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The following Thursday morning I called her and found out that she was not working that morning and I told her I would take her as my part time maid if that would be of help to her to which she agreed instantly. She only had a vague idea where I lived so I said if she was free now I would pick her up and show her exactly where I lived. Again she agreed instantly and I picked her up and took her to my place. She told me she could come on Tuesday mornings if I was interested and to which I agreed. I showed her how to operate the TV and satellite system so she could watch TV if she finished early to pass the time until I got home from work. She started the following Tuesday and when I got home from work we usually had either tea or coffee before I took her home because she did not have an afternoon client, she said it was getting very hard to find new people now because many westerners were leaving. This continued for around four weeks until one day I came home three hours early. 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