Hi guys. I am Raj. This is my first story on ISS and certainly not the last. This incident happened when I was 20 year old. I was very desperate for sex as I was still a virgin. I stayed along with my parents in a 1 BHK flat. My Parents occupied the room and I slept in the Hall. We had a maid. She was a 28 year old chubby woman with wheatish complexion and long silky black hair. Her name was Sarita. I always fantasized about her. She was married and had a 6 year old son. Sarita had big breasts which I loved about her. She used to wear salwar kameez and she would look very sexy in it. She would tie her hair in a very hot fashion. She used to put cheap makeup and perfume. She used to call me by my name and not Bhaiya which I liked. I would call her Bai. Day by day my desire for her grew. One day I could no longer control myself. I took a big step and I directly said to her that I loved her and want to have sex with her. She was shocked by what I said. She paused for a few seconds and than slapped me. I quietly apologised and sat on my bed. After an hour she came towards me and apologized for slapping me. I asked her again if she was ready for sex. She looked at me angrily and said NO. She said,”I am married and have a child. You are young and have your whole life. Dont waste it.” Saying so she kissed on my cheeks and left. I asked her not to tell about it to anyone. She agreed. Weeks by weeks passed and I used to stare at Sarita. She would notice me and give a naughty smile. I again could not control myself. I asked her, “ Bai, at least kiss me. It will make me happy” . She ignored me and continued with her work. After completing her work, she called me in the kitchen. She locked the kitchen door and said, “What will you give me in return?” I replied, “What do you want?” “Well, I am finding it difficult to make ends meet. I can not afford my sons textbook and uniform costs. I want you to pay for it.” I thought it would be a noble idea to help a child go to school and quickly agreed. She was wearing a pink Salwar Kameez. She removed her dupatta and threw it on the floor. Bai untied her hair and came closer to me and put her arms on my shoulder and started kissing me. I tried touching her boobs, but she slapped me and said I could only kiss her at this point. Our kisses became more intense and both of us were enjoying it.I was also enjoying the feel of her gorgeous hair. Suddenly someone started knocking the door and we became cautious. Bai took a broom in her hand and opened the door. It was my mother. She asked, “What are you both doing inside the kitchen.” Bai said,” Bhabhi there is a rat in the kitchen and I am trying to catch it.” I got the idea and said, “ Ma, I am helping Bai. She asked me to help her” Bai agreed with me. My mother got suspicious ans asked Bai why she had kept her air open. Bai answered with a confused mind that she had shampooed her hair. My mother got convinced and asked us to continue with it and she left. Bai closed the door and latched it. Bai looked at me and said, “We almost got caught. Think what would have happened if we were fucking?” I replied, “Let us try and see what happens.” Bai did not say anything just started kissing me. She laid me on the floor and rolled over me. We were kissing rolling on the floor. Once again someone knocked the door. Before we could say anything, my mom said from outside, “ I am going to the market and will return in an hour” Bai replied “OK” and my mom left to go to market. It was 1 pm and Bai had to go to her home. I said to Bai, “Bai please wait today. We have have 1 hour to enjoy” She said she had to go and thus she left. I spent the later few hours thinking about my moments with Bai. It was the first time I had passionately kissed a woman. I even masturbated thinking about her. I even called her to thank her but she did not receive my call. My mom returned after 2 hours from the market. She asked me “Has Bai left?” I said Bai left just after you left. Why? Any work? My mom said, “Nothing. I wanted to give her money for her sons education. She can barely make her ends meet in these time” I said I will give her the money and took the money from my mom. That evening Bai came and started with her work. She called me in the kitchen when she was washing the utensils. She said, “I have done my part. When are you fulfilling your part?” I replied, “We will go tomorrow morning to the market and get it.” She looked happy and kissed me. I cautioned her as the door was not locked and my parents were in the next room. She finished with her work and left for her home. While leaving too she gave me a kiss. My parents did not realize about it as they were watching TV in their room. Next morning I woke up as usual and did my daily chores. I went for my early morning college lectures and returned at noon. When I entered my home, Bai was waiting for me. She said, “I have done my part. Now its your turn.” I remembered I had to buy her books and uniform for her son. I said to her that I will tell mom and go. She said that Bhabhiji is sleeping. Just come with me. We will return soon. I took the money and we went. She took her son along with her on the way. I thought of having a son with her but it was far from reality. We went to the market and bought the required things and I payed for it. She thanked me a lot for it. I asked her for sex but she refused again. I asked if we would continue kissing again. She said she will kiss me the next time she wants money. That evening I asked Bai again for sex. All she did was kiss me for 5 minutes. She said she wont be able to do it but will find a suitable person for me. The next few days I would stare at Bai and she would say I am finding someone for you. I will describe about my later incidents in later stories. I hope you liked this. Mail me at . I am available for ladies living in Mumbai of any age. Shared Passionate Kiss With My Bai