Hi friends.This is my first story,so please help me make it a success. Now about me.I 25 year old engineer and I lost my virginity at age 18 to my lovely maid neha.She was a real keeper this maid.One day after school I came home and I heard that we have got a new maid.Since I was so tired after school,i went straight up to my room and then slept right away,since the coming day was a holiday. That morning I woke up late and I went downstairs for breakfast and I was like I saw an angel.I saw the new maid and she was so hot that I felt like fucking her brains out right away.Now about neha,she was a perfectly slim beauty of proportion 36-24-34.She had a husband but is now divorced for about a year since he was caught cheating with another girl.Now Neha is a 30 year old babe and I thanked god for giving me such a beauty.After having breakfast, I went towards her to introduce myself as my mom was sleeping in her room. We then talked a lot and I was rock hard every time she smiled when I spoke.We then became quite close and she told me her innermost secrets and I told mine.We were like best friends.One day my mom and dad had to go to a marriage and Neha and I was all alone for almost 3 hours.I thought to myself that this is the god given chance and I must not waste it.After my parents left for the marriage, I came to my room to think of how to approach her and became horny thinking of her hot butt and boobs. So I removed to dress and started to jack off,but then I heard someone knocking at my door and I opened after wearing my trousers and shirt.I was shocked to see that it was neha,and she was asking me to help her with her phone as I was pretty good with techs.While fixing it,i became so hard and since I wore my dress in a hurry, I realized that I forgot to wear my boxers.I noticed her giggling and when I asked her she said its nothing,pretending that I haven’t seen the huge tent in my trousers.She then said,”can I ask you a question? “. I said,” ok,what is it?” She pointed at my shorts and asked me,”is that because of me?” and she smiled naughtily. I was shocked by this question and I said,”i am sorry,but you are so beautiful and sexy that I can’t stop thinking bout you “. She said,” ohh really?”. And I said”yes”. She then told me that she also had feeling for me and that she hadn’t had sex for about a year and was so horny for me right now.I then slowly moved towards her and gave a simple kiss on her lips and told her,”i love you neha,so let me satisfy you.” She then smile naughtily and then pulled me to give me a huge and wet french kiss.I licked her tongued and swallowed it and we both exchanged our saliva and after about 10mins of kissing, I took her legs around my hip and carried her to my bed and she told me ,”fuck me baby,fuck me hard “. But I didnt engage her yet….. I wanted to build up her sexual tension even more and so I licked and sucked her ears and she was moaning” ahh, umm, ohhhhh ….” I slowly removed her top and then kissed on her neck then her forehead, her cheeks and just brushed my lips about her lips.She was so fucking horny that she ripped my shirt and trousers off and pulled out my 6 inch warm penis and put it in her mouth and she gave me a heaven like experience when her wet lips moved to and fro on my dick.After a while of sucking my dick,i pushed her back to the bed and then took of her bra and caressed her huge boobs.I kissed and licked her areolas and she was moaning ,”aww …. Baby … Suck it … Suck it…Ahh”. I then slid my hands into her panties and then inserted my finger into her damp wet pussy and she moaned so loudly ,”ahh ….. Umm ….. Ohh yea baby …. Put it in ….. Awwh …”. She then pulled me to kiss me so hard and she bit my lip so sexily. I then kissed at the middle of her boobs and then moved down to her stomach…..She kept on moaning my name,”bab ….. I cant take no more,please fuck me … Ahh …” I then slowly pulled down her panties and gave a smooth kiss on her hairy pussy and then I inserted my 2 fingers into her and she was crying out with intense pleasure, “Ahh ….. Baby …. Even my husband cant maje me feel like this…Ohhh….Suck it…!!”. I then slowly took my penis in my hand and then rubbed it on her clitoris slowly.Then I inserted my penis into her wet black hole and she shouted ,” ahhh….Ohh god ,it’s so big,…Aww yeah”. I then thrusted my penis in and out her wet tight pussy and after 20minutes of fucking in doggy style and missionary she said,”baby….M gonna cum….M gonna cum …. Awww”. And a huge load of cum just squirted out her wet pussy and all over me and my cock.And seeing this …. I too cummed inside her and said ,”ahh…..M gonna cum in you Neha … Aww”. And then I cummed in her and we both laid back on the bed, catching our birth and she said,”ohh my god!!! ….. Thus is the best sex I have ever had in my life”. And we both kissed and then after 10minutes I became hard again and we went another round ……. She and I had sex on several occasions later on and after a few months…She told me that she was pregnant and that it was mine….We were both so happy and I promised to love her all my life….She then kissed me and said ,”i love you too baby”…. I then told my parents that I was going on a trip with my friends and then Neha and me got married in a register office and had our honeymoon in Goa… There we got naked and fucked everywhere in that suite and then she said that she wanted to do anal.I agreed to it and started to insert my dick in to her ass crack…But it was so small and tight.She then handed me some lube and then I slowly pushed my dick inside her.We then got a hang over it and then I rubbed her pussy while fucking her ass and she cummed her pregnant juice all over the floor.We were so tired after having sex for 2 hours and we slept off till the next day.