard work I finished my exams and had lots of time to rest as I had no other work. As usual maid came home did all the work and went. She will come in the morning for cleaning vessels and in the evening for sweeping and cleaning the house. As I had no work and not much friends I used to be in home all time. My maid used to smile and wink her eye’s every time. Even I used to do it with innocent smile. One day mom and dad had to go out to native for a emergency work so they asked my maid to stay with me till they return. They left home in the morning around 9 a.m and I was not informed about it as I was sleeping. So I got up and freshed myself and went to have breakfast. While having breakfast I inquired about my parents and she said about their emergency work and added only we both will stay alone together. I had no idea about what she meant and I smiled and agreed to her. She suddenly hugged me and went towards kitchen to prepare lunch. While preparing lunch she asked me to company her as she was alone. Even I agreed because watching t.v for hours bored me. When I went to kitchen I could see changes in her dress. her saree was loosened up, cleavage was visible. Seeing all these my dick raised immediately and I couldn’t hide it with my boxer’s. She saw my hod and smiled. Sheela (maid) : do u have any girlfriend? ? Me : I said nope I don’t have any. Sheela : common don’t lie, I won’t tell it to your parent’s Me : promise aunty I don’t have any Sheela : don’t call me aunty. Call me Sheelu Me : y aunty?? Sheela : I like tat when u call me Me : okie aunty (her pallu feel from her shoulder. God her I could see her boobs). I said sheelu your dress fell(innocently). Sheelu : my hands are wet darling can u just put it back Me : I readily accepted it and took it from floor and just threw it on her Sheela : not like that. take it properly and put. Me : took her pallu in my hand and while arranging it blushed her body parts. Sheela : okie from that why are u keeping your hand there take it out. chee don’t keep there it’s bad. Me : (it was my cock trying to come out, m just hiding it) took my hand aside and my boxer’s had a hill shape Sheela : oh I think it started for you. Go to hall. I will finish all my works and come to you. I had no idea what she was telling and I could see my cock growing bigger and bigger. After half an hour she finished washing vessels and cooking lunch for us and came to hall. I was sitting in sofa and she came towards me and sat almost very close to me like sitting on my lap. My cock was trying very hard to come out every time. I asked sheelu u said something started for me what was that?? I’m also feeling somewhat today. Why am I feeling so?? Sheelu replied it is nothing, just do what I say and everything will be fine. Saying so she turned towards me looked deep into my eye’s. God this turned me very much.. She locked my lips with hers. I didn’t know what to do, I was trying to push her. But she held me tight and her body was pressing against mine. I could do nothing other than kiss her back.. Her hands were caressing my back. She was getting hot and hot.. Saliva started to flow and I liked it. I was drinking every bit of it. She stood up held my hand and took me to my room and I was like y did u break the kiss. She said don’t worry I’m your’s today. Hearing this I hugged her hard and kissed her almost an hour. We both were kissing with all lust and rubbing our bodies(I could only do that because in all movies which I saw showed only tat). While kissing her hand went into my trousers and touched my cock. The touch of the lady made it even more hard. She broke the kiss and unbuttoned my shirt kissed every where. Removed my trousers and saw my cock it was about 6.9 inch. she said you didn’t feed your monster properly let me do it for you. Saying so she kissed cock (ohhh the kiss gave me goosebumps all over my body and I shivered). She didn’t allow me to come back to earth pulled skin of my cock and it was pink in colour, kissed it again which made me go back to heaven. I just said shhheeeeeeluuuu…… I’m feeling somewhat. she said just enjoy what I am doing. Took my cock in her mouth till her throat and started jerking it.. I was like aaaaahhhh… woooow… niceeeeee… she simled and continued her blowjob. With in 5 mins I had cum as it was my 1st time my cock became very big and shrunk. She said now let it grow until that I will teach you some more things to do. She said to remove her blouse and suck her nipples.. it was huge and my hands were not that big enough to cup it. some how managed to cup it and I started squeeze it and play.. she was moaning aaahhh.. aaahh.. bite slowly it pains.. wow.. I was sucking them like a baby and her nipple became red in colour. She said to remove her saree entirely and make her nude but told it with 1 condition saying I shouldn’t hurry will making her nude.. I didn’t know what to do.. I was removing her saree slowly and somehow removed it. Then it was her pavadda (thing used to support saree) I didn’t know how to remove it so she removed it by herself and I could see a naked lady with lust for me is lying in front of me. She said to lick her pussy and I started to lick it like a lollipop. She said darling it’s not like that I will spread my legs and you split my pussy with your finger and put your tongue into it and taste it. I did as I was instructed and she didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t know how to do it. She said u will learn it how to do, now put your finger into it and take it out. Now do it… I was putting inside and taking it. she was shouting like aaaahhhh yessss aah ahha aaah ussss ummm… yeeaaaa uhh… ufff… eee… yeess… oohh… aaaammm… yea yea baby.. yeeeasa…. and after 15 mins she shouted aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh within a flash her liquid was over my face and body.. I tasted few drops and she kissed and cleaned every drop of her liquid. Then she took me to bath room and washed me every parts was washed asked me to do so for her. both were completely wet and nude under shower. I hugged her suddenly with all my force and she too held me. But I felt something different near me cock. That was her pussy which ate my cock head. my cock has entered her pussy a bit. and she moaned aaahhh… and smiled at me. I took her to bed and asked why did my cock go inside her pussy. She smiled and said brother(cock) wants my sister (pussy). I laughed and said how to do now. She said you are new to this so I will make my sister(pussy) to eat your brother (cock). I agreed. She made me to lie down and sat on me by widening her legs so that her pussy opens for my cock. She took my cock in her hand and was rubbing it on her hot pussy and making my cock even harder. I was like in heaven. Suddenly my cock was inside her pussy and she was jumping up and down. Room was filled with sounds aaah aahh ah aha aha….. uhhh mmmm… yes… oh … yes… I cummed inside her pussy in few seconds as it was my 1st time. She also smiled and said your brother is very small so he spitted very fast. let me make him grow big. so she gave be blowjob and my cock grew hard in no time and regained it’s strength. 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