This sex story is about my dominating maid Geeta. She is a 50 year old woman. She has a dark complexion, hanging boobs and a chubby body. I am a 22 year old boy who has recently got a job. Prior to my encounter with my maid, I have had sex with my Aunt Sona. It was a Thursday evening and my mom got a call from Geeta. After speaking with her for some time, my mom handed me some cash and asked me to go to Sanjay Hospital and give the money to our maid Geeta. She asked me to stay with her. Without asking anything, I took my bike and went to Sanjay Hospital. There I found Geeta and handed her the money. She went to the reception and came towards me with some tears in her eyes. I held Geeta tightly and asked her not to cry and explain me what happened. She told me that her husband has got an heart attack and is in ICU. I confronted her and told her that everything will be fine. She started hugging me tightly like never before. Finally at night, we were told to leave by the hospital staff. Geeta asked me to come to her home. I was hesistant but she called my mom. She said, “Bhabhiji, There is no man in my home now, I need your son. Can I take him for tonight.” My mom agreed straight away. We sat on my bike and went to her home. She lived in a small room. We were greeted there by her 2 daughters who were twins. Both of them were dark in complexion but beautiful. I said, “Geeta, I am very much tired. I would like to sleep now.” Geeta ordered her daughters to arrange the bed. They put a huge mattress on the floor and covered it with bed sheets. A bed for 2 was going to be used by 4 people. Geeta removed her Saree and layed down in petticoat and Gaghra. Her daughters both removed their clothes and wore a gown from which their bodies could be easily seen. I removed my pants and shirt. Geeta said it it was Ok and invited me to sleep besides her. Her daughters later followed and slept on my other side. Since the bed was small, we were very close to each other. Finally the lights were turned off and the real fun began. One of her daughter who was sleeping besides me started hugging me. She put her finger on my lips and even kissed me. Later she switched the positions with her sister and even she kissed me. But soon Geeta caught us kissing. She got angry and switched positions with me. I was feeling very horny and so hugged Geeta and started making love to her. She too was enjoying it. She moved down and hid her face in the blankets and started giving me a blowjob. I cummed in her mouth. Her daughters were looking at us. She then came back and asked me to do the same to her. I made her naked and sucked her pussy. She was moaning very loudly and her daughter turned on the lights. We were embarrassed being caught in such a position. One of her daughter said, “Mom, let us also make love with this man. Why only you are enjoying him?” Geeta said, “ Dont worry. I will bring him whenever you want him.” Saying this Geeta fucked me in ‘Woman on top position. Both of us were tired. She slept straight away. Her daughters started hugging and kissing me. After some time all of us slept. Next day, Geeta went to the hospital along with one of her daughter. I stayed back at home as I was tired. Geeta had called my mom saying I was with her. After both of them left, her daughter locked the door. I asked her for her name. She said, “ My name is Mina. My sisters name is Tina.” I said, “Mina, I am very hungry. Can you make some food for me.” Mina quickly made food for both of us. She then said that she wanted to have a bath with me.Her bathroom was very small and had no shower. We somehow managed to have a bath together hugging each other. She then gave me a pack of condoms. I quiclkly wore a condom and was ready to fuck her. I fucked her in the traditional way. I found out that she was a virgin and her pussy was too tight unlike her mother. We did it one again after which we were too tired and slept naked on the floor. Later at noon Tina returned and asked Mina to go to the hospital. This time Tina locked the door and kissed me. She gave me food which she had brought. Then without saying anything, she removed her salwar kameez. She danced for me a little. I had sex with her but this time no blood was coming. I asked her if she was a virgin. She said, “ Yes, I have had sex before. I did it with my boyfriend.” I did not ask anything further and enjoyed having sex with Tina. Later at 5 in the evening I wore my clothes and gave Tina a good bye kiss and left for my home. My mom was very happy that I helped our maid. Next day again my maid called my mom to send me to her. I had to go because my mom is very strict. Geeta was very angry for leaving without informing her. She had quick sex with me and left for the hospital. While leaving she said, “ Rest for some time, then have sex with Rina and Tina and then leave.” As soon as their mom left, both the girls removed their clothes. I happily fucked them one by one. I took some rest and left. Back at home, my mom had called my Masi to stay with us. I was to share my room and bed with her. My masi had a very high sex drive which would mean that she would fuck me the whole night. I quickly changed my clothes and told mom that I was going to Geeta. Even during this time, my masi managed to come near me and make out with me. My masi said she was waiting for me and would not leave unless she fucked me. I went to the hospital and was shocked to hear that Geetas husband had passed away. We performed the last rights and I spent that night with Geeta. Geeta was very much depressed and she fucked me to relax herself. Next morning, I left her home and came back to my home. My mom was very happy that I helped my maid but she did not know the help that Geeta took from me. My mom said that she was very impressed at me. She told me, “Why dont we keep Geeta as a permanent maid. She can live here with her daughters.” I agreed thinking I will get sex. She started discussing it with my father. They came to a conclusion that these ladies could occupy the small room attached to my room. But since the room was too small to occupy 3 adults it was decided that one woman could sleep in my room. I agreed to it and my mom called Geeta. I went to my room to see my masi who was all ready to be fucked. We had some quick sex. After dinner we started our real sex. My masi fucked me for the whole night almost. Next day, she went back to her home. Geeta and her daughters came to my home at afternoon. What happened next will be continued in another story. Please mail me on for your honest reviews and any further ideas.