Hi readers… This is my first narrative on this site. This is a one off incident that I encountered accidentally. I had no devious intention to however was unable to help the outcome of this escapade. The story is about a maid call shivangi.. She isn’t my maid she used to work as a maid at a friends house. This friend is a colleague and resides in calcutta and I was just visiting calcutta from overseas I’m based overseas permanently but travel often to calcutta for work. My friend was going to be stationed outside and although I put up at the hyatt I was invited to stay over at his place. I refused to do so as I seen no point in going to his place however to keep him happy decided to drop in. It was just two days before my arrival that I was informed that he had to leave for some work to another city and informed that I should drop in as the maid was informed that I would be there and as she was paid to be there I could stay over. I had not made any bookings and hence decided what the hell I should just stay at his place. I got into Calcutta and got straight to the address provided. To my surprise, I was welcomed by shivangi who was roughly around 38 years of age not sure exactly that’s what she appeared to be. She was quite modern and had the most inviting smile I had ever seen. She wasn’t expecting a young hunk like me. A brief description about me I’m athletic with an average build heavily tattooed and tan. I have an average size penis or a size, unlike the unrealistic stories I have read…And have the capacity to satisfy an average woman. Biologically you need not more than a 3 inch to satisfy a woman sexually and I’m way bigger than that. Shivangi was beautiful with voluptuous breasts and a smile to die for…She was wearing a sky blue saree with a darker blouse and her hair tied into a bun at the time I got there. She had a deep cleavage which was moderately exposed. She opened the lock of the door and let me in.. I got my luggage into the room and she mentioned she would be there until dark and prepare some food. I agreed and said I would freshen up as I was very tired. She kept staring at my physique, and particularly at my crotch which I was very uncomfortable about. Without talking much I got unpacking and got my stuff from the bag that I needed to change. Usually living in hotels I don’t have anyone around and subconsciously I began undressing while she was away from the bedroom. I took off my shirt and trousers and was in my boxers. It was pretty hot which had already enhanced the size of my dick and balls. I went to the bathroom in my boxers to have a shower… I turned on the shower to check the temperature and let it be on until the water got hot. I had latched the door but I didn’t know that it wasn’t latched completely. It was apparently not latched. I pulled down my boxers and hung it on the hook behind the door hit didn’t take notice of the unlocked door… I bent down into the wash basin to wash my face with cold water leaving my bare back completely naked and exposed. If there was anyone standing behind they could have a good view of my well-endowed penis and balls completely shaved. While washing my face I noticed a figure standing behind me I turned in fright yo see shivangi standing to bite her lips… I covered myself immediately and she approached me and said to me saab aap bahut sexy ho… Aap ki colour humare tarah aur style goron ki tarah. I said what you mean… She said I don’t know you but I want you to fuck me. To my amazement she pulled out my towel which I had used to cover my penis… She pulled it off and licked the head of my dick.. She asked me if I’d like to fuck her I couldn’t say anything as I didn’t expect this kind of gesture. She started sucking me and tried to deep throat but chocked. By this time I got really comfortable. I started fucking her mouth, to begin with. I was now in the mood. She kept staring at my balls which were well shaved. I drew my dick out and told her that I would give her an experience of a life time… I lifter her and asked her to get naked while I take a quick shower to freshen up. I got out of the shower to see her outside completely naked she had her pussy spread out and was bust fingering it. Her pubic hair was trimmed and she had left all her clothes on the floor. To my surprise she had been wearing a thong I picked it up sniffed it and held it in my mouth. This hot get aroused… She said aao mai teri lund or gotye ki intezaar kar rahi hoon. I couldn’t wait I got onto the edge of the bed turned her around head facing my dick and shoved it in her mouth my aim was to throat fuck her as I did that my balls kept banging into her nose I love my balls sucked… I drew my cock out allowing we to breathe I positioned my balls in her mouth and she sucked it one at a time and mentioned she has never experienced this before.. I finger fucked her oust while she sucked on my balls and dick with every thrust in her throat I grew bigger and became increasingly difficult for her to handle. I finger fucked her for a while she was wet and already wet enough to be mounted… I asked her to turn around but she said she’d like to suck on my balls I didn’t refuse… When she had enough I got her to turn over she wiped the precum off her face and said this was never like before I said you still have a lot to experience. I turned her into a doggy style and inserted my dick in her upset she let out a loud moan and she said wow you are nice and big and feel really heavy into pussy… I fucked her hard she kept moaning loud while fucking her I inserted my finger in her asshole she jumped a bit as had not had any fingering in her ass I said really. I got hold of her mouth as the next thing I was going to do was going to hurt. I told her that I’m going to do you in your ass she said ok but didn’t know if it was going to hurt I said it will hurt. I inserted the head of my dick into her asshole she started screaming… I pushed in harder and starting slowly fucking her simultaneously I kept her pushy working with my fingers. She enjoyed being fucked in the ass. She was tight…I began alternating between ass and plushy she all of a sudden clamped her pussy around my swollen dick I knew she was about to cum. Just at that moment while my duck was in I finger fucked her ass which was quite open now after my dick being in there. She was breathing heavily and was exhausted… I stuck my dick in her ass and fucked for a bit until I was very hard and was about to cum. I pulled my dick out and got her to suck it. She tugged on my balls and jammed my dick in her throat ramming her head into to headboard of the bed. I didn’t warn her as I had no time I came in her mouth like I a flood. Her lip tightly locked at the base of my cock I grabbed head and thrusted deep she was choking for breath while I could feel my cum hit the back of my throat she was squeezing my balls gently to ensure I gave her all I could… I drew my penis out once all the sperm was sucked I got her to lick the last drops off my tip and kiss my balls. She licked at me and said I want that again… This time, I want you to come in my ass and give me a creampie I said yes sure… It would be my pleasure… I hope you like this sex story. 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